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Only Supremes Can Try the Arizona Immigration Law?

[Read it for yourself:] Article III, Sec. 2, clause 2 of the Constitution says:
In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction…
According to the Canada Free Press attorney: “Original” jurisdiction means the power to conduct the “trial” of the case (as opposed to hearing an appeal from the judgment of a lower court). You all know quite well what a “trial” is - you see them all the time on TV shows: Perry Mason, Boston Legal, The Good Wife, etc. Witnesses testify and are cross-examined, etc.

The style of the Arizona case shows quite clearly that the named defendants are:
State of Arizona; and Janice K. Brewer,
Governor of the State of Arizona, in her
Official Capacity, Defendants.

Judge Susan R. Bolton has no more authority to preside over this case than do you


Friday, July 30, 2010

Not So Fast on Elena Kagen; New Poling; Candidate Paladino Against Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero; Obama's Lockerbie Bomber Lie; The Shirley Sherrod, Racist Fox News Lie; Obama's Finances Just Like Ours..

Drew Zahn, World Net Daily : One of Washington D.C.’s most feared and fearless corruption watchers has told WND he intends to file an ethics complaint to have Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan disbarred from practicing before the court she aspires to join – and possibly subjected to criminal prosecution – for her role in an escalating controversy over partial-birth abortion.
Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA, is bringing the complaint, alleging Kagan altered an official scientific report used as evidence by the Supreme Court to persuade the justices to overturn bans on partial-birth abortion. 
Kagan’s amendment dramatically changed the meaning of the ACOG statement, and court records show the statement was passed off on the Supreme Court as official scientific opinion, even though the ACOG’s panel of scientists never approved Kagan’s wording.
Klayman told WND he believes Kagan’s behind-the-scenes work constitutes "conspiracy to defraud the Supreme Court," and he intends to take the evidence that has been compiled by the pro-life groups to file a complaint before the clerk’s office of the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to have Kagan disbarred as a practicing lawyer in front of the Supreme Court.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writes: If the presidential election were today and Sarah Palin somehow topped the Republican ticket, and even if she were joined in the race by an orangutan named Bob, and they were facing Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden -- or an idiot to be named later -- I would be forced to vote for her. Yeah, that's right. Vote -- for her. Sarah Palin. And Bob.  Embracing that reality makes me want to shower, and it is an acknowledgment that our political system has imploded. I'm the proud owner of a "Hater" T-shirt, for crying out loud, but the future is increasingly clear. If this nation is subjected to another four years of Obama's lunacy, it likely is finished, kaput, toasted.
The charges of failure to do right -- dismissed as partisan attacks aimed at scaring people -- have proved true, and revelations are surfacing daily. It turns out Obama lied about everything from radically expanding IRS powers to targeting small-business owners who were promised the law would benefit them. Instead, it will be regulatory hell. He also lied to Congress.
While he was assuring Americans they would not have to foot the bill for illegal immigrants' health care, he was promising the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that for its Obamacare support the restrictions would be lifted later -- in the immigration reform bill moving to center stage. 
Maybe it's time, finally, to refudiate run-of-the-mill politicos and vote for someone as crazy as the rest of us. And never, never misunderestimate her.
American Thinker writes: When was the last time you heard a politician talking like Carl Paladino? Carl Paladino, a Republican candidate for Governor of New York, has come out against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero. "As Governor," Paladino said Wednesday in a radio ad, "I will use the power of eminent domain to stop this mosque and make the site a war memorial instead of a monument to those who attacked our country." (Snip) Paladino explains: "Andrew Cuomo supports the mosque. He says it is about religious freedom and he says the mosque construction should proceed."
Coming to us from The Australian, not our own media:  The US government secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be "far preferable" to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya. Correspondence obtained by The Sunday Times reveals the Obama administration considered compassionate release more palatable than locking up Abdel Baset al-Megrahi in a Libyan prison. The intervention, which has angered US relatives of those who died in the attack, was made by Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US embassy in London, a week before Megrahi was freed in August last year on grounds that he had terminal cancer.

