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"Occupy Wall St." described as a "mob"; Meet the 53%ers; Paid protesters in DC; Who are the 99%ers?; Meet the Coalition of American Voices; NYC mobs crippling NYC economy

The White House is criticizing House GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s description of Wall Street protesters as a “mob,” saying the activists compare favorably with the tea party movement.
“I don’t understand why, you know, one man’s mob is another man’s democracy,” presidential press secretary Jay Carney said Friday.
“I think both are expressions that are totally consistent with the American democratic tradition.”

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car
 in downtown Manhattan

[Tea Party attendees are not supported by far left and progressive groups such as Code Pink, SEIU (which actually received a government bailout), the Teamsters union, the Communist Party USA, and the Workers World Party and other anarchist groups; they don't have unions demanding their members to join the protest; they don't pay people to demonstrate; they don't cripple the city's economy; they don't desecrate the American flag; they do not need to be arrested for disorderly conduct; they don't take over public property to the point where people have trouble getting to their jobs; they don't camp out for weeks on end, creating filth which cleaning crews cannot clean up while they are there; they clean up after themselves; they don't make noise far into the evening, keeping neighbors awake; they actually know what they are protesting other than having a revolution; they have no mandate for government to take care of them from cradle to grave; and they don't shout obscenities against those of whom they disapprove.  Other than that, they are just like the Occupy Wall Street protesters.]
The Blaze reports: Meet The 53%. Who are they?  The term 53% refers to the people who are actually paying taxes for themselves and the rest of the country.
The 53% is a group of responsible young people organizing across the country. However, this group is not camping out in parks around the country and demanding the entire capitalist system be destroyed. These men and women have jobs (most of them work at more than one job in order to make ends meet), but they are talking about attending the Minneapolis Occupy Wall St. protest scheduled for today – Friday, October 7th.
Here’s a statement from their web page;
So, like, when you’re, like, community organizing for solidarity and stuff, it’s totally cool to have this little hashtaggy thingy when you’re on twitter, so other people, like, totally know what you’re talking about and stuff. So if you’re, like, totally gonna spread the word about being one of the 53% of people who actually, like, pay taxes in America and don’t just, like, hang out protesting stuff all day… like, here’s the hashtaggy thingy. See you at the protest!   #iamthe53
Daily Caller reports: A liberal organizer told the Daily Caller on Thursday afternoon that he paid some Hispanics to attend “Occupy DC” protests happening in the nation’s capital.
TheDC attended the protest event, an expansion of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that began in New York City. Some aspects of the protest, it turned out, are more Astroturf than grassroots.
One group of about ten Hispanic protesters marched behind a Caucasian individual from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting rent control in Washington, D.C.
Asked why they were there, some Hispanic protesters holding up English protest signs could not articulate what their signs said.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jewish World Review opines: According to the mobs occupying Wall Street and other financial centers around the nation, they represent 99% of the country. That's means out of a nationwide population of roughly 300 million people, they speak for 297 million of us. Well not us. I'll take my chances with the other 3 million, or the One Percenters if you will. And I have a solution for dealing with people like me: quarantine us. When the unionists take out the Wall Street firms that not only create the wealth that pays their union wages, but also manage their health benefits and retirement pensions, what now? When the corporations who supply the computers, the phones, the clothes, the tents and every other item that has made the standard of living in this country the envy of the world have been pulled down, what now? When the hoarders hoard because there is no more incentive to make even the slightest extra effort to produce goods and services, what now? And most importantly, when the inevitable sub-class of "specialists" arise, as they must in any society where fairness can only be assured by constant monitoring — and rigid, jackboot enforcement — what now?
