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The Corner - for Saturday October 20: Who is Mitt Romney?; Misc.

One more great email making the rounds:

Who is Mitt Romney?
He is a Mormon, a religion that  teaches its members to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, and honest.

Personal Information:

His full Name is: Willard Mitt Romney
He was Born: March 12, 1947 and is 65 years old.
His Father: George W. Romney, former Governor of the State of Michigan
He was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
He is Married to Ann Romney since 1969; they have five children.

B. A. from Brigham Young University, J. D. and M.B.A. from Harvard University

Mormon - The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints

Working Background:
After high school, he spent 30 months in France as a Mormon missionary.
After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar exam, but never worked as an attorney.
In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital a private equity investment firm, one of the largest such firms in the United States.

In 1994, he ran for Senator of Massachusetts and lost to Ted Kennedy.

He was President and CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, for which he took not one dollar of salary. 
Romney donated to charity the $1.4 million in salary and severance payments he received for his three years as president and CEO, and also contributed $1 million to the Olympics.[146][146]

In 2002, he was elected Governor of the State of Massachusetts where he eliminated a 1.5 billion deficit.
  He took not one dollar of salary for this position either.

Some Interesting Facts about Romney:

Bain Capital, starting with one small office supply store in Massachusetts,
turned it into Staples; now over 2,000 stores employing 90,000 people.
Bain Capital also worked to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again,  with companies like Domino's, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply and many others.

He was an unpaid volunteer campaign worker for his dad's gubernatorial campaign 1 year.

He was an unpaid intern in his dad's governor's office for eight years.

He was an unpaid bishop and state president of his church for ten years.

He was an unpaid President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee for three years.

He took no salary and was the unpaid Governor of Massachusetts for four years.
He gave his entire inheritance from his father to charity.

Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest self-made men in our country but has given more
back to its citizens in terms of money, service and time than most men.

And in 2011 Mitt Romney gave over $4 million to charity, almost 19% of his income....

Just for comparison purposes, Obama gave 1% and Joe Biden gave $300 or .0013%.

Mitt Romney is Trustworthy:

He will show us his high school and college transcripts.

He will show us his social security card.

He will show us his law degree.

He will show us his draft notice.

He will show us his medical records.

Mitt Romney's background, experience and trustworthiness show him to be
a great leader and an excellent citizen for President of the United States.
You may think that Romney may not be the best representative the Republicans
could have selected. At least I know what religion he is, and that he won't desecrate the flag, bow down to foreign powers, or practice fiscal irresponsibility.
I know he has the ability to turn around this financial debacle that the current regime has gotten us into. We won't like all the things necessary to recover from this debt, but someone with Romney's background can do it.
But, on the minus side, he never was a "Community Organizer", never took drugs or smoked pot, never got drunk, did not associate with communists or terrorists,
nor did he attend a church whose pastor called for God to damn the US.
This is a powerful video titled "Who am I".  It is very thought provoking.... 
 The $831,000,000,000 economic “stimulus” that President Obama spearheaded and signed into law requires his administration to release quarterly reports on its effects.  But “the most transparent administration in the history of our country” is now four reports behind schedule and has so far not released any reports whatsoever in 2012.  Its most recent quarterly report is for the quarter than ended on June 30, 2011.
On his MSNBC program last night, Chris Matthews suggested Mitt Romney violated the Constitution by not showing deference to President Obama.  [Can you hear me laughing?  He has not once said that Obama is violating the Constitution, which he does on a regular basis.  And as his heroin Hillary Clinton once screeched: "I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration".

MATTHEWS: "You know, a couple points, I don't think he understands the Constitution of the United States. He's the president of the United States, you don't say, 'you'll get your chance.'" [So, I take it that Matthews believes that in the next debate if Obama choses to talk                  real          slow and constantly interrupt, Romney must just let him do all the talking in the debate.  This interruption came when Romney had the floor and chose to talk about Obama's China investments in his pension.  It was OBAMA who quickly interrupted so that Candy could shut him down and we couldn't learn the truth.]
In his Thursday column in the Washington Post, Krauthammer predicts this line from the president will come back to haunt him:
“And the suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the secretary of state, our U.N. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive.”
Four years after The Sentinel, central Florida’s largest newspaper, endorsed Barack Obama’s candidacy for president, the newspaper’s editorial page said Mr. Romney is the better choice this time.
I hate to say "I told you so!"  Chief Justice John Roberts could begin his next Supreme Court decision regarding ObamaCare with the following statements: "Whoops, ObamaCare is unconstitutional.  As ObamaCare involves taxes, the House -- not the Senate -- was constitutionally responsible for originating ObamaCare."
“I’ve never seen a moderator in a major debate interfere with the two people and take one side and indicate the other one was not telling the truth,” said Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-OK. “I think it was orchestrated.” 
“Did the president willfully lie, and was that a set-up deal with Crowley?” Senator Inhofe asked
Shortly after the debate, Crowley admitted that Mitt Romney was “right in the main.”