A document, acquired by a well-placed US source, threatens to undermine US President Barack Obama’s claim last week that all Americans were “surprised, disappointed and angry” to learn of Megrahi’s release.
Scottish ministers viewed the level of US resistance to compassionate release as “half-hearted” and a sign it would be accepted.
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The US has tried to keep the letter secret, refusing to give permission to the Scottish authorities to publish it on the grounds it would prevent future “frank and open communications” with other governments.  
According to We learn that Obama’s expression of “surprise, disappointment, and anger” at the news of Megrahi’s release was another one of the Sociopath’s many lies. The Obama administration actually supported the terrorist-murderer’s ”humanitarian” release. [This would never have come to light except that the Democrats were searching for a way to investigate BP regarding the oil spill.]
ExposeObama writes: The four Democratic U.S. senators probing the early release of the Libyan convicted in the Lockerbie bombing believe there were links to a BP oil deal, but their inquiry may have the unintended consequence of raising questions about just how strongly the Obama administration opposed the Libyan’s release.
Scottish government ministers, stung by accusations that they released Megrahi to ease a massive oil exploration contract in Libya, are pointing out that it is the U.S. government that is blocking the release of two documents relating to the decision.
Chris Wallace: I know facts are inconvenient things, but let's try to deal with the facts. The fact is that the Obama administration fired or forced Shirley Sherrod to quit before her name had ever been mentioned on Fox News Channel. Did you know that, sir? [In other words, the Democrat and media uprising calling Fox New racist has no basis in fact.  But that won't keep them from trying to convince their followers.]
Read more:
[Are you  aware that the Department of Justice is now complicit in an attempt to keep  states from abiding by the Move Act, by encouraging states to use waivers to bypass the new federal law
(the Military Overseas Voter Empowerment )(MOVE) Act.]
[While taking 4 vacations in a month when our country is under duress, Obama actually had the nerve to say, on Good Morning America on July 23, 2010]:  
"We're just not that far removed from what most Americans are going through. I mean it was only a few years ago when, you know, we had high credit card balances. We had two little kids that we were trying to figure out how to save for — enough for college.
That we were still thinking about our own retirement then looking at our retirement accounts and wondering, are we going to be able to get enough assets in there to make sure we're protected."  [This is the very same man who has stated: " “I think at some point you have made enough money.”]  The UK Telegraph has noted that: President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle earned $5.5 million in 2009, more than twice their income in 2008, despite the economic recession. [Yes, they are just like all  Americans, right?]
Sean HANNITY: Now I noticed he didn't mention that according to his 2010 financial disclosure form he's now worth up to $7.7 million. But don't worry, America. He feels your pain.
He had a separate jet just for flying his dog to his vacation in Maine.  His wife and Sasha are leaving on Barack's birthday for a vacation in Spain - reserving 30 hotel suites for their pleasure, some at $2900 per night: 
National Review writes:  According to an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memo going the rounds of Capitol Hill and obtained by National Review, the agency is considering ways in which it could enact “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action” — that is, without the consent of the American people through a vote in Congress.
“This memorandum offers administrative relief options to . . . reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization,” it reads.
In recent weeks, Sen. Chuck Grassley and others in Congress have been pressing the administration to disavow rumors that a de facto amnesty is in the works, including in a letter to Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano. “Since the senators first wrote to the president more than a month ago, we have not been reassured that the plans are just rumors, and we have every reason to believe that the memo is legitimate,” a Grassley spokesman tells NR. (NR contacted DHS, but a spokesman did not have a comment on the record.)

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement after offering a resolution on the floor of the House of Representatives calling on Congress not to hold a lame duck session after Election Day for the purpose of passing hugely unpopular legislation like a national energy tax, enormous deficit spending bills, and the kickback to Big Labor known as “Card Check

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wikileaks Endangers our Afghan War Effort and the Lives of Informants There; and Obama's Priorities vs. his Problems

Judge NAPOLITANO, on Fox News Network: [The judge reported that while interviewing Mr. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, Mr. Assange stated that] he presented the documents - there were over 100,000 pages of them, to the White House weeks before they were released. He wouldn't give me an exact date.
Is there anything in here that can't be released, that you want redacted, that you don't want released that you questioned the authenticity of? The White House's response was silence. 