Make no mistake about who these people are. This is the true face of a progressive movement which can no longer mask the ugliness of its failures. And for socialist/Marxists, what now is completely irrelevant. What now is something to be dealt with after they crash the system. The progression has a logical sequence. Clueless students have been joined by public service unions, who will add organization — and muscle — to the movement. The tipping point will come when unionized police are forced to choose between protecting the innocent or joining their unionized brethren. If they choose the latter, it will necessary to bring in the National Guard.
If the protesters decide to engage the National Guard? At that point America will find out the real percentage of people who are dedicated to the proposition of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" espoused by the current — and worst ever — occupant of the White House.
The Hayride writes: In the last few weeks, members of the Congressional Black Caucus have declared war on the Tea Party, and slandered the movement as being racially motivated. Representative Frederica Wilson (D-Florida), for example, told people, “the real enemy is the Tea Party,” and Representative Maxine Waters (D-California) said the Tea Party can “go straight to Hell.”
But the most incendiary accusations came from Indiana Democratic Congressman Andre Carson, who told attendees of a Congressional Black Caucus sponsored event in Miami that “some of these folk in Congress would love to see us as second-class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now — of this tea party movement — would love to see you and me…hanging on a tree.”
In light of these accusations, a new group of Conservative leaders from all over the country, including several prominent and proud Black Conservatives, have formed the Coalition of American Voices, in direct response to the slanders being perpetuated by the Congressional Black Caucus.
Founder C.L. Bryant says, “In all of history, there are few activities that are more deplorable than slave trading: one of them is race baiting. The Coalition of American Voices is dedicated to opposing both.”
The group has launched a website,, which contains a petition demanding an end to the slanders and racist rhetoric of the Congressional Black Caucus and a formal reprimand by Congress and the Obama Administration. The petition also lobbies businesses that contribute to members of the Congressional Black Caucus to cease contributions, and calls for the mainstream media to explain their silence on the violent and hateful rhetoric they claim to be against. The Coalition of American Voices will be sending invitations to members of Congress to sign the petition and asking them to bring forth legislation to coincide with its aims.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fox NY reports: Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday accused the Wall Street demonstrators of trying to cripple New York City's economy.
"What they're trying to do is take the jobs away from people working in this city," the mayor declared in his harshest criticism of the three-week-old protest that has caught the attention of the nation.
"They're trying to take away the tax base we have because none of this is good for tourism."
The mayor's comments came in response to a caller to his WOR Radio show who asked what the city intended to do about the protest headquarters in Zuccotti Park, which is near her apartment and where hundreds of people are camped out.
"What about my rights to use the park?" asked the caller, named Marsha.
"This is a little bit of greenery that we reclaimed after Sept. 11. It's not usable. There is a general sense of incivility down there. But worst of all are the drums and the shouting. I know they've agreed to stop the drumming. Last night they were drumming until 10:45. Someone did a little practice drumming this morning at 7:50."
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Secret panel decides who America can kill; Biden brainwashes at elementary school; Hank is "out of here" on Monday nite football; Energy Dept. loan officer steps down; Occupy Wall Street ramblings; The Working Families Party and its ties to Hillary Clinton and Soros; Pelosi asks God to bless the protesters; Obama assigns work to media; Feds design basic benefits package for privately insured Americans; Obama's personality disorders; Obama says banks should only earn "a certain amount of profit"; Dems ask chief regulator of Freddie and Fannie to step down; Harry Reid keeps Jobs bill from a vote; Terrorist William Ayers writes manifesto for Occupy Wall St.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, "The trouble with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money."
Jonathan Turley wrote: I recently ran a couple of columns (here and here) and postings criticizing President Obama’s assertion of the right to kill citizens as a presidential prerogative. It now appears that he has delegated the selection of targets for killings to a panel of unnamed officials who determine which people should be killed without a trial or even a charge. When it comes to citizens like Anwar al-Awlaki, the killings raise serious constitutional problems that are being kept from the courts by the Administration.

