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Janet Napolitano and Fast and Furious; Visa not being cut off as law requires; Children being taken to protests to be participants; Pivotal global warming research is a fraud; Obama objects to Roosevelt's D-Day prayer at WW II Memorial; White House will not cooperate with subpoena on Solyndra; Bank Transfer Day is latest movement; Oakland Mayor supports Occupy even with its violence; Occupy Wall St. and its links to Democrats; Some history on protests; The ironies of Occupy;

Expose Obama reports: During her October 25th testimony before the House Government Oversight Committee,Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano claimed she has never spoken about Fast and Furious with Attorney General Eric Holder,had never heard of the deadly scheme prior to the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (as it was an ATF operation). She insisted,although she is the head of Homeland Security,she considered it unnecessary to learn more about the deliberate smuggling of thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug dealers because there was an investigation being performed by the Inspector General at the Department of Justice.
Daily Caller reports: Republican Rep. Sandy Adams of Florida wants answers from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.
Adams says she is not following existing law, which requires the federal government to cut off visas from countries that refuse to re-admit their citizens who have committed crimes while residing in the U.S. illegally. If these countries refuse to take the criminal illegal immigrants back after a six-month “detention period,” the U.S government releases them back into U.S. communities.
Section 243(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, “Discontinuing Granting Visas to Nationals of Country Denying or Delaying Accepting Alien” reads as follows,
Read more:
When you send your kids off to school, you expect them to learn all about the "three r's": reading, writing and recall efforts?
That doesn't seem right, and it didn't seem right to FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn either.
It is common practice for elementary schools to take students on a tour of the Wisconsin State Capitol, but how would you feel if your child went on just such a field trip, and ended up being led, quite literally, into the middle of a political protest?
On a Tuesday in late September, FOX6 watched as elementary school children were led into the middle of the protest, and encouraged to clap and sing along.
According to Reeder, it's not the first time this has happened.,0,6947960.story
Human Events opines: One of the pivotal studies in the global warming debate has been called out as a fraud… by one of the top members of the team that prepared it.  The study purported to show definitive proof that the Earth has been warming since 1950, but in truth the data shows the exact opposite – global temperatures have been almost perfectly flat.  No warming, no cooling, no “climate change” at all.
In both cases, we’re talking about the deliberate misrepresentation, or outright falsification, of data to perpetuate the Crime of the Century – an economic and political con job that has cost the developed world hundreds of billions of dollars.  You can add up every example of bank malfeasance in the Occupy Wall Street complaints, throw in Bernie Madoff and Enron, and not come anywhere near the price tag of the “global warming” scam.

Fox News writes: Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are expressing outrage after the Obama administration announced its objection to adding President Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.
The objection was noted during a congressional hearing on Rep. Bill Johnson’s (R-OH) bill – the “World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2011.”
“It is unconscionable that the Obama administration would stand in the way of honoring our nation’s distinguished World War II veterans,” Johnson said. “President Roosevelt’s prayer gave solace, comfort and strength to our nation and our brave warriors as we fought against tyranny and oppression.”
Roosevelt asked the nation to join him in prayer as U.S. and allied troops launched the invasion that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany. He asked God to give the allied troops courage and faith, saying, “With thy blessing we shall prevail over the unholy forces of our enemy.”
But Robert Abbey, the director of the Bureau of Land Management, said any plaque or inscription of the prayer would “dilute” the memorial’s central message and therefore “should not be altered.”
Washington Examiner reports: President Obama's attorney sent a letter to Congressional investigators on Friday, saying the White House would not cooperate with a subpoena requesting documents related to its doling out a $535 million loan guarantee to now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.
"I can only conclude that your decision to issue a subpoena, authorized by a party-line vote, was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation," Obama's counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, wrote in a letter to the top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce committee. (Read Ruemmler's full letter here).
AP reports: A grassroots movement that sprang to life last month is urging bank customers to close their accounts in favor of credit unions by Saturday.
The spirit behind "Bank Transfer Day" caught fire with the Occupy Wall Street protests around the country and had more than 79,000 supporters on its Facebook page as of Friday. The movement has already helped beat back Bank of America's plan to start charging a $5 debit card fee.

Commentary Magazine writes: Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is quickly solidifying her reputation as one of the most spineless public officials in the country. After throwing her support behind the Occupy Oakland’s plan to “shut down the city” this week, Quan now seems surprised that the protest quickly spiraled into a violent riot that left eight people injured, dozens of businesses vandalized, and untold financial damage in cleanup cost and police overtime pay.
Unfortunately for the besieged people of Oakland, the destruction hasn’t convinced Quan to kick the Occupiers out of the city parks.