"The White House is trying to downplay this, but the White House should look at the vote of the House of Representatives yesterday in which a hundred Democrats voted against the supplemental appropriation to fund the war in Afghanistan," Napolitano explained. "Those are people in the President's own party. When did they take that vote? Three days after the WikiLeaks documents came out."
And apparently, the Obama administration made no such effort and couldn't have cared less, or that's the impression that Mr. Assange gave," Napolitano said.
CBS News is reporting that Afghan informants have been specifically named in the leaked documents, including the names of their close relatives and the villages in which they live. American forces will now have to scramble to protect these informants, since they will now be subject to Taliban revenge attacks. Some, no doubt, will be killed. Other Afghans will, thus, not have a very great incentive to cooperate with American and Coalition forces

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has claimed that such sensitive information had been removed before the documents were posted. It is clear, though, that Assange is being less than accurate.
Assange's source in the US military has already been caught and will be prosecuted. The Swedish government allows Assange to publish with no legal sanction. Julian Assange himself travels constantly in order to avoid arrest.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Job Creation Stats a Guess; Health Insurance Mandate (a Tax or a Not?); England Breaking up Socialized Medicine and Our Public Option; and Offshore Drilling Ban

Expose Obama writes: Ever since the Obama administration came up with their "jobs created/saved" metric to promote their disgraceful "stimulus" package, we, like many others, have been saying that their metric is bogus and totally arbitrary. Christina Romer, chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, admitted to that fact. When asked by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo whether the administration knew just how many jobs had been "saved or created," Romer said:
It’s very hard to say exactly—you don’t know what the baseline is," Romer said in a live interview. "Because you don’t know what the economy would have done without it. (the stimulus plan)."
Every week, according to yahoo news:  the House spends a couple of days churning out non-controversial bills. Beyond honoring sports achievements, they name post offices, praise armed service members, mourn distinguished people who've died and recognize historic anniversaries. This year the House has come together to support national pollinator week, national dairy month and national train day.
Newsbusters asks: Should there be a "gatekeeper" regulating internet bloggers? In the aftermath of the Shirley Sherrod incident, that's what CNN promoted on July 23.
Anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts discussed the "mixed blessing of the internet," and agreed that there should be a crackdown on anonymous bloggers who disparage others on the internet.
Azcentral writes:  State and university employees with families can expect to see their monthly health-insurance costs rise as much as 37 percent next year, depending on the type of plan they choose. Figures provided by the Arizona Department of Administration show that health plans for families and single adults with children will shoulder the most-expensive monthly premium increases The Department of Administration cited federal health reform as the reason the state's health plans will carry "greater expenses and higher premiums for members," ------------------------------------------------
The Wall St. Journal opines: The Justice Department announced last week that it would defend the new
federal health-insurance mandate as an exercise of Congress's "power to lay and collect taxes," even though Barack Obama had insisted before the bill's passage that it was "absolutely not a tax increase." The truth is the mandate is not a tax—and if it were it would be unconstitutional.
A tax is when the government takes money from individuals, puts it in the Treasury, and plans to spend it. With the health-insurance mandate, the government is not taking money from private individuals; rather, it is commanding them to give ...

The NYT writes that even as Obama continues his push to take over Americans' healthcare: Even as the new coalition government [In England] said it would make enormous cuts in the public sector, it initially promised to leave health care alone. But in one of its most surprising moves so far, it has done the opposite, proposing what would be the most radical reorganization of the National Health Service, as the system is called, since its inception in 1948.
Practical details of the plan are still sketchy. But its aim is clear: to shift control of England’s $160 billion annual health budget from a centralized bureaucracy to doctors at the local level. Under the plan, $100 billion to $125 billion a year would be meted out to general practitioners, who would use the money to buy services from hospitals and other health care providers.
The plan would also shrink the bureaucratic apparatus, in keeping with the government’s goal to effect $30 billion in “efficiency savings” in the health budget by 2014 and to reduce administrative costs by 45 percent. Tens of thousands of jobs would be lost because layers of bureaucracy would be abolished.  [I'm sure this Administration sees the failure of socialized medicine to be in the stupid why in which others have done it.]
Meanwhile:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, seeking to console liberal activists who were disappointed by the final version of the national health care law, assured them that there would eventually be a public option.
"We're going to have a public option," Reid said. "It's just a question of when."  [Surprise, surprise!]
The Washington Examiner reports: In response to a request from Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee, the Department of Interior's acting Inspector General, Mary Kendall, announced she is opening an investigation into whether a Department of Interior report recommending an offshore drilling ban was manipulated to appear as if the ban was endorsed by seven experts from the National Academy of Engineers. (Snip) ''If the Obama Administration purposefully manipulated the views of known experts on deepwater drilling and deceived the public, there should be serious consequences," Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., the ranking Republican on the Natural Resources Committee, said in a statement. "The current moratorium on deepwater energy exploration is costing Americans their jobs and causing significant economic harm to a region that cannot afford more hardships."

