Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union Address;Government by Executive Order; "The" Austerity Committee; Democrats Want New Rule to Decide Who is Subpoened; Defunding the UN Relief Agency; Cass Sunstein Subpoened

[I admit to not being able to watch our President's address to the nation.  So I include here the thoughts of some dependable news outlets who have commented on the speech.  I quote foreign papers because we were assured that the world would love our new President.]
The UK Telegraph wrote: Tonight’s remarkably dull State of the Union address was dominated by President Obama’s heavily flawed vision for reviving the American economy, with plans that remain overwhelmingly mired in an outdated Big Government mentality, and which spectacularly failed to include a coherent strategy for eliminating America’s massive $14 trillion debt.
But the State of the Union is also traditionally a major opportunity to project US leadership on the world stage, and once again Obama has fallen short.
In 2010 I gave the president an F for the foreign policy section of his lacklustre first State of the Union address. His 2011 address was certainly no better. For the second year running, President Obama has demonstrated that he is no world leader, and frankly has little interest at all in foreign policy.

A newly created Superintendence of Costs and Prices seeks to control the profits of private companies, said Noel Álvarez, the president of the Venezuelan Federation of Trade and Industry Chambers (Fedecámaras), Venezuela's main business association. "It appears that the only goal of this agency is to control corporate profits and prices of goods and services," the business leader added.
Fox News wrote about some of his statements, among other things: 
His most hypocritical: "Thanks to the tax cuts we passed, Americans’ paychecks are a little bigger today."
These were tax cuts he opposed up until the very final moment when it became clear he had no real choice but to pass, largely because of an informed electorate. But the truth was he had desired to eliminate those cuts since his days on the campaign trail.
His most ridiculous: "This is our generation’s Sputnik moment."
This analogy was bad from the start. "Sputnik" was the failed first effort of the Soviets. Americans should not, and will not want a 'Sputnik moment'."
His most tired: "We’ll invest in... especially clean energy technology"
Will he relaunch a cap-and-trade pursuit? It appears as though these types of ideas were roundly defeated in November.
His most dishonest: "We passed reform that finally prevents the health insurance industry from exploiting patients."
His first promise he will likely break: "If a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it." 
JewishWorldReview writes: What a bother having to deal with Congress, public opinion, elections, the whole complicated web that the Founders in their antiquated vocabulary referred to as the consent of the governed.
How much simpler to pass your own laws. Just call them executive orders or administrative rules, official regulations, whatever designation applies. Hesto, presto, a provision nixed after long hours of tedious debate and much public furor can be enacted by arbitrary decree. It's so much quicker that way, and nobody needs to know. At least till the public wakes up.
In place of the messy, unpredictable democratic process, let an expert make the decisions. No fuss, no muss, no votes, not even a discussion. Just a decision. Problem solved. There, see how easy that was? Who needs all those old checks and balances, anyway? They just get in the way and upset people. Knowing what's going on so often does.

Fred Barnes writes: This [the House Energy and Commerce Committee] will be the austerity committee in the House of Representatives. .  .  .Said Michigan's Fred Upton: " If you want to spend money on an entitlement, you need to pay for it with a mandatory spending reduction. .  .  . You may have a great idea for a new program. That’s fine. Just tell us how you will pay for it by reducing spending.
"The committee will no longer consider bills that authorize spending of “such sums as may be necessary.” [With that] we simply cede discretion to the appropriators. Well, no more. .  .  . Every program the committee authorizes or reauthorizes must have a sunset.
"The committee will no longer consider commemorative legislation. We all support motherhood and apple pie and successful collegiate sports teams. I would submit that none of us needs a congressional resolution to prove it. We as members and our staffs have bigger and better things to do." Upton, 57, first elected to the House in 1986, has morphed into a ferocious conservative reformer with his selection as a committee chairman.
Which leads us to the Republican hearings strategy. It elevates the role of House committees and makes their public hearings the chief vehicle for attracting attention to the wrongheadedness of Obama’s policies and—to a lesser extent, I suspect—the virtues of Republican alternatives.

The Daily Caller writes: Top GOP oversight official Rep. Darrell Issa is responding forcefully to a push by his foil on the House oversight committee to give Democrats input on which congressional subpoenas he issues, including the ability to force a committee vote on subpoenas. Issa’s saying the proposal would grant Democrats “unprecedented new powers to obstruct oversight.”
The issue is crucial because the power of congressional subpoena – now held by Issa as the incoming oversight committee chairman – grants Republicans almost unlimited authority to access documents of the Obama administration and compel testimony by key officials.
Cummings is proposing a new rule for the committee that would require Issa to request his concurrence to every subpoena issued. If concurrence were not granted, the minority could force a full committee vote on whether to issue the subpoena. Cummings says this would codify the practice of past oversight committee chairman. [As Barack Obama famously said after being elected: "I won".  Poor leadership and elections have consequences.]
Read more:
Big Peace writes: The House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold hearing today on “The United Nations: Urgent Problems that Need Congressional Action,” including recommendations to stop funding the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Perhaps now that the U.S. debt crossed 14 Trillion dollars, would be a good time to stop funding this corrupt organization that fosters the Palestinian “refugees” problem and funds Hamas.
Spectator writes: Controversial 'energy and environment czar' Carol Browner, a former commissioner of the Socialist International who was appointed to a non-existent position to avoid Senate confirmation testimony, is stepping down from her post.
Rumors that this move is calculated to avoid testifying under oath to a House oversight committee are of course being circulated by people who know precisely what they are talking about.
Politico writes: House Republicans have summoned the White House regulatory chief to be the first administration official to appear before the Energy and Commerce Committee this year.
Cass Sunstein, administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, will be called next Wednesday to field questions from the Oversight Subcommittee about President Obama’s new executive order on regulatory review, Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) told reporters Thursday.
That order – issued this week – calls for a government-wide review of federal rules and regulations with the goal of eliminating those that stifle job creation and economic growth.  [I admire the courage and the research of Glenn Beck.  You should know that for good reasons, he considers Cass Sunstein to be the most dangerous man in America because of his far left beliefs.  I'm sure George Soros would then be number two.  I will be addressing this man and his influence on the world this year.]


  1. "Heavily flawed", "overwhelmingly mired", "spectacularly failed", "fallen short", "hypocritical", "ridiculous", "tired", "dishonest". Hardly words one wants to hear about their Executive in Chief.

  2. Good otherwise intelligent people could still believe and support this guy and his buddies is beyond comprehension. He is certainly the worst President in recent, and perhaps all of our history!