Attacks on Capitalism fall flat; Defending Candy; Welfare jumps 36% in 4 years; Death of 4 Americans "not optimal"; Green energy failures; A list of Obama accomplishments

I apologize for the length of my recent posts.  This is such an important time that I have decided to bring to you my own columns, but add at the end the headlines of the day.  It's just too important not to~

Attacks on Capitalism fall flat:
 Recent attacks by President Obama on Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital reflect his disdain for capitalism as well as his celebration of government control – and his belief that he knows what we need or want better than we do.  As he said, “I won”.  How do hundreds of venture capitalism companies compare to President Obama’s venture investments in green energy companies and company bailouts using taxpayer dollars?
   The essence of Bain Capital and other similar firms is that of taking a reasonable risk in hopes of being rewarded.  Lanny Davis, Clinton Administration insider, recently described the process well, saying, “Private equity firms often invest in distressed companies by putting in cash and cutting expenses in order to save a company that is already close to bankruptcy. Sometimes the investment works and the company and jobs are saved. And sometimes, to save the company, jobs need to be cut or wages and benefits reduced.”  Employees and owners alike will be rewarded if jobs can be retained by delivering products which consumers want to buy.  Bain and others use money invested only by private citizens.  Bain Capital has a success rate of 80% on their turn-around companies.  Just a few of Bain’s great successes include Staples and Sports Authority, producing many thousands of jobs.   
   This President believes that government is the job provider, not the free market.  His administration will therefore decide for Americans how their taxpayer dollars will be invested, without our input or approval, and 70% of his loans were delivered to the companies of his major donors. The record is one of abject failure.  Curious readers can do an Internet search on Solyndra, Beacon Power, Ener1, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, Eastern Energy, Nevada Geothermal, or some others of the 11 companies which CBS News declared have “either already failed, or are on the verge of failing, taking with them more than $6.5 billion in taxpayer money.”
   Let’s consider our “investment” in GM.  He touts the fact that the company still exists.  He neglects the fact that Preferred Bond Holders were sold out, many auto dealerships were told to close, 38% of the company is now owned by unions, and GM does not have to pay taxes for 10 years.  Salaries continued to be raised and bonuses are handed out in spite of the fact that Americans are still owed $24 billion. AIG, General Motors and Chrysler still collectively owe us nearly $90 billion.
   Some well-know Democrats have been appalled at these attacks on Capitalism, as well as the President’s statement that we should not have a venture capitalist for President.  Obama is himself a venture capitalist.  But he puts our money at risk instead of his own.  As Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick declared, “Bain is a perfectly fine company.”  Newark Mayor and upcoming Democrat Cory Booker said, “I know I live in a state where pension funds, unions and other people invest in companies like Bain Capital. If you look at the totality of Bain Capital's record, they've done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses.” It was said afterwords by the Obama Administration that Booker is “dead to us”. Former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell said of the ads attacking Bain, “I think they’re very disappointing.”  President Bill Clinton said, “Or you can go into a company, have cutbacks, try to make it more productive with the purpose of saving it. When you try, like anything else you try, you don't always succeed. I don't think that we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. This is good work.  His record there was sterling.”
   Voting in November will either save our system of Constitutional law, capitalism and free enterprise, or it will provide another four years with this ever more divisive and dictatorial President.  He thinks his job is to provide ever more government oversight, jobs and benefits, and to provide amnesty for illegals against the vote of Congress, as he did just last week.  He thinks his word alone should be law.  Obama’s campaign motto is “Forward”, the same as the old Nazi marching tune.  I prefer to go “Onward” with that which made America the hope of the world.
Here is your laugh for the day" an internal memo at CNN defends Candy Crowley's giving Obama more than 9% more time than Romney by explaining that                        Obama                       talks                           slower.              You
can't                                   make                            this                                   stuff                         up!

Following is the transcript of Mitt Romney's clever and hard-hitting remarks at the Alfred W. Smith dinner last night.  You would enjoy reading it. 

Welfare spending jumps 32% in four year


 Vice President Joe Biden asked supporters Thursday at a Nevada campaign event, “How many of you know someone who served in Iraq or Iran?” 


Republican Mitt Romney said Tuesday he would likely donate his salary to charity if elected president, a financial freedom he described as a byproduct of a successful business career.