The identity of the members of the death panel are secret. There is no public record of their decisions or the basis for the kill order. Indeed, neither the target nor the public will necessarily know that it was this panel that ordered the killing.
While civil libertarians are raising voices of concern over such extrajudicial killings of citizens, the Obama Administration h”portraying the killing of Awlaki as a demonstration of President Barack Obama’s toughness toward militants who threaten the United States.” It has worked. Even conservatives are cheering the killings of the two citizens. Apparently, death panels in health care are enough to rally thousands in opposition but an actual death panel produces nary a yawn if the targets are hated. The fear is that this is how the rule of law dies — to the cheers and thunderous applause of citizens.
The results of the panel are simply submitted to the President, who retains the authority to countermand their decisions.

Breitbart reveals: Biden Propagandizes 5th Graders: ‘Things Got Really Bad Before We Came Into Office’  [He said that  good people are having trouble finding jobs and keeping their homes, adding that "an awful lot of companies said there's no more jobs for you here."  I'm sure it's all Bush's fault.]


Hank Jr. reacts to being pulled from ESPN from the Oct 3rd Monday Night game opener.


“After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision. By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment
Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE.  It’s been a great run.” -- Hank Williams Jr    [What a patriot!]
Washington Post writes: The head of the Energy Department’s controversial loan guarantee program has decided to step down, department officials confirmed to The Washington Post on Thursday.
Occupy Wall St. writes: NO elected official member of our Congress should be allowed to : Have personal holdings or be CEO of or in a corporation that has any dealings AT ALL with the US Govt (CAN WE SAY CHENEY/HALLBURTON?) incl research and pharmaceutical companies.
Elected officials should not be allowed to own and or trade stocks in the corporations they are SUPPOSED to be regulating IN THE BEST INTEREST of the people. (Talk about insider trading:)
Obama was right in his speech when he mentions the 10,000 page tax code There are Too many perks, and loopholes and too many corrupt greedy people that create and use them.
These corporations know how to work it, and contribute nothing back to the country they feed off of. We are consumers and nothing more to these companies.
Big Corps work the system and its time to put a stop to it.  [OK - first of all, this website produces poorly written, grammatically incorrect statements, proving to me that whoever is writing it has not taken his free public education seriously.  Do they fail to understand that this President and his Democrat Congress failed to do anything to change the laws that allowed for "corporate greed" and avoidance of taxes?  Do they fail to realize that it is the Obama administration which has failed to PROSECUTE those people who made fortunes on companies which were bailed out (most of them Democrats, like those at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)?  Do they really know anything about economics or what has really been going on?  Or are they simply taking up the I Hate Capitalism mantra of their President?] 
CORPORATIONS NEED TO PAY JUST LIKE THE COMMON CITIZEN DOES AND THEY NEED TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE NOT ONLY FOR THEIR ACTIONS, but for the consequences of their actions as well. Am I the only one who feels that there is a great opportunity being missed here? Let's get active and interested and include President Obama and the White House in our online occupy Wall St. email and comments campaign. Let the President know that yes we are interested in seeing corporations pay up... get conversation begun, a foot in the door, and maybe we can broaden concerns to include many of the other issues we would like to address. [A point on which we can agree!]