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
World Net Daily writes, several years ago: As the nation debates whether more guns or fewer can prevent tragedies like the Virginia Tech Massacre, a notable anniversary passed last month in a Georgia town that witnessed a dramatic plunge in crime and violence after mandating residents to own firearms.
In March 1982, 25 years ago, the small town of Kennesaw – responding to a handgun ban in Morton Grove, Ill. – unanimously passed an ordinance requiring each head of household to own and maintain a gun. Since then, despite dire predictions of "Wild West" showdowns and increased violence and accidents, not a single resident has been involved in a fatal shooting – as a victim, attacker or defender.
The crime rate initially plummeted for several years after the passage of the ordinance, with the 2005 per capita crime rate actually significantly lower than it was in 1981, the year before passage of the law.
ExposeObama writes: A federal judge pushed back Thursday against a contention by the Obama Justice Department that a tough new Arizona immigration law set to take effect next week would cause "irreparable harm" and intrude into federal immigration enforcement.

"Why can't Arizona be as inhospitable as they wish to people who have entered or remained in the United States?" U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton asked in a pointed exchange with Deputy Solicitor General Edwin S. Kneedler....

ABC News reports: At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire.
Today, ABC News surveyed a marsh area and found none, and even on a flight out to the rig site Sunday with the Coast Guard, there was no oil to be seen.
Still, it doesn't mean that all the oil that gushed for weeks is gone. Thousands of small oil patches remain below the surface, but experts say an astonishing amount has disappeared, reabsorbed into the environment.
"[It's] mother nature doing her job," said Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University. 
From the NYT: The Senate on Tuesday refused to take up a bill that would require more disclosure of the role of corporations, unions and other special interests in bankrolling political advertisements, after Democrats failed to persuade even one Republican to support it. The bill was drafted in response to a Supreme Court decision in January allowing unlimited campaign spending by corporations and interest groups. President Obama and Democratic leaders have been seeking to use the Republicans’ opposition to the bill to portray them as beholden to corporate interests.
t a news conference and in an impassioned floor speech, the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, denounced the legislation and chided Democrats for diverting the Senate’s agenda from a bill aimed at helping small businesses in a bid to take up the campaign finance disclosure measure.
“This bill is about protecting incumbent Democrats from criticism ahead of this November’s election — a transparent attempt to rig the fall election,” he said.


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Charlie Rangel; Obama vs. Arizona Immigration Law; Defense Department LOSES $8.7 Billion of $9.1 Billion

The Daily Beast spares no words on Charlie Rangel: He's an embarrassment, and a hindrance to his party's 2010 fortunes. Here is Tunku Varadarajan on why Rangel must resign—and why racism is no longer a viable defense against challenges to his conduct:

Charlie Rangel, oleaginous octogenarian extraordinaire, put on a press conference at lunchtime on Friday that was such a master class in shifty-eyed flimflam that no one who watched it can have left its Harlem venue (or their TV screens) unconvinced that he is, by some great distance, the most knavish congressman in Washington.
There can be little doubt that Rangel—who has served a mind-boggling, and, for those concerned with standards of official conduct, depressing, 20 terms—is not going to be able to run for a 21st term. His career is now over. I predict that he will resign by, or on, Thursday of next week, the day on which the House Ethics Committee lays formal charges against him, charges which—if he contests them—will go to public trial. (The charges are, by now, so well known that they scarcely bear repeating: undeclared taxes on income from a beachfront villa in the Dominican Republic; the securing of four luxury apartments at a heftily subsidized rent; and the granting of lucrative favors to a donor. Read a detailed account here. (Rangel has, predictably enough, protested his innocence all along.).
A federal judge pushed back Thursday against a contention by the Obama Justice Department that a tough new Arizona immigration law set to take effect next week would cause "irreparable harm" and intrude into federal immigration enforcement.