President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failure

The truth is that the problem is widespread. The government’s picking winners and losers in the energy market has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the rate of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies receiving the subsidies is substantial.
So far, 36 companies that have received federal support from taxpayers have either gone bankrupt or are laying off workers and are heading for bankruptcy.
The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies:
  1. Evergreen Solar ($24 million)*
  2. SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
  3. Solyndra ($535 million)*
  4. Beacon Power ($69 million)*
  5. AES’s subsidiary Eastern Energy ($17.1 million)
  6. Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
  7. SunPower ($1.5 billion)
  8. First Solar ($1.46 billion)
  9. Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
  10. EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
  11. Amonix ($5.9 million)
  12. National Renewable Energy Lab ($200 million)
  13. Fisker Automotive ($528 million)
  14. Abound Solar ($374 million)*
  15. A123 Systems ($279 million)*
  16. Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($6 million)
  17. Johnson Controls ($299 million)
  18. Schneider Electric ($86 million)
  19. Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
  20. ECOtality ($126.2 million)
  21. Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
  22. Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
  23. Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
  24. Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
  25. Range Fuels ($80 million)*
  26. Thompson River Power ($6.4 million)*
  27. Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
  28. LSP Energy ($2.1 billion)*
  29. UniSolar ($100 million)*
  30. Azure Dynamics ($120 million)*
  31. GreenVolts ($500,000)
  32. Vestas ($50 million)
  33. LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($150 million)
  34. Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
  35. Navistar ($10 million)
  36. Satcon ($3 million)*
*Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.
The problem begins with the issue of government picking winners and losers in the first place

Obama describes deaths of 4 Americans in Libya as 'not optimal'


Below is a popular email going around.  It has some truths, some exaggerations, and some falsehoods.  I have commented on many items on the list.

Comments on Obama's accomplishments email:

Quit trashing President Obama's accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. He has an impressive list of accomplishments:

First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.   Truth or Fiction says at the time one had the code of the state from which a number is requested, but there is no proof Obama actually went to Connecticut to get his number - and why would he?
First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States  - make that two credit ratings cuts.
First President to violate the War Powers Act. .  Actually, that was Bill Clinton when he bombed Kosovo.
First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .   And then he has the gall to say during the debate that oil drilling is at an all time high during his administration, even though that is on private lands, not national land.  So drilling is up in spite of him.  Enormous losses of taxpayer money have come at Obama's "investments" in the failing green energy companies owned by his donors.
First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.  This pertains to buying health insurance for Obamacare.
First President to spend a trillion dollars on 'shovel-ready' jobs when there was no such thing as 'shovel-ready' jobs.   Okay, they say it was only $5 Billion dollars.  But he did admit that they were not even close to being shovel ready.
First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.   His GM take-over, the giving of 38% of GM to unions, his closing Republican-owned car dealerships, and his deal to keep GM from paying taxes for 10 years, in spite of their doing about 70% of their auto construction in China, is now under consideration by a judge to have the whole thing litigated due to the fact that GM hid details from him.  According to the GAO, GM still owes Americans about $24 billion, declaring this on the very day that Obama said we got every cent back.  It's just another Obama lie.
First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.   This was not an Executive Order, but a declaration by the President which will allow up to 1.5 million illegals to be given a work permit and to stay in the US without concern.This, in spite of the fact that he had his first two years in office with a Democrat House and Senate, yet failed to even bring up a bill on immigration.  Congress failed to pass a law, so Obama just usurped their authority and wrote a new regulation.
First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those with criminal convictions.   Only felons will be deported - and, as he said this week, the gang-bangers.
First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.  As Obama said: I will meet with the chairman of BP and inform him that he is to set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company’s recklessness. And this fund will not be controlled by BP. In order to ensure that all legitimate claims are paid out in a fair and timely manner, the account must and will be administered by an independent, third party. [that would be his government]
First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.   He then put in his place Obama's "Car Czar" Steve Rattner, who had no experience at all in the automobile industry.
First President to terminate America 's ability to put a man in space.   It is said that is was President Nixon who did this.  However, it was Obama who told NASA that one of their primary responsibilities is to “find ways to reach out to dominantly Muslim countries” as part of the administration’s efforts to make the space agency a tool of international diplomacy.
First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.   Not really true, and Senator Obama did say that we are no longer solely a Christian nation.  But he lied about why Abraham Lincoln had a Quran in the White House.  He did not have the first Iftar dinner (which Obama holds in the White House each year); he studied the Quran in order to better understand his enemy.
First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.  Probably the first President to send a form letter to the parents of a soldier killed in the line of duty - four months after the death.
First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.   He has done a lot of that, such as in not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, and his DOJ only prosecuting white-on-black crimes.  He did this just after refusing to veto the bill, and just after he signed the bill into law.
First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.   This relates to companies who needed to raise their rates due to Obamacare.
First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.   Boeing was sued because they were set to open a non-union plant.
First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).  He sued AZ without even reading their law.
First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.   As he said, people can open and run coal plants, but they will go out of business because of his green energy regulations.  And electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket, he said.  And the high price of gas is just terrific, but he is sorry the price went up so fast.
First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal)., saying "They can open a new coal mine, but they will go bankrupt because of his new regulations.
First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-Corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.
First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.
First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 102 to date.
First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.   We are talking about his college transcripts which could show that he was a foreign student, and his Passport used to travel to Pakistan back in his college days at a time when Americans were forbidden to go there. Just what was listed as his citizenship?  His medical records may reveal something about his checkered past as a dope smoking student and well as his colorful days in Chicago. 
First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.   Well, he did get elected by a media who never vetted his past.
First President to go on multiple global “apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.
First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer.   This happened at the same time that he told people not to go to Vegas during the Recession, and while he said that he does think that after a certain amount, someone has made enough money.
First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.   This dog often travels on a separate plane for vacations, at taxpayer expense.
First President to repeat the Holy Quran; first to tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.
First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences”.   Not true.
Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.  Again, not true.
First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states
( Mexico vs Arizona ).   He actually joined Mexico in suing the state of Arizona over their enforcement of America's immigration laws.  First President to open an office which will aid illegals in being here.
First President to work with a foreign nation, Mexico, to get more of their citizens signed up to get American Food Stamps.
First President to be photographed with his feet up on all our White House furniture, in a total show of disrespect for the people's house.
How is this hope and change working out for you?