In fact, she’s now defending the movement, and blaming the havoc on a band of rogue provocateurs that had been “hiding out” among the peaceful OWS activists:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writes: What is the real point of "Occupy Wall Street"? The violence in Oakland offers the first clue. Now with politically connected union bosses and Acorn involved, it might just be worth looking at its links to Democrats.
Now that Oakland's streets have been "redecorated" with shattered glass, cement chunks and burning garbage from the Occupy Wall Street movement, it's critical to see that these acts are no aberration, but came after calls for force and violence. What makes it disturbing is how close the White House is to them as election time approaches.
United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard, speaking on radio host Ed Schultz's show last Monday, declared, "What we need is more militancy." Asked to clarify, Gerard said: "I think we've got to start a resistance movement. If Wall Street Occupation doesn't get the message, I think we've got to start blocking bridges and doing that kind of stuff."
He's got the White House ear as a frequent visitor, and has been appointed to the White House Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations. On that board, he evidently had enough clout to delay the U.S.-Colombia free-trade treaty for nearly two years.
Two months ago another White House ally, Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa, openly called for his members to "take these sons of bitches out" in Congress, as Obama stood silently at his side. "They got a war with us and there's only going to be one winner," he growled.
One starts to wonder: Is Occupy Wall Street a grass-roots movement, or a corrupt, violent organization whose real center is the Obama administration itself? One thing's for sure: It isn't interested in democracy.
Fox News opines: When the Oakland rioters called for a general strike, local government agencies volunteered to let workers use leave time to join the march. That’s not happening East of the Rockies, at least so far. There are some jurisdictions where government workers have that kind of sway – most of Maryland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Rhode Island and a few other spots – but the annoyance expressed by many in liberal New York for the malodorous emanations from Zucotti Park are more typical of the reaction to the protest clusters.
Having 100 veterans out of the 22 million in the nation show up to protest isn’t significant. It might be effective messaging for the protesters to put forward a military appearance to undercut the popular notion that they are a bunch of hippies, but it’s not “generations of former military men and women throwing their considerable weight” behind the movement.
If 30 percent of America’s adult population is comprised of veterans, it shouldn’t be too impressive that 5 percent of 2,000 protesters served in uniform.
Power Play would remind reporters that in the spring of 1932, an army of as many as 17,000 veterans joined by tens of thousands of like-minded marchers, invaded Washington to demand early payment of their bonuses for their World War I service, not due until 1945.
They “occupied” Washington for months before a bloody clash with police prompted President Hoover to call out the Army to break up the encampments with then-Maj. George Patton commanding tank and cavalry units to drive them out of the capital city.
Shacks burning in the shadow of the Capitol and bayonets out on Pennsylvania Ave. – now that would have been a story to cover. It was certainly more action than writing about a graduate student live blogging from a tent across from the K Street Starbucks.
American Thinker opines: That's the lesson in assessing the Occupy Wall Street crowd now ensconced in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan.  They want any possible guilt you might have about your success and your sense of kindness and fairness to force you to give them everything without them having to earn or pay for it.  It is narcissism, pure and simple.  Occupy Wall Street wants to destroy capitalism and institute socialism to make that redistribution of wealth possible.  And here is the rub: the people whom they rant against, like the bankers and the Wall Street tycoons, invariably use their wealth to invest.  Those investments are used by companies to create jobs; fund research for life-saving medical devices and drugs, for example; and create economic growth for their employees and the country.  Oh, and by the way, furnish more taxes to the government.
In addition to that irony, here are two more: the protesters call themselves the 99%, meaning all those who do not control a huge chunk of the wealth in this country.  Well, in terms of the world, the U.S. is such a rich nation that the whole of the U.S. would be considered the top 1% of the wealthy if you were using the world as the database.
As an example, the loopholes that banks and investment firms lobbied for and got from Congress over the years allowed them to hide toxic assets from the public legally.  That kind of cronyism was and still is rampant between financial companies and elected representatives.  Was it legal?  Yes. Was it ethical?  No.  The public should have been protected by the rating agencies, organizations such as Moody's, that gave financial instruments backed by lousy mortgages acceptable ratings during the years leading up to the financial meltdown.  The Congress should have never allowed the companies to hide their toxic assets, the financial services companies should never have bundled awful mortgages into financial instruments to sell to an unsuspecting public in the first place, and the rating agencies and the SEC should have never allowed those instruments to be foisted on the American people.  There is blood on many hands for our economic recession.
So, the president continues to use the class warfare card, which he employed from the beginning of his 2012 campaign that was launched months ago.  That election will be a referendum for the American people, and it won't be about jobs even though that will be the rhetoric.  It will be about whether we want capitalism to be the driving force of our economic engine in America -- or do we want to continue the slide to socialism (Obamacare and Cap and Trade just two examples) that Barack Obama instituted when he took office?  Each voter must, therefore, ask: will a classless society devoid of any reward for success be our future?

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama; Occupy's "consensus-based direct democracy"; Occupy absolutely needs demands; Demands working group formed; They want no subway fare for the unemployed; Columbia University's marxism conference; Occupy is no Tahrir Square; ACORN shreds Occupy documents; Occupy Oakland goes rogue; Self-sacrifical heroes and ideolgoically drunk punks; Muslim professor can spew anti-Semitism even in his class; Another Democrat to be investigated for lack of ethics; Elena Kagan documents being withheld by Eric Holder; Republican legislation ties infrastructure spending to energy production

The National Inquirer reports on a newly released book: In “The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama,” published by Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions press, Frazier alleges President Obama could have been a “CIA double agent” when he was a student at Columbia University.
That may be the reason why Obama re­fuses to release his Columbia records, ac­cording to Frazier, who also discloses that former National Se­curity Agency employee Wayne Madsen has discov­ered CIA files directly linked to this secret.
In another bombshell, Frazier claims a clandestine effort is already underway to prevent Obama’s re-elec­tion, with “a team of ex-CIA officers…traveling the globe assembling a dossier of documents on Obama’s past, in­cluding his education, passport, travel and resi­dency records.”
Meanwhile, with the economy in shambles, Obama has turned into “a nervous, chain-smoking wreck,” and it’s even feared that he’s hooked on “prescription anxiety medication,” according to Frazier. The book also claims the stressed-out president has been “yelling” at staffers and throw­ing “temper tantrums.”   [I've read these allegations before, but now they are being published, and are therefore should be slander-proof.  We shall see.]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writes:On November 3rd, the People, the 99 percent, will hold A People’s Hearing of Goldman Sachs in Liberty Square Park and march on Goldman Sachs! The people will bring to justice perhaps the single most egregious perpetrator of economic fraud and corruption in the United States. The Hearing will include testimonials from individuals directly affected by Goldman’s fraudulent manipulation of financial markets, including victims of housing foreclosures, pension losses, public lay-offs and untenable student debt.
The proceedings will also include expert analysis from Ralph Nader, Cornel West and Chris Hedges. Following the 99-minute hearing the people will decide on a fair and deliverable verdict via our own process of consensus-based direct democracy – and we intend to deliver it ourselves
The NY Times reports: “We absolutely need demands,” said Shawn Redden, 35, an earnest history teacher in the group. “Like Frederick Douglass said, ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand.’ ”
The influence and staying power of Occupy Wall Street are undeniable: similar movements have sprouted around the world, as the original group enters its fifth week in the financial district. Yet a frequent criticism of the protesters has been the absence of specific policy demands.
The NY Times opines: Mr. Redden and other demonstrators formed the Demands Working Group about a week and a half ago, hoping to identify specific actions they would formally ask local and federal governments to adopt. But the very nature of Occupy Wall Street has made that task difficult, in New York and elsewhere.
Although Occupy Seattle has a running tally of votes on its Web site — 395 votes to “nationalize the Federal Reserve,” 138 for “universal education” and 245 to “end corporate personhood,” for example — Mike Hines, a member of the group, said the list would soon be removed because the provisions had not been clearly explained and because some people were not capable of voting online.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metro US reports: Protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement plan to march Friday at 11 a.m. for a very specific demand: No subway fare for the unemployed.  [Would this be done to enable all the unemployed to join in their chaotic, often violent protest?]

