Thursday, October 15, 2009

What the Republicans in Congress Should Be Doing!


On the first page of your website you have a section
that says something to the effect, “tell me what you
think.” OK, here it is: How much longer do “we the people” have to sit out here and
wait for you to do something? Where is your voice? Where is your spine? Why
does a talk show host/entertainer have to do your job? Where is the
leadership of the Republican Party in Congress?

If the United States of America survives past 2009 it
will certainly not be because the RNC and the congressional
leadership stood firm and held news conferences and produced youtube videos,
to keep us, the citizenry informed. What a sad state of affairs when the
media controls what we get to hear from you, the elected officials. Are you
fearful of what they will call you? Have you no power? Do they own you?

The grassroots have been fighting since April to voice our opposition to what is
happening in our government. We have held tea parties, town halls, rants in
public places, we have all become proficient on facebook, twitter, blogs,
etc. We stay up most nights trying to google information, watch Glen Beck, read
and re-read our constitution. We have been like blind people trying to put
a puzzle together and now that we are succeeding in seeing what is being done to
us, it’s a frightening thing. I can only speak for myself but there
have been times in the last six months that I have to pinch myself and ask if I am
still in my country.

We have spent time calling, writing, emailing, petitioning
our elected officials and we are called un-American, terrorists, mobs,
dangerous, right-wing extremists, kooks, etc. I don’t hear national voices
calling the main stream media to task for attacking us. I have only heard of one
congressman who is going to the Library of Congress before the session begins
to look up information on “redressing of grievances”. Why hasn’t
the entire Republican congress called a meeting to ask the same thing?

We begged the Republicans to stop cap and trade and they did not. I
can’t believe that any thinking person would even be talking about trying to pass
something as heinous as HR 3200. When I hear a Republican, especially McCain
talk about tweaking the bill and then passing it, I want to scream! What could
these people be thinking. The only thing that could help this bill is for it to be

Do you watch television? Do you watch Fox News? Do you watch Glen
Beck? I’m appalled that there has not been a movement from the Republican
Party to impeach this man who is living in our Whitehouse. Don’t even try to tell
me that we can’t do that. We must impeach him. Are you aware that Van Jones,
the green job czar, whose organization, the Apollo Alliance wrote the stimulus
bill and is receiving tax dollars to dismantle our country? Van Jones is a
self-avowed communist! Those are his words. This man is an advisor to the
President? How can that happen? How can any elected official stand by and let this
happen? Who is representing us?

What about Cass Sunstein? This man is a fascist nut. Yes, I did say fascist.

I’m sick of not being able to speak truths because we’re fearful of not being politically correct... Guess what? We are out of the p.c. closet. Sunstein is a proponent of the ‘nudge’
philosophy - Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Our
decisions, our health, our wealth and our happiness. No thank you. This man thinks
animals should have the right to take people to court??? This is not a fairy tale.

Now we hear that our internet may be taken from us through legislation.
SB 773. Will this be carried out through martial law? I have not heard one
Republican official say that they are not going to allow this to happen.

Are all the conspiracy theorists correct when they say that the Republicans are
just as instrumental in destroying our country as the liberal fascist arm of the
Democratic Party are?

The President is destroying the United States of America
... If a Russian Professor can see it, and write articles about it,
why can’t you? What do we need to do to start the impeachment process? I could
list numerous other things that he has done that I believe are in direct
opposition to our constitution but I don’t have the time or the space. You
could contact Glen Beck, he will fill you in.

I am going to put this letter on Facebook, Twitter, blogs; I’m going to email it to every address I can get my hands on. I will send it as a press release to every media outlet I can think of and who knows, maybe one or two will print it. I’m going to send it to talk shows and I’m also going to email it to you. I certainly hope I receive an answer and if I
do, I will also send that out to all the above mentioned sites.

Thank you for your time and I pray that God will Bless America .


Pat Wright
Sealy, Texas 77474

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voting on Unread Bills/Global Warming Not So Warm

In short, senators will follow recent precedent and be voting on something that does not even exist. They speculate.

What’s more, reports that an aide to Sen. Harry Reid said that current debates may be irrelevant because an entirely different version might be inserted into an unrelated House tax bill, HR 1586. That’s the measure that levies a 90 percent tax on bonuses given to executives of firms that receive bailout money. Among other things, this could be a way of getting around the constitutional requirement that all tax bills originate in the House.


Debra Saunders reports: "What happened to global warming?" read the headline -- on BBC News on Oct. 9, no less. Consider it a cataclysmic event: Mainstream news organizations have begun reporting on scientific research that suggests that global warming may not be caused by man and may not be as dire and eminent as alarmists suggest.

[While hawking global warming, Al Gore's net worth has increased from 2 million to about 200 million - all the while refusing to actually debate the merits of the cause. At a recent news conference, he had the mike turned off when one person actually asked him to answer a tough question.]