Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten Reasons to Say “NO!” to Barack Obama
1) From years of mentoring by his “friend Frank" (Marshall Davis), a member of the Communist Party of the USA - thru friendships and associations with Chicago felon Tony Rezko, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, the group ACORN for whom he was a lawyer and trainer and to whom his campaign has donated $800,000 (this group is now found to be registering thousands of fraudulent voters) , and his 20 year membership in Reverend Wright’s Black Liberation Theology Church, he doesn’t have the judgement to NOT associate with radicals. With whom will he likely fill his Cabinet?
2) He advocates income redistribution as Marxist Saul Alinsky prescribes “from those according to their ability, to those according to their need”. This - even though the bottom 40% of Americans pay NO taxes, and the upper 5%, on whom he plans to increase taxes, already pay 60% of all taxes. It is these very people who buy products, spend money and employ the rest of us. He wants to do this even knowing that it will cause less money to go to the government, in the interest of “fairness”. Taxes will be increased by another 10% on those who sell a home or stocks, as well as on those of us who have earned interest and dividends. Taxes would be increased by 6.2% for those families earning over $102,000 because he plans to no longer cap Social Security taxes. When he raises taxes on corporations, jobs will be shipped overseas where the taxes are much lower.
3) While excoriating greedy CEOs, lobbyists and Republicans over the current financial meltdown, his associates Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson fraudulently bilked Fannie Mae of over $130 million as the company was going broke. In the last 3 years alone, this lobbyist-hating would-be President took the second largest amount of PAC funds ($130,000) from Fannie Mae, a total which is 49 times the amount that McCain was given over his lifetime
4) Americans give billions to poverty-plagued nations. Barack plans to force us to give another .7% of our Gross Domestic Product to the graft-ridden UN as part of his Global Poverty Act.
5) He favors meeting with evil enemy leaders without preconditions. He has negotiated with Iraq, in violation of our Constitution, asking them to not allow US soldiers to be sent home until after he is elected, so that he can get the credit.
6) He would guarantee our loss in Iraq by telling enemies exactly when our troops will leave, regardless of conditions on the ground. Al Qaeda will wait til we leave, take over the county, execute those Iraqis who fought for freedom, and exclaim victory over a weak USA.
7) He has accused our troops of “air-raiding villages and killing civilians” in Afghanistan, fueling the world’s hatred and giving talking points to our enemies.
8) Any criticism of Barack Obama has been and will continue to be falsely decried as racism, for he will not admit that it is his radical agenda which is in question.
9) Terrorist William Ayers placed Obama as Chairman of his Annenberg Challenge. Barack directed $50M to a project to specifically "radicalize" Chicago's public school education agenda.
10) He claims to want to reduce money in politics - yet his campaign has raised over $600M, some of it illegal, for use against McCain who, along with Obama, pledged to use only public funds in his campaign. And this is a Post-Racial Candidate? Please.....I pray we are not this easily duped. Our country is at stake.