New York City at Columbia University
Saturday, November 5th
$10 registration ($5 student / low income)
Columbia University, 116th and Broadway, Hamilton Hall
Are you part of the 99%? Sick and tired of the 1% running the world? Inspired by, take part in, and support Occupy Wall Street? Did you fight like hell to save the life of Troy Davis? Take the streets during Slutwalk to yell "Enough is Enough!"? Then this conference is the place for you! Join hundreds of activists for revolutionary discussion, debate and action.
Attend special workshop tracks on: Black Liberation and Socialism; Women’s Liberation and Socialism; Capitalism, Crisis and Class Struggle; and, The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx. Then join all conference participants for our evening discussion: From Arab Spring to American Autumn – Can There Be a Revolution in the US?
 (CNN) --Occupy Wall Street is no Tahrir Square
Ever since disgruntled Americans declared themselves the 99% and occupied Wall Street, their protests have been compared to those in the squares of the Middle East and North Africa -- especially Cairo's Tahrir Square — where pro-democracy demonstrations challenged decades of tyrannical power. The movements in New York and Cairo share some characteristics, but direct comparisons between them discredit Arabs' tremendous struggles and sacrifices and squeeze the Occupy movement into a framework that does not fit.
Fox News reports: Officials with the revamped ACORN office in New York -- operating as New York Communities for Change -- have fired staff, shredded reams of documents and told workers to blame disgruntled ex-employees for leaking information in an effort to explain away a report last week on the group’s involvement in Occupy Wall Street protests, according to sources.
NYCC also is installing surveillance cameras and recording devices at its Brooklyn offices, removing or packing away supplies bearing the name ACORN and handing out photos of Fox News staff with a stern warning not to talk to the media, the sources said.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AP News reports: OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - A day of demonstrations in Oakland that began as a significant step toward expanding the political and economic influence of the Occupy Wall Street movement, ended with police in riot gear arresting dozens of protesters who had marched through downtown to break into a vacant building, shattering windows, spraying graffiti and setting fires along the way.
"We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos," said protester Monique Agnew, 40.
About 3,000 people converged on the Port of Oakland, the nation's fifth-busiest harbor, in a nearly five-hour protest Wednesday, swarming the area and blocking exits and streets with illegally parked vehicles and hastily-erected, chain-link fences.
Port officials said they were forced to cease maritime operations, citing concerns for workers' safety. They said in a statement they hope to resume operations Thursday "and that Port workers will be allowed to get to their jobs without incident. Continued missed shifts represent economic hardship for maritime workers, truckers, and their families, as well as lost jobs and lost tax revenue for our region.
One of the protest leaders, Boots Riley, touted the day as a success, saying "we put together an ideological principle that the mainstream media wouldn't talk about two months ago."
His comments came before a group of demonstrators moved to break into the Travelers Aid building in order to, as some shouting protesters put it, "reclaim the building for the people."
Riley, whose anti-capitalist views are well-documented, considered the port shut down particularly significant for organizers who targeted it in an effort to stop the "flow of capital.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- National Review opines: There is an honorable tradition of civil disobedience in America. If an injustice is so grave and the system is so rigged that it can’t be changed through normal democratic means, as in the Jim Crow South, breaking the law may be a recourse. The civil-rights protesters did it peacefully and with dignity. The difference between them and the Occupy protesters challenging the cops is the difference between self-sacrificial heroes and ideologically drunk punks and whiners.


Townhall reports: New Charges Surface Against Muslim Professor

From a letter to the Governor of Ohio, from Mike Adams, professor at N.C. State: Student members of Hillel [at Kent State University in Ohio] have elected to take action with the help of some other leaders on campus. They are not satisfied with the way the University appears to be handling the situation. Not enough is being done to deal with a professor who has resorted to using intimidation to advance his own personal jihad against others including Jewish students.
Some examples of anti-Semitic intimidation of students include the following:
1. Professor Pino calling a Jewish student who had served in the Israeli Army “his favorite war criminal” and;
2. Telling another Jewish student that “because you are Jewish, you will burn in hell.”
This second allegation is particularly problematic because it allegedly occurred in class with a student under his supervision. It is also particularly problematic because the university refuses to investigate the incident. The targeted Jewish student has reported the incident to officials at Kent State. But no investigation has been launched. Nor do Kent State officials seem to know the status of the report filed by the student.
If action is not taken against Professor Pino, this will not only set the bar for the acceptance of anti-Semitism on campus, but it also will open the door for others at Kent State and around the country to abuse their positions as educators to whom students open their minds.
In other words, we can ignore what Professor Pino does outside the classroom but not what he does inside the classroom. That is not to dismiss the severity of Pino’s off-campus conduct. After all, he posted bomb-making instructions on a terrorist website during a time of war. And he specifically called for the weapons to be used against U.S. troops. But that is an issue for the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Ohio taxpayers have specific interests the federal government does not – such as combating religious harassment in state-supported classrooms.
The House Ethics Committee voted Thursday to launch an investigation into whether Rep. Laura Richardson [D, California] pressured her congressional staff to work on her campaign, adding to her political troubles as she faces a tough reelection campaign next year.  At least eight current and former Richardson staff members told investigators they felt compelled to work on her 2010 reelection campaign on their own time, the source said. Some said House resources, such as congressional phones and copying machines, were used in the campaign, the source said..,0,7832011.story
American Thinker opines: There are plenty of Republican congressmen and senators who believe that associate justice Elena Kagan should recuse herself from the upcoming Supreme Court case involving the constitutionality of Obamacare because of her service as Solicitor General.
Emails released last summer clearly showed that Kagan's interest in Obamacare exceeded the threshold by which judges should voluntarily recuse themselves:
In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday, GOP Sen. Lamar Smith noted that in rejecting the request for documents, the Justice Department "did not assert any legal privilege to support the decision but instead concluded it would be 'unseemly' to comply with my request." If the Justice Department does intend to assert a legal privilege, he added, he'd like to be informed of the basis for it by Friday.
This is crucial. If Kagan doesn't vote, and 4 to 4 tie resulted, the vote would uphold the decision of a lower court judge that Obamacare's individual mandate is unconstitutional. Obviously, Kagan can count noses on the court too which is why she will refuse to recuse herself.
Read more:
Washington Examiner writes: House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday he will soon introduce legislation that would pay to fix the nation's crumbling infrastructure by increasing domestic energy production.
Money for roads, bridges and water projects would be financed through existing royalties and other taxes paid by companies allowed to expand domestic oil and gas drilling. The bill would make it easier for those companies to obtain drilling permits and make it easier to build nuclear power plants.
"This is a new, devoted revenue stream," Boehner, R-Ohio, told a group of reporters. "As American-made energy production increases, so too does the revenue for infrastructure projects."
This bill, Boehner said, would exclude such earmarks and add "reforms" that would prevent the money from being spent on what he called frivolous projects, including "baseball parks, parking garages, all kinds of examples I've seen over the years."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Social network postings to be monitored by government; FL. being sued for charging out-of-state tuition for illegals; Occupy Oakland takes over port; Paying interest on unspent loans; Solyndra paid substantial bonuses; Mexican cartel violence spilling across border in Texas; Senator calls on Obama to cancel $12.8 million in bonuses; Obama and protected animals and plants; Green job loan to Pelosi's brother; EPA says Obama administration cut corners in evaluating science on EPA