"Why can't Arizona be as inhospitable as they wish to people who have entered or remained in the United States?" U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton asked in a pointed exchange with Deputy Solicitor General Edwin S. Kneedler....
The Defense Department is unable to account for $8.7 billion of the $9.1 billion in Development Fund for Iraq monies it received for reconstruction in Iraq. This according to a study published today by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.
"This situation occurred because most DoD organizations receiving DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) funds did not establish the required Department of the Treasury accounts and no DoD organization was designated as the executive agent for managing the use of DFI funds," the report states.
The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) finds that only one Defense organization actually set up the accounts required by the Treasury.
"The breakdown in controls left the funds vulnerable to inappropriate uses and undetected loss," SIGIR says.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Polling on Obama; Troop Out - Contractors In; Juan Doesn't Get It; Foreign Relations with North Korea; Paycheck Fairness Act; JournoList; Freedom of Worship....; and Elena Kagen

Democrats will be gulping this morning at the Quinnipiac Poll's latest results. For the first time in the survey's history, Americans believe by a 48% to 40% margin that President Obama doesn't deserve re-election. Almost as stinging, a plurality believe the country would have been better off if John McCain had beaten Mr. Obama in 2008. [Congress received just an 11% approval rating!]  /SB10001424052748704684604575381191790284742.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEFTTopOpinion
Can diplomats field their own army? The State Department is laying plans to do precisely that in Iraq, in an unprecedented experiment that U.S. officials and some nervous lawmakers say could be risky. In little more than a year, State Department contractors in Iraq could be driving armored vehicles, flying aircraft, operating surveillance systems, even retrieving casualties if there are violent incidents and disposing of unexploded ordnance. Under the terms of a 2008 status of forces agreement, all U.S. troops must be out of Iraq by the end of 2011. 
Iraq remains a battle zone, and the American diplomats and other civilian government employees will need security. The U.S. military will be gone. Iraq's army and police, despite billions of dollars and years of American training, aren't yet capable of doing the job.
The State Department, better known for negotiating treaties and delivering diplomatic notes, will have to fend for itself in what remains an active danger zone.
[What a weasel way to be able to say our military is out, when we pay others to do the work of our military.]
The Washington Post reports: A House ethics subcommittee announced Thursday that it found that Rep. Charles B. Rangel violated congressional ethics rules and that it will prepare for a trial, probably beginning in September. The panel is expected to make the details of his alleged violations public next Thursday.
Rangel (D-N.Y.) has been under the House ethics committee's microscope since early 2008 after it was reported that he may have used his House position to benefit his financial interests. Two of the most serious inquiries have focused on Rangel's failure to declare $239,000 to $831,000 in assets on his disclosure forms, and on his effort to raise money for a private center named after him at City College of New York using his congressional letterhead.

Juan Williams writes: Who is making this stuff up? How is it possible that the first black president of the United States, under pressure for alleged reverse discrimination against whites at the Justice Department, fires a black Agriculture Department official for telling a story of racial redemption? How is it possible that such a bright man as the president repeatedly reacts without the facts when it comes to a topic so explosive as race? Last summer he spoke out on a racial controversy without the facts and buried himself in political quicksand that ended with a staged “beer summit.” [Juan - this is what an empty suit looks like, even though it may be attractive enough to gain some attention.  The man is smart, perhaps, but uninformed, totally unprepared, and has an agenda.  I will add that this Sherrod woman probably has other remarks, including "get him one of his own kind", which are racist.  How can she possibly work for the government in this capacity?  I know - because Obama has filled his appointments with radicals who think like him.]
From Yahoo News: The spokesman for the North Korean delegation to the talks, Ri Tong Il, repeated Pyongyang's denial of responsibility for the March sinking of the ship that killed 46 South Korean sailors and said the upcoming military drills were a violation of its sovereignty that harkened back to the days of 19th-century "gunboat diplomacy."
The exercises will be "another expression of hostile policy against" North Korea. "There will be physical response against the threat imposed by the United States militarily," Ri told reporters in Hanoi.  [This must be another example of how our relations with foreign countries has improve under Obama?]
Clinton responded by saying the U.S. is willing to meet and negotiate with the North, but that this type of threat only heightens tensions. She added that progress in the short term seems unlikely, given the circumstances.
"It is distressing when North Korea continues its threats and causes so much anxiety among its neighbors and the larger region," she told reporters. "But we will demonstrate once again with our military exercises ... that the United States stands in firm support of the defense of South Korea and we will continue to do so."
Cnsnews reports: The Obama administration is backing legislation that includes regulations requiring U.S. businesses to provide to the government data about employee pay as it relates to the sex, race and national origin of employees.