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Debate talking points; Our Department of Justice; An open letter to the President

My talking points regarding Tuesday's Presidential debate: 
1) Obama can talk all about equal pay for women, but Mitt Romney should have pointed out that in the White House and his Administration, women are paid 18% less in salary than are women.  Obama's staffers have called the White House a "boys club", and hostile to women.  On the question of our government funding Planned Parenthood, Obama said that PP provides mammograms, which it most certainly does not.  Since Obama signed an Executive Order mandating that government will not pay for abortions, how can he defend the millions of abortions paid for at PP?  President Obama signed an executive order #13535 ensuring that existing limits on the federal funding of abortion remain in place under the new health care reform law.
2) Barack Obama should have been confronted with the fact that he has rewritten the laws of Congress by regulating that only felons would be deported - a dereliction of his Oath of Office to uphold the law, not to make them.  He once commented that Justice John Roberts "has been a little bit too willing and eager to give an administration, whether it's mine or George Bush's, more power than I think the Constitution originally intended."  I assume that he is now happy that is the case.
3) Illegals coming into America is down in his administration not because his administration is increasing their efforts, but because his economy is so bad that even illegals are having trouble finding jobs and are therefore returning to Mexico.
4) The price of gas is up in Obama's administration partially because Obama has reduced drilling on federal land by 40% - not because the economy is doing so well.  Romney should have mentioned that Obama had said several years ago that he likes gasoline to be at a high price (for in results in fewer people buying it), but that he "would have preferred a more gradual adjustment".  As for coal production, Obama had this to say a few years ago: 'So, if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it’ll bankrupt them.'
5) Candy Crowley, who interrupted Romney to say that yes, Obama did say in the Rose Garden that terror was the cause of the Benghazi attack, said herself on CNN that it took Obama 17 days to admit that the video was not the cause of the terrorist attack on our Embassy on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.  Romney could have asked him, since all our embassies are supposed to be defended, just how many of those invading terrorist were killed.  I wanted Romney to confront the President by asking him why after all this time he has still not given a Press Conference to inform us of what happened and what he will do about it, to calm us and assure us that it will happen no more - and to take questions.
6) Crowley let Obama out and out lie about Romney's beliefs on Arizona and immigration - no interruption there.  Obama said that Romney likes the fact that the law allows police to profile, to pull people over just because they look foreign.  The law explicitly states that profiling is NOT allowed, but that I.D. is allowed to be asked for if someone is pulled over for an infraction of the law, just as you and I would be asked for I.D.  Instead, this Administration has a hotline to help illegals aliens escape our laws. 
7) While arguing about Obama's bailout of GM, I wish Romney had mentioned that we Americans are still owed 26 million dollars while GM will pay no taxes for 10 years. He should have mentioned that as part of Obama's bankruptcy proceeding for GM, unions got 38% of the stock for only a 15% cost, while preferred bond holders got pennies on the dollar.  Non-union members lost their pensions, but the union members did not.  Mostly republican car dealers were forced to close their dealerships.  So what is this, Obama, about how Romney wanted a structured reorganization, and not one structured by the President?
I look forward to the Monday debate on foreign policy, as Obama truly is at a disadvantage here because the world does NOT love us again as he said they would.  In fact, the entire Middle East is rife with demonstrations against America, culminating in the act of war in Benghazi....And we all know that for 17 days he DID blame the video.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Department of Justice

 Barack Obama’s chosen leader of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, has consistently made news since Barack Obama became President.
   One of the first things Eric Holder did was to drop the charges which had been made against the New Black Panthers.  During the 2008 election they had intimidated, on video, those at polling places in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, displaying billy clubs at the polling place.  Saying that these actions were not nearly as bad as those against blacks back in the earlier days in our history, a decision was made by Holder to only prosecute white-on-black crimes, just to make it fair.  A Federal Judge recently declared that political appointees of Barack Obama did indeed interfere with the Black Panther prosecution. He continues to systematically turn a blind eye to black-on-white crimes.
   With not one enemy combatant caught on a battlefield in American history ever tried in a civilian court, Eric Holder argued for having Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the terrorists allegedly involved in the 9/11 attacks against America, tried in New York City as a civilian, even though he said he personally decapitated Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in 2002.
   Eric Holder sued to force Arizona to stop following the Federal guidelines on immigration. When the Supreme Court verified Arizona’s right to check the identification of those who have committed a crime, President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security quickly said they would suspend existing agreements with the Arizona police, telling the Feds to decline doing their jobs unless a felony has been committed. Thus the President is failing to uphold America laws he swore to uphold.