Personal Liberty reports: If you post to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, the Department of Homeland Security is probably watching you.
As part of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign and a new National Terrorism Advisory System, DHS is looking at ways to better monitor social networks and “training hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across the country in filling out suspicious activity reports” on social network postings, DHS Undersecretary Caryn Wagner told The Associated Press.
The use of social media to coordinate uprisings in the Mideast and the riots in England “shocked some officials into attention and prompted questions of whether the U.S. needs to do a better job of monitoring domestic social networking activity,” Wagner said.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CBS Tampa reports: Children of illegal immigrants living in Florida are suing the state for charging them out-of-state tuition.
Wendy Ruiz, a sophomore at Miami Dade College, is one of those behind the lawsuit.
She is paying $5,000 more than she technically has to, because her college insisted upon charging her out-of-state tuition when her parents were unable to produce legal immigration documents.
NBC Bay Area reports: The East Bay city of Oakland was once again the focus of the national Occupy movement as Occupy Oakland called for Wednesday to be a "general strike" day.
A protest that began at 9 a.m. climaxed around 6 p.m. when a crowd estimated to be over 4,500 effectively shut down the Port of Oakland.
Dozens of protesters at the Port climbed on top of big-rig trucks and began dancing while others hung a banner from scaffolding that read, "This is what democracy looks like."
Human Events writes: Let us pause to appreciate the business acumen displayed by the statists who paid years of interest on sixteen billion borrowed federal dollars they haven’t even spent yet. 
Besides having insufficiently large armies of bureaucrats ready to spend the money, state governments also ran afoul of federal regulations that clogged their stimulus plumbing.  “One state had only spent 30 percent of its State Energy Program funds two years after they had become available,” explains the Inspector General.  “We found that this was due to the time needed to comply with regulatory requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, the Davis-Bacon Act, and the National Historic Preservation Act – issues that affected other jurisdictions as well.” 
The Davis-Bacon Act forces the government to pay union-scale wages to contractors, even if they don’t employ unionized workforces.  It’s supposed to prevent non-union shops from stealing all those tasty government construction jobs from union shops that can’t compete with them on labor costs.
Powerline blog opines: At The Corner, Andrew Stiles notes a report from Green Technology that Solyndra’s executives substantial bonuses shortly before their company declared bankruptcy, having run out of your money. The taxpayers likely will be stuck with a $530 million bill. Here is where some of it went:
Karen Alter, senior vice president of marketing, received two $55,000 bonuses on April 15 and July 8 of this year, on top of her $250,000 annual salary.
If it weren’t our money, this would almost be funny: how can you award someone in charge of marketing $110,000 in bonuses when the company wasn’t making enough sales to stay out of bankruptcy?
Ben Bierman, executive vice president of operations and engineering, received $120,000 in bonuses this year on top of his $276,000 salary.
Paula Camporaso, vice president of information technology — $80,000 in bonuses on top of her $107,000 salary.
Dave Sanat, vice president of supply chain — $80,000 in bonuses on top of his $111,000 salary.
Bill Stover, the company’s CFO who took the fifth before Congress at a September hearing, was awarded at least $120,000 in bonuses on top of his $367,000 salary.
And, finally:
The document also reveals that Chris Gronet, one of Solyndra’s founders, was “transitioned to the role of adviser and consultant” from his position as CEO on July 1, 2011, and negotiated a severance package worth more than $450,000.
[You can go to the site to see what their Democrat political contributions have been, or just take my word for it.
LA Times writes: Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott sent a letter to President Obama on Wednesday warning that Mexican cartel violence is increasingly "spilling over" the border and calling for more security.
Abbott cited a "deadly shootout" involving "cartel operatives" last weekend in the town of Elsa, about 250 miles south of San Antonio, in which a Hidalgo County sheriff's deputy was shot three times. Sheriff's officials have said the deputy was wearing a protective vest and is expected to recover.
Fox News reports: A Republican senator is calling on President Obama to cancel the $12.8 million in bonuses that
were approved for 10 executives at the government-seized mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that
received a $170 billion taxpayer-funded bailout.
“I am calling on the president of the United States to cancel those bonuses and explain to the American people, the taxpayers who bailed out Freddie and Fannie, why he continues to reward failure,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo.,
said at a news conference Tuesday.
Yahoo reports: [A month ago:] Obama administration is taking steps to extend new federal protections to a list of imperiled animals and plants that reads like a manifest for Noah's Ark — from the melodic golden-winged warbler and slow-moving gopher tortoise, to the slimy American eel and tiny Texas kangaroo rat.
With a Friday deadline to act on more than 700 pending cases, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service already has issued decisions advancing more than 500 species toward potential new protections under the Endangered Species Act.
Also among species that advanced for further consideration are 35 snails from Nevada's Great Basin, 82 crawfish from the Southeast, 99 Hawaiian plants and a motley cast of butterflies, birds, fish, beetles, frogs, lizards, mussels and more from every corner of the country.
But it also comes amid a backlash in Congress against the 37-year-old endangered species program. Earlier this year, citing restrictions against development and other activities, Republicans unsuccessfully sought to strip the federal budget of money to list new species as threatened or endangered. 
The Weekly Standard wrote: Despite the growing Solyndra scandal, the Department of Energy approved $1 billion in new loans to green energy companies -- including a $737 million loan guarantee to a company known as SolarReserve:
SolarReserve LLC, a closely held renewable energy developer, received a $737 million U.S. Energy Department loan guarantee to build a solar-thermal project in Nevada.