In an orchestrated effort that included a statement by President Barack Obama and an event at the White House featuring Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, the president and his cabinet endorsed the Paycheck Fairness Act.
The Washington Post writes: Conceding that they can't find enough votes for the legislation, Senate Democrats on Thursday abandoned efforts to put together a comprehensive energy bill that would seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions, delivering a potentially fatal blow to a proposal the party has long touted and President Obama campaigned on.
Instead, Democrats will push for a more limited measure that would seek to increase liability costs that oil companies would pay following spills such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico.
National Review writes: The JournoList has started to leak like an over-ripe diaper.Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, or if you only get your news from MSNBC, here’s the story. A young blogger, Ezra Klein, formerly of the avowedly left-wing American Prospect and now with the avowedly mainstream Washington Post, founded the e-mail listserv JournoList for like-minded liberals to hash out and develop ideas. Some 400 people joined the by-invitation-only group. Most, it seems, were in the media, but many hailed from academia, think tanks, and the world of forthright liberal activism generally. 
In 2008, participants shared talking points about how to shape coverage to help Obama. They tried to paint any negative coverage of Obama’s racist and hateful pastor, Jeremiah Wright, as out of bounds. Journalists at such “objective” news organizations as Newsweek, Bloomberg, Time, and The Economist joined conversations with open partisans about the best way to criticize Sarah Palin. 
Big Journalism opines: One of the nastiest episodes in American journalism occurred in the immediate aftermath of John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate during the 2008 election. It was a potential game-changer and, for a moment, it rocked the leftist media back on its heels. Who can ever forget Andrea Mitchell’s gaping-fish-out-of-water reaction to Palin’s electrifying acceptance speech? For one brief, horrible moment, the Marxist Media saw its dream of a People’s Republic dying, shot through the heart by the moose-hunting mom from Nowhere, Alaska.
Fox News: The change in language was barely noticeable to the average citizen but political observers are raising red flags at the use of a new term "freedom of worship" by President Obama and Secretary Clinton as a replacement for the term freedom of religion. This shift happened between the President's speech in Cairo where he showcased America's freedom of religion and his appearance in November at a memorial for the victims of Fort Hood, where he specifically used the term "freedom of worship." From that point on, it has become the term of choice for the president and Clinton.
Everyone knows that religious Jews keep kosher, religious Quakers don't go to war, and religious Muslim women wear headscarves-yet "freedom of worship" would protect none of these acts of faith."
In the administration's defense, Carl Esbeck, professor of law at the University of Missouri, is quoted by Christianity Today as saying, "The softened message is probably meant for the Muslim world, said. Obama, seeking to repair relations fractured by 9/11, is telling Islamic countries that America is not interfering with their internal matters."
Let's be clear, however; language matters when it comes to defining freedoms and limits. A shift from freedom of religion to freedom of worship moves the dialog from the world stage into the physical confines of a church, temple, synagogue or mosque. Such limitations can unleash an unbridled initiative that we have only experienced in a mild way through actions determined to removal of roadside crosses, wearing of religious T-shirts and pro-life pins as well as any initiatives of evangelization. It also could exclude our right to raise our children in our faith, the right to religious education, literature or media, the right to raise funds or organize charitable activities and the right to express religious beliefs in the normal discourse of life. [Elections do have consequences...]

Perspectives Of A Russian Immigrant: Elena Kagan And 'The Urge To Alter'

I am not in any entitlement program, and I'd gladly challenge Mr. Bai's understanding of a high-tech economy, immigration and free trade. I worked for 26 years as a software developer in America, a civil engineer in Russia, and am an immigrant myself.
I am quite sensitive to racial issues — I know from personal experience how a centralized state manipulates ethnic tensions and divides citizens in order to distract them from its own gross incompetence, while it swallows people's liberty

[In discussing Elena Kagen, she writes]: Studying history at Princeton and referring to "socialism's greatness," she was somehow oblivious to the suffering millions of her contemporaries endured around the world throughout the 20th century.
[Quoting Kagen] "The desire to conserve has overwhelmed the urge to alter," she wrote. "Such a state of affairs cries out for explanation. Why, in a society by no means perfect, has a radical party never attained the status of a major political force? Why, in particular, did the socialist movement never become an alternative to the nation's established parties?"  [This woman will likely be our next Supreme Court Justice.....]