   The Department of Justice sued Florida for removing its voter lists of as many as 182,000 dead and illegal voters.  State officials sought access to a federal immigration database but that request has been turned down by the Department of Homeland Security.  A federal judge consequently ruled to allow the info and the purge of non-Americans.
   The Department is now investigating whether Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law is discriminatory.  The Justice Department requested data on the state’s registered voters in an effort to analyze whether those who lack the proper identification are disproportionately minorities.  Is it our fault that minorities less frequently seek to be registered voters?  Perhaps Democrats time should be spending time to help them register instead of attempting to allow possibly fraudulent votes to be cast.
    The DOJ is now suing the state of Ohio over their law restoring the 2008 rights for the military to have three extra days to cast their early votes.  Our military is frequently kept from having their votes counted.  The federal court ruled that in 2008 Virginia had violated federal law by waiting until the day prior to the election to have their military absentee ballots mailed out, for instance.
   We have learned from the GSA that Eric Holder’s failure to criminally charge any top Wall Street bankers for the recent financial meltdown is likely a result of cronyism inside the Department of Justice and political donations made to Obama’s campaign.
   Perhaps worst of all is Fast and Furious, the program which resulted in Eric Holder receiving a Contempt of Congress citation along with possible criminal and civil charges, some calling for his resignation.  As the L.A. Times described, ‘it allowed weapons from the U.S. to pass into the hands of suspected gun smugglers so the arms could be traced to the higher echelons of Mexican drug cartels.”  Many think the program was run with the purpose of providing another argument for government gun control.  Many of those weapons have been used to commit crimes, including the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Congress has to this day not received requested documents after 1 ½ years of asking.  As President Obama famously said, “the only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”  Indeed.
   Mister Holder, our complaints against how you run the Department of Justice really don’t have anything to do with the fact that “you know, you and Obama are both African-American”, as you claim.  It has to do with the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

God, Not Government, Helped Me Succeed, Mr. President

July 20, 2012
Here's my open letter To Barack Hussein Obama:
Mr. Obama,
You recently made a statement to the effect that, ”If you have a business you didn't build it, you had help," implying that the federal government helped build our businesses by virtue of paving roads and building bridges and keeping the nation safe from foreign invasion.
First of all, Mr. Obama, if I'm going to take advice about business it will not be from somebody who has had absolutely no business experience like yourself.
Secondly, Mr. Obama, I vehemently disagree with your premise.
Where was your government when I spent as much as 16 weeks away from my wife and infant son to get a business started?
Where were you on those cold winter nights when my old bus broke down in the middle of nowhere and we had to scramble to make the next show, nobody from the government came along to give us a ride?
Where was your government when I had to borrow money from a bank to make my payroll?
Where was your government while I was digging out of a two million dollar debt, playing every smoky beer joint I could to keep from losing everything I owned?
Mr. Obama, I want to make you aware of a fact. It is the federal government's responsibility to build roads and bridges and keep the nation safe. That's what the federal government is supposed to do, not create an entitlement society that is totally unsustainable and pile up debt that we can't pay.
And who do you think paid for those roads and bridges in the first place, and have been doing it for 200 years before you were even born?
The citizens of this nation do not need to pay more taxes, the federal government needs to stop spending money it doesn't have and has to borrow. Because the truth of the matter is that no matter how much taxes the government collects, things are only going to get worse because you'll only spend it and demand even more.
Mr. Obama you have divided this nation by making the have-nots believe that anybody who has been successful has done so at their expense, that anything they've accumulated has been stolen, not earned. That hard work and risk had nothing to do with their success, because they’ve just been lucky and should give a big part of what they earn to the government to pass on to those who don't even try to be successful.
Look at what’s going on with the African-Americans who put their hopes and complete confidence in you and voted overwhelmingly for you. The unemployment rate is 14% and the unemployment among young African Americans is something like 40%
Is that what hope and change is all about?
Look at what's happening in your hometown of Chicago where the murder rate is through the roof.
Do you think your baseless rhetoric about the unfairness of the successful in America is going to help soothe the situation?
Have you ever considered reaching out to them, instead of fanning the flames?
Mr. Obama I don't think you like America very much. I think you'd like to redesign it from the ground up, to turn it into a lazy, unproductive, secular, socialist society.
Well, that just wont flush in a lot of ways, the most prominent being that when all the productive people have given up and stopped trying, when all the investors stop investing, when 80% of the population is living on government hand outs, your government is going to run out of money and this nation will sink into chaos.
But Mr. Obama, I’m beginning to think that's what you want.
My help cometh from the Lord who made Heaven and Earth - not the government who made debt and class envy.
What do you think?
Pray for our troops, and for our country.
God Bless America
Charlie Daniels