The 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes project, near Tonopah, Nevada, will use the sun’s heat to create steam that drives a turbine, the agency said today in a e-mailed statement. SolarReserve is based in Santa Monica, California.
On SolarReserve's website is a list of "investment partners," including the "PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (East) LLC." As blogger American Glob quickly discovered, PCG's number two is none other than "Ronald Pelosi, a San Francisco political insider and financial industry polymath who happens to be the brother-in-law of Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives."
The Washington Times reports: The EPA’s internal watchdog said this week that the Obama administration cut corners in evaluating the science it used to back up its 2009 finding that carbon is a dangerous pollutant and can be regulated under existing federal law.
The report by the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general, dated Sept. 26 is certain to be used in court by those seeking to overturn EPA’s claim that it can write global warming rules under existing law, and doesn’t need new authority from Congress.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Madame Pelosi says Boeing should close, or unionize; Obama seeks to continue funding UNESCO; Arpaio promises surprises regarding Obama eligibility; 30% of companies may drop health coverage; The poor are indeed getting richer; Occupy Wall St. causes employees to lose jobs; Harry Reid, on Freddie and Fannie bonuses; US sues another state over immigration law; Occupy protesters checking themselves for STDs; Handgun instruction refuses to teach Muslims; Conservatives like Cain because "they think he's a black man who knows his place"; Why we "lost our ambition"

Redstate reports: Nancy Pelosi Goes ‘Rogue’: Boeing Should Either Close Down SC Plant Or Unionize It

In fairness, Pelosi’s advisers may have neglected to tell the former speaker that the South Carolina plant was once unionized before employees chose to exercise their rights to become union-free. Her advisers may have also neglected to tell the former speaker that the only reason the Machinists union likely filed charges against Boeing is because those employees chose to exercise their rights to become union free–which would be unlawful retaliation on the part of the union.
Expose Obama reports: The Obama administration has hinted that it could seek to evade legal requirements that the United States cease funding of the U.N. Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) following a vote to approve the Palestinian Authority’s full membership in the agency.
Two laws that Congress passed in the 1990s require the United States to cut UNESCO funding if the agency admits Palestine,and the United Nations voted on Monday to make the Palestinian Authority a member. The State Department has announced that the United States has stopped funding UNESCO because of the vote.
But according to the New York Times,“David T. Killion,the American ambassador [to UNESCO],said that the United States,‘remains deeply committed’ to UNESCO. But he said that Monday’s decision,which he repeatedly called premature,‘will complicate our ability to support UNESCO.’ The United States will seek other means to support the agency,Mr. Killion said,although he did not offer specifics about any avenues under consideration”….
World Net Daily reports: Arizona's maverick Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised surprises in his jurisdiction's investigation of Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidential ballot and his Cold Case Posse is delivering – raising questions that touch on the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate issued last April and the possibility Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security Number.
"The posse wants to see the entire microfilm roll containing Obama's birth certificate, not just a microfilm copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate in isolation," Corsi explained. "An individual microfilm copy could be forged, but forging the entire microfilm reel on which Obama's birth certificate is in sequence would be almost impossible."
Also, Corsi said, the posse wants the ink-and-paper original 1961 Obama birth records still held in vault by the Hawaii Department of Health to be released publicly and subjected to independent court-authorized forensic examination.
Read more: Sheriff Joe's posse delivers promised Obama surprise

Fox Nation reports: Obamacare Nightmare: 30% of Companies May Drop Health Coverage.  [There is some change we can believe in!]


The OC Register explains: A Congressional Budget Office study has claimed that between 1979 and 2007 after-tax income for richest households grew substantially more than it did for others.
Let's look at what is not happening. The poor are not getting poorer because the rich are getting richer. Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institution says living standards have improved for the poor and middle-class since 1980, in comments he provided for an American Enterprise Institute study, Oct. 25. He notes real income and consumption for middle and bottom income levels improved. Indeed, the poor and the middling are getting richer, not poorer.
The unusual cases in which middle-income living standards stopped rising involve "a fairly brief period – say, the last five or ten years, when living standards have been affected by a steep recession and anemic recovery," Mr. Burtless writes. Alternatively, declining living standards over two or three decades, involve a trend "within fairly narrow slices of the population – unmarried men in their 20s and early 30s who have below-average schooling...or groups that have been particularly hard hit in the recent slump."
Next, many of those at the bottom don't stay there. They move up. Many people at the bottom today are not the same people who used to be there.
Fifty percent moved from one quintile to another. Forty-four percent of households in the lowest quintile in 2001 moved into a higher quintile six years later. Thirty-four percent in the top quintile fell into lower quintiles. 
The rich are paying more than they used to. The Tax Foundation finds "a very strong trend...throughout the last three decades" of the top 1 percent of earners paying an increasing share of income taxes. In 2009, the top 1 percent's share of income taxes was 36.7 percent, higher than any year prior to 2000, and double what it was in 1980. That is partly because a record 42 percent of tax-filers paid no tax or received money back, thanks to ever-growing refundable tax credits. The Tax Foundation says income is now more evenly distributed than it was under most of Clinton's second term.
CBS NY writes: The Occupy Wall Street movement, which says its goals include improving the economic lot for 99 percent of Americans, may have some explaining to do to some cafe workers now out of a job. Mark Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall Street, just let 21 employees go.
The reason? The barricades police have set up throughout Wall Street as a consequence of the ongoing demonstration.
Daily Caller writes: When asked for his response to ten executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac receiving $12.79 million in bonuses, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said a “gag reflex in front of all you would be improper, that’s how I feel about it.”

Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming called on President Obama to cancel the bonuses.
“I’m calling on the president of the United States to cancel those bonuses and explain to the American people, the taxpayers who bailed out Freddie and Fannie, why he continues to reward failure,” said Barrasso on Tuesday.
[Now there is a "we can't wait" executive order we could all support - cancel big bonuses for those in companies which have taken a bailout!]
Examiner writes: The Obama administration, through Attorney General Eric Holder, yesterday filed a lawsuit against a new immigration law, this time in South Carolina. The White House is accusing that state of interfering with the federal government's authority on immigration policy.
South Carolina now joins Arizona and Alabama in being civilly prosecuted for attempting to halt the flow of illegal aliens into the state.  Obama and Holder are quick to sue states that attempt to enforce immigration laws, but not states that refuse to obey them.
NY Post reports: Occupy Wall Street protesters are flocking to nearby health clinics for STD and HIV testing after getting their freak on in ’60s-style hookups with crusty strangers, sources told The Post yesterday.
“Last week was free love,” said a medical professional at a clinic located a short walk from Zuccotti Park, referring to the number of people who organizers have referred for sexually transmitted disease testing.
A volunteer at the park admitted concern among protesters about STDs.
CBS Houston reports: On a YouTube clip that has gone viral, brash Texas handgun instructor Crockett Keller defiantly tells Muslims and non-Christian Arabs he won’t teach them how to handle a firearm. State officials see the ad as possible discrimination, and may revoke Keller’s instructor license.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ American Thinker writes: MSNBC's Martin Bashir hosted contributor Karen Finney who proclaimed that conservatives only liked Cain because, "they think he's a black man who knows his place."
And even as late as June of this year, while Edwards faced criminal indictment for his attempts to illegally cover-up the scandal, fellow white liberals like Chris Matthews continued to defend him, suggesting that his prosecution was, "one of those [politically motivated] things you read about in third world countries."
The attack on Cain certainly isn't the first of its kind.  The original high-tech lynching of conservative Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas for the same stereotypical allegations, the constant attacks on "Uncle Tom" economists Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, the belligerent nastiness directed at self-proclaimed welfare brat turned conservative champion Star Parker, and the persistent threats faced by tea-party Congressman Allen West all stand as stark depictions of the regard liberals have for blacks who dare to think differently than them.
If nothing else, at least we now know what PBS's Tavis Smiley meant several months ago when he promised this election would be "the most racist in the history of this Republic."  The left is seeing to that. 
Read more:
ABC News reports: Anita Perry, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, was the latest conservative figure to chide President Obama for saying last week that the American people have “lost our ambition.”
During a short speech in Washington, D.C., tonight, Perry said she was “astounded” by the president’s comments.
“Mr. President, if Americans have lost their ambition it’s because you taxed it out of them,” Perry said.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

US airlines excluded from EU cap and trade program; Gingrich/Cain debate; Farrakhan condemns Obama as an assassin; Obama aloof from Iraq talks; Deep cuts to Medicare in Obamacare; While borrowing from China, America also gives aid money to China; Occupy denied permit due to public masturbation; Occupy's "Valley Forge moment"; Police being targeted by Occupy protesters; Occupy Portland's police report; Nine more call for Holder resignation; The most undignified First Lady; You've got to be carefully taught; IRS a large industry; AZ lands opened up for copper mining; Sheriff calls for women to carry concealed weapons; US stops funding UNESCO; NOW shows up; Our Labor Secretary calls Tea Party "Tea Baggers"; FBI gets Russian spies; Why Newt?; Generation Null;

The AP reports: The House voted Monday to exclude U.S. airlines from an emissions cap-and-trade program that the European Union plans to impose on all airlines flying to and from the continent beginning next year.
With the legislation, which passed by voice vote, lawmakers joined the airline industry and the Obama administration in opposing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1. The bill now goes to the Senate.
USA Today reports: The Texas Tea Party Patriots will host a "modified Lincoln-Douglas debate," with Republican candidates Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain confirming their attendance.  At the most recent GOP debate in Las Vegas, Gingrich said that if he's the nominee he wants to challenge President Obama to seven forums akin to the Lincoln-Douglas debates -- each of them three hours apiece. He repeated the debate challenge this weekend at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event.  [This is ONE debate I will be watching, for the participants are great speakers with great ideas who are not afraid to say what they think.]
The Chicago Tribune writes: Controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan condemned the killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Tuesday, warning that America and other Western powers will soon face severe consequences for their support of the uprising that led to the dictator's death.
"I know something of the good of Moammar Gadhafi that made me to love him as a brother and to feel a great sense of loss at his assassination," Farrakhan said during a two-hour interview with radio host Cliff Kelley on WVON-AM.

