Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rep. Peter King: “Ted Cruz has no business running?” Really?

Ted Cruz has no business running?  Really?  Republican Representative Peter King has said that Cruz is a “carnival barker with a big mouth who has no business running for President”!
Because he steadfastly defends our Constitution and freedom of religion, wants to secure our border and would like to see the IRS and Common Core ended, you think he has no business running?  I’m guessing that you never mentioned that one Barack Hussein Obama had no business running for President.
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Republican Senator Ted Cruz Speaks At The Heritage FoundationCruz is not a viable candidate because he, like Obama, has not been in Congress any longer than Obama was and he was never a Governor?  That is what is being said by some.  Let’s see who is more qualified.

A background check is in order.  Barack Obama has a past which is very sketchy.  There are no former girlfriends who have come forward.
There are almost no photos of his time in school except for those showing him as part of a choom gang, or sitting on a sofa with his friend from Pakistan while he was a college student.  There is no available college transcript, leading some to think that he either had terrible grades, or was a foreign student.
After college, he became a Saul Alinsky believer and a community organizer.  As such his job was to teach others how to protest against many things, organizing them for action against evil Capitalists.  This included protesting banks which were not giving mortgages to those who had no way to pay them back.
Obama came out of obscurity to become our President, based on his so-called soaring rhetoric and his call for “fundamental change”.  No one really asked what that change would entail.  We have learned that it includes spitting in the eye of the Constitution, more government, more income redistribution, more money to Americans with their hands out, and more control over all Americans.
Just who is Ted Cruz?  His former college professor, the famous Alan Dershowitz, has called him off-the-charts brilliant.  He had a stellar career as a litigator, and was the youngest Solicitor General in the United States.  He was an adjunct professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught Supreme Court litigation.
Obama was never the professor he claimed to be.  Cruz clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  He argued before the Supreme Court nine times.  He won an award for the “Best Brief Award by the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), for U.S. Supreme Court briefs in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007”
He has served two years in the U.S. Senate, never backing down from the causes in which he believes.  The fact that he has not been able to convince his fellow Republicans to go along with him does not mean that he is wrong, or is not a leader.  A leader will take an opposing position just because it is the right thing to do.  It sometimes takes time to convince people to have the courage to join the fight.
Liberals and leftists will condemn Cruz for stating so boldly that our rights come not from government, but from God.  Chris Christie is saying the same thing.  Cruz has been condemned for announcing his candidacy in a place that does not include those who are non-believers.  He added that he thinks God is not done with us.  Thankfully he is not talking about the presumption that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding”, as did Barack Obama.
The National Review, a more conservative journal, wrote about Cruz’s “tone” while speaking.  Now it is all about the “tone” and not the content?  It seems people on both sides will find something not to like about Ted Cruz.
The important thing, while we debate whether he is a “natural born” citizen, is that he brings a boldly stated conservative message to the debate.  While we have lamented that Republican candidates have in the past refused to make a strong argument in defense of their positions, we are watching Ted Cruz tell it like it is.  It is refreshing and exciting.
Quite apart from whether he is eligible or wins the nomination, he will make the campaign and debates much more informative.
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