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barack Obama’s Executive Orders and Departmental Regulations, without the consent of Congress – III

 Some of Obama’s orders and regulations deal with the issue of immigration in America:

1)      After Congress defeated his Amnesty bill, President Obama told a group of Hispanics that he’d “like to make this happen all on my own”, and “how we enforce those laws is also important”.
2)      His Department of Homeland Security then decreed that it will focus only on felons who have illegally entered our country, giving a type of “amnesty” to all others.  The Department is now suing the states of Arizona and Alabama for enforcing immigration laws.
3)      The next stop on the road to amnesty has been declared – a new toll-free hotline to help illegal aliens in custody.  It will assure they are “made aware of their rights”, help them get released from custody, and file civil rights complaints against ICE agents.  Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a newly named post of "public advocate" for illegal aliens. Illegals who broke our laws by sneaking into our country are now protected from our government - by our government.
4)      Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole says Obama has decided to “pull back all training materials used for law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive.”
5)       President Obama recently declared that the laws he vowed to uphold when he took his Oath of Office are now his to change by the stroke of a pen.  The latest is his edict to pay no attention to our Immigration Laws, thereby putting up to 1.5 million young illegal aliens into the same job market as those true Americans whose unemployment rates are now up to 25%.  Meeting broad parameters, those Hispanics will not be deported and will instead be given work permits, even though they or their parents broke the law to sneak into our country in the first place.  In the past immigration law presumed that immigrants seeking American         citizenship would be self-sufficient, not dependent on government programs to live their lives.  Our State Department does not now allow welfare programs to be considered, refusing to notice all but two of 80 different programs.  They are prevented from considering that the applicant will probably need to receive WIC payments, food stamps, and Medicaid for example.

Orders and regulations on other subjects:
6)      President Obama violated the War Powers act by entering a war in Libya without an Act of Congress.  Recently we have learned that we have U.S. military forces on the border of Syria, again without consulting Congress.
7)       This President decided that one law of the land, the Defense of Marriage Act, is in his view unconstitutional.  President Obama has therefore declared that the law will no longer be defended by government in the courts of America.  Before you cheer this action, consider what you would think if a future President decides he believes the Civil Rights Act, or Roe vs Wade, is unconstitutional - and then fails to defend it.
8)    Re-named ACORN entities were funded with at least $730,000 last year in spite of powerful evidence of corruption and in spite of actively being defunded by our Congress.
9)      DOJ refuses to say they will never criminalize speech against any religion.
10)  Our President is now working on an Executive Order which will allow him the ability to totally control the internet, as when things don’t go his way and he wants to shut it down, perhaps. Presidential powers over the Internet and telecommunications were laid out in a U.S. Senate bill in 2009, which proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet. But that legislation was not included in the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 earlier this year.
11)  On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, "NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS." (  This executive order states that the President alone has the authority to take over all resources in the nation (labor, food, industry, etc.) as long as it is done "to promote the national defense" -- a phrase so vague that it could mean practically anything.
12)  His Justice Department halted the prosecution of the New Black Panthers of Philadelphia for their video-taped intimidation of white voters in the 2008 elections.  The stated intention of the Civil Rights Division is to not prosecute black-on-white crimes.
13)  Our President recently launched “Attack Watch” on his website, a new vehicle to have citizens report to him those fellow citizens who say mean things about him.
14)  On May 2, 2012 came an Executive Order which will have the US bow to international regulations, providing, according to Business Week “a framework to organize scattered efforts to promote international regulatory cooperation.  Many worry that this is just one more step toward President Obama’s desire for global governance.
The following website contains a one minute ad, produced and paid for by an American who fled Hungary to find a life of success in these United States.  He is compelled to warn us of the slippery slope upon which we find ourselves.....  DO watch it! We are constantly being warned.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The lying NYT, again; Obama's Executive Orders, rules and regulations

The lying NYTimes: For those who watched or listened to the debate, remember Ryan saying this as he closed?
The choice is clear: a stagnant economy that promotes more government dependency, or a dynamic, growing economy that promotes opportunity and jobs. Mitt Romney and I will not duck the tough issues.
Fine so far, right? But then Ryan continued, “And we will not blame others for the next four years.
That’s nowhere in the New York Times transcript. It’s been cut out.

Barack Obama’s Executive Orders and Departmental Regulations, without the consent of Congress – Part I 

[For new readers who do might doubt my words, I am adding links to some of the hardest to believe actions.  I always encourage you to do your own searches for the truth.]

In addition to Executive Orders, an Administration has many ways to change the laws through rules and regulations simply written into existing law.  Most Executive Orders throughout our history simply clarify laws already passed.  Only this Administration frequently rewrites laws and their entire intents.  Following are just some of the changes I have chronicled in eight columns on bypassing Congress.  They are in no particular order.