Farrakhan acknowledged that Gadhafi had killed people, but he said all other world leaders, including President Barack Obama, are responsible for the deaths of others.
"Did he kill people? Well, hell, did our president kill people? Talk back to me!" Farrakhan said, prompting some of his supporters to say, "Yes," in reply.
"You have made your president an assassin, that the only value that he has now is that he was responsible for the death of (al-Qaida leader) Osama bin Laden," Farrakhan said, his voice rising. "He was captured without a weapon. He should have been brought to America, put on trial for the American people to see this man. But he was executed so you will never know the real truth.",0,5790121.story
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Vancouver Sun writes: Throughout the summer and autumn, as talks on a continued U.S. military presence in Iraq foundered, President Barack Obama and his point man on Iraq, Vice President Joe Biden, remained aloof from the process, not even phoning top Iraqi officials to help reach a deal, according to logs released by the U.S. Embassy here.The omission is an unusual one, given the high priority that U.S. officials had given to achieving an agreement for some sort of residual U.S. presence in Iraq after the Dec. 31 pullout deadline set in a 2008 pact between the two countries. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and other senior Pentagon officials spoke often about the need for an agreement in a pivotal country in a volatile region and insisted talks were continuing up until Friday, when Obama announced that all U.S. troops would be coming home before the end of December.
The Jewish World Review opines: The worst fears about Obamacare are now being realized in a decision on Monday by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MPAC) established by the law to supervise $500 billion in Medicare cuts. MPAC, whose decisions have the force of law, has voted to impose drastic pay cuts on all doctors under Medicare and, by extension, under Medicaid (which tends to follow suit). The cuts will effectively reduce the real pay for specialists by 50% over the next ten years --- including a 25% reduction over the next three years -- and cut general practitioners' pay by one-third over ten years (and that assumes that inflation stays down at 3% a year).  [As Nancy Pelosi said: "We have to pass this bill to see what is in it."  As Sarah Palin suggested, the bill has within it items which will act just like Death Panels, and here is one example, as doctors will quit taking Medicare/Medicaid patients, or simply retire, leaving masses without proper access, resulting in some cases in death.  As promised, there is fundamental change, but hope got left behind.]
Personal Liberty reports: China has loaned more than $1 trillion to the U.S. to fund its deficit-spending, a fact that many Senators have denounced since the United States provides the country with foreign aid, Fox News reported.
“Why in the world would we be borrowing money and then turn around and giving it back to the countries that we’re borrowing it from?” Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) told the news outlet. “If they have enough of a surplus to loan us money, they have enough of a surplus to take care of their own needs.”
Democratic Senators also voiced their outrage with the current level of aid that the U.S. is providing to China.[P11667790]&rrid=394582776
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Daily Cardinal writes: City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend a permit.
  A neighboring hotel's staff alleged voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation, from street protesters.
The Free Press writes: Wall Street protesters around the country who are pledging to stand their ground against the police and politicians are also digging in against a different kind of adversary: cold weather.  "Everyone's been calling it our Valley Forge moment," said Michael McCarthy, a former Navy medic in Providence. "Everybody thought that George Washington couldn't possibly survive in the Northeast."
Newsbusters opines: As the protesters filtered away, I spoke with a group of tired cops covered in blue and orange paint—and that wasn't all, said one sergeant who wouldn't give his name. He said they'd also been pelted with glass and vinegar, and one officer claimed to have tasted urine in the mix.
The hardly conservative San Francisco Chronicle also confirmed that the paint tossing Oakland protesters were far from peaceful:
Police gave repeated warnings to protesters to disperse from the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza at 14th Street and Broadway before firing several tear gas canisters into the crowd at about 7:45 p.m.
...Police forcibly dispersed the crowd with tear gas again about 9:30 p.m., when protesters began throwing objects at them...
...Protesters threw turquoise and red paint at the riot officers. Some led the crowd in chanting, "This is why we call you pigs."
."They didn't have to force police into that situation," said Helen Walker, 46, a nurse from Albany. "It was totally provoked, and if I could have, I would have stopped those idiots from throwing paint."
So it appears that the Morning Joe crew owe their viewers a collective "OOPS!" and an apology for jumping to conclusions about a "police riot" before all the facts were in. [President Obama and Nancy Pelosi - does this really make you proud?]
Human Events reports: Here's is Monday's police report on #Occupy Portland:
10:30 a.m.: East Precinct officers were leaving the Multnomah County Courthouse when a woman, 39-year-old Angela Hallinger, threw a paintbrush at the officers because they would not stop and look at her art. The paintbrush hit one of the officer's pants and left paint on them. The subject then picked up the paintbrush and threw it again at them, just missing their heads. Officers were told that a Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney had reported that a woman was flashing her breasts at people. It was determined that it had been Hallinger, and she was arrested and booked in the Multnomah County Detention Center for Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree and Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree. During the same incident, officers found that the porta-potties on the south side of Chapman Square along Southwest Madison Street were overflowing and it appeared raw sewage was running down the sidewalk toward Southwest 3rd Avenue.
6:45 p.m.: A sergeant took a phone call from a "donor" of two food boxes to Occupy and he wanted to complain that when they dropped off the food, he and his friend saw "buckets of human waste" sitting around the camp. This was very disturbing to the donor and his friend.
Daily Caller reports: Nine more members of Congress have told The Daily Caller that they’re calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over his handling of Operation Fast and Furious, more than doubling the number on record before the weekend calling for his ouster. A total of 17 members of Congress have now called for Holder to step down.
The Washington Times reports: Now, she is ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail. A dignified, transcendent first lady? No chance. Michelle is going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband’s political opponents like no other first lady before her.
And it’s already begun. Mad Michelle this week popped down to Davis Island, Fla., to hobnob with the very people her husband despises - the 1 percent. At a massive mansion on the bay, filled with the wealthiest of the wealthy, America’s first lady launched into a tirade about “them” - the Republicans.
“Let’s not forget about what it meant when my husband appointed two brilliant Supreme Court justices, and for the first time in history, our daughters - and our sons - watched three women take their seats on our nation’s highest court. But more importantly, let’s not forget the impact their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come - on our privacy and our security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly and love whomever we choose. That is what’s at stake here,” she said to applause.
Yes, Republicans hope to regain the White House so they can install Supreme Court justices who will trample Americans’ privacy, ignore the nation’s security, crush free speech and persecute the religious. [Michelle is a perfect match for her husband - an angry divider, a lying hypocrit, a disgrace to the office, to the White House, and to American history as the first First Lady who fails to uplift her countrymen.]
American Spectator opines: Hostility toward the free market is one of those hateful prejudices that, to borrow a phrase from Rodgers and Hammerstein, "you've got to be carefully taught." Idiots on the fringes of the "Occupy" crowd who demonize Jews may ultimately be less dangerous than the allegedly well-educated young people who form the core of the mobs that vilify capitalism. And as Ronald Reagan once observed, "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."
Daily Caller reports: During the online “Green Room” segment of ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Washington Post columnist George Will explained why this issue has found its way to the forefront.
“The fact that I think the resentment of the IRS is reaching a critical mass,” Will said. “The fact that the IRS itself says we spend 6 billion hours a year – that’s the equivalent of 3 million full-time jobs complying with this code, the fact that if tax compliance were its own industry, it would be one of the largest industries in the country. It employs more people than work for Citicorp, UPS, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s combined.”
[I have stated for years that I think we will never have a flat tax, as Congress knows that would put too many tax attorneys and CPAs on the unemployment line, and too many university programs without students.] Read more:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Congressman Benishek (MI) comes this: On Wednesday, the House approved H.R. 1904, Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011, by a vote of 235-186.   The bill would authorize a land exchange in Southeast Arizona that would open up the third largest undeveloped copper resource in the world. By doing so, the mining project would support roughly 3,700 jobs in the United States and is expected to generate close to $20 billion in local, state, and federal revenue.  The project is estimated to produce enough copper, a resource the Department of Defense indicates ranks second behind aluminum in defense industrial applications, to meet 25 percent of current U.S. demand.  H.R. 1904 would create thousands of jobs in the US, increase domestic copper production, and lead to greater national security.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WYFF4 News: The Spartanburg County Sheriff is known for speaking his mind, and at a news conference on Monday, he didn't hold back his anger and frustration after a woman was attacked in a park over the weekend.
Investigators said 46-year-old Walter Lance grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in Milliken Park on Sunday afternoon. They said Lance choked the woman, made her take off her clothing and tried to rape her. Sheriff Chuck Wright opened his news conference by saying, "Our form of justice is not making it."He said, "Carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it."
Wright said, "It's too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn't walk by. That would fix it." He said people are tired of doing the right thing and criminals getting away with their actions.
He said several times, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit."Wright said, "I'm tired of looking at victims saying, 'There's life after this' … I'm tired of saying, 'We're sorry, we can't keep them in jail.'"Wright said in his view, gun control is, "How fast can you can get the barrel of your gun back on the target?"
Read more:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Yahoo reports: United States said on Monday it had stopped funding UNESCO, the U.N. cultural agency, following its vote to grant the Palestinians full membership.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters the United States had no choice but to halt funding because of U.S. laws passed in the 1990s, saying Washington would not make a planned $60 million transfer that was due in November.
"The United States ... remains strongly committed to robust, multilateral engagement across the U.N. system. However, Palestinian membership as a state in UNESCO triggers long-standing legislative restrictions which will compel the United States to refrain from making contributions to UNESCO," Nuland said.
Yahoo writes: Women's rights groups expressed frustration that, 20 years after the Thomas hearings, sexual harassment complaints had again been reduced to a partisan fight.
Erin Matson, a vice president for the National Organization for Women, said the women in question should be given the benefit of the doubt.
"It is deeply insulting that this is being called political," Matson said. "Sexual harassment allegations are always about a woman who is simply trying to go to work."  As Mark Styn wrote: there were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable. What does that mean? Because, if you’re going to destroy a man’s life over it, it ought to mean something. A “gesture” that is not “sexual” but that makes women “uncomfortable” enough to threaten sexual harassment?  [Let us not forget how the feminists failed to give any support to Paula Jones and Juanita Brodderick (both of whom detailed their true assaults by one President Bill Clinton, or the way in which they seemed to be okay with President Clinton receiving sexual favors under his desk while he was on the phone discussing military matters.]
Sunshine State News reports: With the team behind President Barack Obama targeting the Sunshine State in their bid for a second term in 2012, the White House sent U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to speak to the Florida Democratic Convention on Saturday.