Quite a few of Barack Obama’s changes relate to the EPA, our American land and seas, and our rights to our privately owned property. 
At a time when we've learned that the world has stopped getting warmer for almost 16 years, this Administration has bought into the global warming hysteria, using taxpayer dollars to prevent the normal, cyclical changes in temperatures.

1)     After Congress failed to pass a Cap and Trade law, Obama gave to the EPA the power to rule our country with expensive regulations.  National Economic Research Associates (NERA) used Federal Government data to discover that proposed EPA regulations would cost America over 1.2 million jobs by 2020.
2)     It is Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) goal to “change how it makes decisions and analyzes problems to give it more power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of the UN agenda of sustainable development.”  The Republican National Committee has constructed a Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21, for they have never ratified the treaty.  The UN Agenda 21 has stealthily become part of local community and state laws by using the friendly-sounding words sustainability and wildlands.
3)     The Wildlands Project is being implemented wherever it is allowed. The UN project, part of the UN Biodiversity Treaty which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, calls for approximately 50 percent of the United States to be set aside as "wildlands", where no human can enter.  Much has been accomplished over the past 10 years toward that goal, and the pace is stepping up.  Watch for it in your town.
4)     Obama’s Executive Order #13514, titled “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance”, closely follows the Kyoto Treaty which failed to be ratified by Congress.
5)     The UN’s Agenda 21 of 1992 is crucial to achieving a “sustainable world” – “to create more sustainability and green energy.” Obama’s Department of Commerce declared that the agency could implement 67% of their mandates without the vote of Congress.  Government would then control and facilitate rural economic development.
6)     President Obama’s Executive Order 13547  Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals and brings the United States into compliance with  UN Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6 which says: Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas. …
7)     The Obama administration has set up a new National Ocean Council to convince the Senate to ratify the treaty Convention on the Law of the Sea.  Rejected by Ronald Reagan in 1982, and by our Senate in 2000 and 2004, the treaty is once again being promoted. If passed the treaty would give the UN the power to regulate activities within our territorial boundaries and to levy taxes via royalties and application fees of $250,000, without providing one bit of new benefits to the United States.  The UN’s agenda is taking American's money away from them to support the rest of the world.
8)     The Presidential Climate Action Project last year released an extensive list of recommendations for the White House in a 75-page paper entitled, “Building the Obama Administration’s Climate Legacy.”
9)     The Interior Department listed new rules which would now ban gun owners from using some public lands for target practice.
10) President has declared that America would follow, even without allowing Congress to vote, a European Union Code of Conduct for outer space.
11)   The EPA is working to use the Clean Water Act to control American land alongside ditches, gullies and other spots by claiming they are now part of “navigable waterways”.
12)   The EPA is enforcing higher MPG on cars, thereby causing new cars to cost even more.
13) After declaring a moratorium on offshore drilling, President Obama was declared to be in contempt of court for not allowing drilling permits, causing the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. To this day he stalls those permits. Only because drilling has gone up on private lands can he say that during his Administration we are drilling more than when he took office.
14)  Six House Democrats, led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), want to set up a "Reasonable Profits Board", with no Congressional approval of nominees to control gas profits, with no guideline on what will be determined to be “reasonable”.  They state the “windfall profit tax” could be as much as 100% on the sale of oil and gas profits. Read this one again!  “Reasonable Profits” could be the next Presidential mantra – like “fair share”, and “fair shot”.  If you think this is a good thing, just ponder what you will think when it is your industry’s profits they come after next.
15)  The latest example is the Interior Department's little-noticed August decision to close off from drilling nearly half of the 23.5 million acre National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. The area is called the National Petroleum Reserve because in 1976 Congress designated it as a strategic oil and natural gas stockpile to meet the "energy needs of the nation." Alaska favors exploration in nearly the entire reserve.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Presidential powers; National "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" to hold 17 rallies in Michigan, including Traverse City on Oct. 19 at noon

President Barack Obama is running roughshod over the Constitution, legal scholars say, by disregarding it, changing laws outside the legislative process, and extending federal power in unprecedented ways.  The president has “profound disdain for the Constitution,” said David Rivkin, a lawyer at the BakerHostetler law firm in Washington, DC. “Across a whole host of policy areas, President Obama and other high officials in his administration have pushed the envelope of anything attempted before,” said Ilya Shapiro, a constitutional expert at the Cato Institute.

Following is one of my columns for my local paper, from which I have been let go oh so close to the election, for they all of a sudden want to feature on LOCAL news.  I have added links to the news for those who wish to verify my comments.
    Any President has the right to veto a law with which he disagrees, giving Congress the opportunity to override the veto with 60 votes, with the Supreme Court being the final authority on its constitutionality.  A President can be said to have a duty to veto any bill he deems to be unconstitutional because of the oath of office that he takes.  President Obama recently lamented that our Constitution gets in the way of the total application of his [radical] agenda, saying “it turns out our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.” 
    Exactly.  President Obama recently signed into law the 2012 Omnibus Bill funding government, and then stated he will not be bound by at least 20 of the provisions in that law.  He added, “Our spending decisions shall not be treated as dependent on the approval of congressional committees.”  Well, there we have it.  The provisions of a law just signed by our President are to be totally disregarded when Mr. President doesn’t like them.
   Just which parts of the new law does he plan to ignore?  The president objected to the section of the law aimed at blocking health, climate, auto policy and urban affairs “czars” from being employed by the White House. He continues to employ them, and recently declared his intent to add yet another Czar.  His Oceans Czar will oversee the Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes initiative, imposed by Executive Order.  This Czar will have the power to control most land use in America by simply declaring that any property in America in some way uses or contributes to water which ends up in the oceans or Great Lakes.
   President Obama disagrees with provisions limiting his ability to put troops under foreign command without Congressional approval.  Our Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, was asked if he thinks he can act without Congress to initiate a no-fly zone in Syria.  He stated in recent Congressional testimony, “Our goal would be to seek international permission, and we would come to the Congress to inform you and to determine how best to approach this, determining whether or not we would want to get permission from Congress.”  Panetta has been pressured by some to resign over this unlawful policy.
   Meanwhile, our President continues to govern without consent of Congress.  Last August President Obama posted on the White House website his “Presidential Study Directive 10” wherein U.S. troops can be deployed to arrest or terminate individuals wanted by the International Criminal Court.  This is based on a treaty which has not even been considered or ratified by the U.S. Senate.  Also called the “Presidential Study Directive on Mass Atrocities”, it declares that prevention of mass atrocities and genocide are core national security issues and a moral responsibility of the United States.  The “Interagency Atrocities Prevention Board” was formed.  Using this newly formed Directive, it would seem, in October of 2011 President Obama informed Congress that he had authorized “a small number of combat equipped U.S. forces to deploy to central Africa to provide assistance to regional forces working to remove the genocidal Joseph Koney from the battlefield.”
   The Secretary of Health and Human Services has sole power to regulate Obamacare as she sees fit.  She recently mandated free contraception for all, paid for by a $1 per month premium on each American’s healthcare insurance bill.  In addition, she has dictated free sterilization for any young woman who wants it.  President Obama recently and quietly diverted $500 million in taxpayer dollars to the IRS to hire, train and employ 14,000 new IRS agents who will monitor our compliance with Obamacare.  At the state level the Department personnel took from a preschool student the” non-nutritious” lunch prepared by his mother, substituting a government-approved lunch, conveying the message that government takes care of him better than Mommy does.  This automatically puts more Americans on government subsidies. This administration is meeting with the Mexican government while running a campaign to get more Mexicans on our Food Stamp program, legals and illegals alike - doubling that number just since 2008  This President also will not follow the law that bars health officials from advocating for gun control.  Look for your doctor to ask if you own a gun.

Look for more articles to come in this series in the following days.  

National "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" Returns to Michigan for 17 Rallies

Michigan has emerged as ground-zero in the presidential race, prompting the "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" tour to turn its buses around and return to the Great Lakes State in support of the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket.  

Above:  We've turned the buses around and are heading back to Michigan!

The "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" tour had already held 15 rallies across the state.  And now 17 more have been added as Michigan emerges as one of the most important states this election cycle.

"If Romney/Ryan win Michigan, then it's hard to see any legitimate pathway for Obama to win the number of Electoral Votes he will need to win re-election," said Ryan Gill, Vice President of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

To date, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama PAC has spent nearly $1 Million on ads opposing Barack Obama's re-election. 

Rallies will be held in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas from October 16th - 22nd and then again during a second swing through Michigan from October 28th - 31st.

A complete listing of the tour itinerary - including locations - can be found on our website:

Above: "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" Rally Held in Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday.

"Polls show that Michigan is one of the most competitive states in the nation, with the margin between the Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan ticket now down to 3% or less," said Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama which has organized the "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" tour.

Above: "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" Rally Held in Brighton, MI on October 8th.

"Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes are up for grabs and we're going to make sure that they fall into the Romney/Ryan column on Election Day," said Lloyd Marcus.

Above:  "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" Rally held in Grand Rapids, MI
"We're doing more than just running TV and radio ads in Michigan.  We're also helping organize phone banking and Get Out the Vote operations that will likely be the determining factor in this race.  We are going to turn out the vote and turn Michigan 'red' on November 6th!" declared Andrea Shea King, Co-Vice Chair of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Above:  "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" rally held in Escanaba, MI


The following is a schedule of where the "Rebuild America - Defeat Obama" tour will be in Michigan, on what dates, and in what cities - for a complete schedule with rally locations and other details, log on to:

Jackson, MI

Grand Blanc, MI
Bay City/Saginaw, MI

Mount Pleasant, MI
Houghton Lake, MI

Traverse City, MI
1669 South Garfield Avenue, 
Traverse City, MI