Solis offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on. [Isn't that what community organizers are trained to do?]
The Washington Times writes: The FBI rounded up a network of deep-cover Russian spies last year after the group came close to placing an agent near a Cabinet official in the Obama administration, a senior FBI counterspy said Monday as the bureau released once-secret documents on the case.
Frank Figliuzzi, assistant FBI director for counterintelligence, did not identify the Cabinet official, but other U.S. officials said it was Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Mr. Figliuzzi said in an interview that the FBI decided to end its more than 10-year-long counterspy investigation of the network because of concerns that the spies were “getting very close to their objective.”
“These 10 Russian officers were sent to the U.S. on a specific mission to get close to U.S. policymakers and leaders in our government,” he said, noting that one had developed a friendship with someone close to a Cabinet official.  Additionally, the spy ring’s reports to Moscow revealed that the group was providing important data on the international gold markets, U.S. foreign policy toward Russia and Asia, and the identities of people applying for positions at the CIA, Mr. Figliuzzi said.
Townhall opines: Like everyone running, Newt Gingrich has his flaws, but given the state of the race, it's time to start giving Newt serious consideration.
1) Newt Gingrich would run a competent campaign:
2) Newt Gingrich is a conservative icon:
Newt's books and columns have been consistently conservative, his public comments have been consistently conservative, and his debate performances have been consistently conservative. As a matter of fact, other than perhaps Michele Bachmann, Newt is the purest movement conservative on the stage. If you're a conservative who wants someone who represents your beliefs in the White House, you couldn't do much better than Newt Gingrich.
3) His baggage isn't as heavy as it appears:
4) He has balanced the budget: The biggest challenge this country faces right now is spending. We have roughly a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit, a 14 trillion dollar debt, and 100 trillion dollars in unfunded Social Security/Medicare obligations. This is a problem that dwarfs all others, so much so that even Barack Obama says that our level of spending is "unsustainable."
Well, when Newt was Speaker, he managed to balance the budget.
5) Newt is the most qualified person for the job: [In my view, Newt is pure genius, he speaks amazingly well without a teleprompter, he articulates his conservative positions like no other politician, and he knows how to get the job done.]
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------American Thinker writes: Move over, Generations Y and X -- make room, at least in Zuccotti Park, for Generation Null.  This is the generation whose ignorance passes for knowledge; these are the protesters whose selfishness is thinly disguised as sincerity.  This is the generation where the self supplants the spirit.  Of all the crises America faces, the Occupy Wall Street movement proves that our greatest plight is spiritual.  We are daily witnesses to the rants of young people who have no concept of the human soul.