Free Republic reports: The Working Families Party that is organizing a bus tour protest this Saturday at the homes of AIG employees has deep ties to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, billionaire leftist financier George Soros and the radical group ACORN.
A 2005 article by Richard Poe published at Discover the Networks details the connections:
The Working Families Party (WFP) is a front group for the radical cult ACORN. It functions as a political party in New York State and Connecticut, promoting ACORN-friendly candidates. Unlike conventional political parties, WFP charges its members dues – about $60 per year – a policy characteristic of ACORN and its affiliates.
According to the party’s Web site, WFP is a coalition founded by ACORN, the Communications Workers of America, and the United Automobile Workers. However, ACORN clearly dominates the coalition. New York ACORN leader Steven Kest was the moving force in forming the party. WFP headquarters is located at the same address as ACORN’s national office, at 88 Third Avenue in Brooklyn.
Weekly Standard writes: During a press conference Thursday afternoon, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi praised those participating in the "Occupy Wall Street" protests. "God bless them," Pelosi said, "for their spontaneity. It's independent ... it's young, it's spontaneous, and it's focused. And it's going to be effective."
When the Tea Party movement emerged in 2009, then-Speaker of the House Pelosi called them "astroturf" and "un-American" people who were "carrying swastikas."
AP writes: Obama conceded that voters have grown deeply exasperated and cynical, and he put the responsibility largely on Congress as unresponsive to public opinion. At one point Obama even told his media questioners to accept a "little homework assignment" and "go ask Republicans what their jobs plan is."
AP reports: The federal government is taking on a crucial new role in the nation's health care, designing a basic benefits package for millions of privately insured Americans. A framework for the Obama administration was released Friday.
The report by independent experts from the Institute of Medicine lays out guidelines for deciding what to include in the new "essential benefits package," and how to keep it affordable for small businesses and taxpayers, as well as scientifically up to date.
The advisers recommended that the package be built on mid-tier health plans currently offered by small employers, expanded to include certain services such as mental health, and squeezed into a budget. They did not spell out a list of services to cover, but they did say that treatments should be cost-effective.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ writes: Thursday news conference was a sober reminder of the nature of the man in the Oval Office. I infer that even many of his supporters in the liberal media are finally catching on to the magnitude of his personality disorders. How could a man in his important position continue to act so childishly, accepting no responsibility for his policies and behavior and demonizing everyone who dares to disagree with or oppose him? It's worse than embarrassing; it's unsettling.
From the conference we are reminded that Obama believes that:
—Only "big and bold" intervention by the government can get an economy moving; so long as he cites a few "expert economists" who agree with him, there can be no other legitimate opinion.
—Anyone who disagrees with or opposes him is engaging in partisan politics rather than acting in good faith, on principle and in the best interests of the country.
—If Republicans continue to oppose his jobs bill, it will be because they don't want laid-off policemen, firefighters and teachers working again.
—The failure, waste and corruption in his $868 billion stimulus package are irrelevant when considering whether to embark on another such reckless venture.
American Thinker opines: When Bank of America decided to respond to the Durbin amendment (which cut down the charges they could charge merchants when debit cards are used to pay for purchase) by charging customers five dollars a month should they decide to use debit cards, Barack Obama attacked the bank by stating that they should only earn a "certain amount of profit."
This is cheap populism. He and his Illinois pal and political ally created the problem by supporting the amendment cutting the fees charged to merchants. The gall is that they now are attacking people trying to deal with the problem they created. Furthermore, it is disgraceful for a President to engage in such class warfare rhetoric (but, he has an addiction to do this - "millionaires and billionaires" routinely role from his lips and to delve down into business areas that should be and are trivial. There are a myriad of responses people can take when confronted with these charges: they could find another bank or just choose not to use debit cards. America survived for many decades without them.
That is how a free-enterprise economy works. Only in a government-controlled economy does the leader get to decide how much someone can earn. We are not there yet despite our President's seeming agenda to take us there.
But this is not the first time he expressed his belief that he can decide how much someone should earn. From April ,2010:
"I do think at a certain point you've made enough money"
The Hill writes: Infuriated by the Obama administrations handling of the lingering foreclosure crisis, several leading House Democrats this week suggested that Edward DeMarco should step down as the chief regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
DeMarco, acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) — an agency independent of the White House — met Thursday with 17 House Democrats in the Capitol, ostensibly to brief them on FHFAs enhanced efforts to help struggling homeowners. Instead, he revealed that the agency doesnt yet have such a plan.
The news didnt sit well with the Democrats.
Washington Examiner reports: Senate Republicans tried to embarrass Democrats who don't support President Obama's job bill by forcing a vote on the measure Thursday, but Democrats responded by stripping Republicans of legislative power.
The GOP tried to force Democrats to vote on Obama's $447 billion jobs-creation bill to prove that even the president's own party doesn't support the proposal. Republicans tried to attach the jobs bill to a measure dealing with China.
However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., responded to the Republican effort with a proposal, approved 51-48, that changed the rules of the Senate and stripped Republicans of their power to offer amendments to bills once the Senate agreed to cut off debate and vote.
It was an unusual and devastating blow to the minority party.
Reid and Democrats said they retaliated because they have grown tired of Republicans trying to slow down or block legislation with amendments unrelated to the bill on the floor.

Conservative Treehouse (and verified by other more well known websites) writes: Convicted Domestic Terrorist from the Weather Underground, Leftist Radical, and ghost writer for Obama’s autobiography, Bill Ayers writes the Wall Street manifesto.…  Now all he needs to do is convince the crowd to read it and agree with his agenda.  Read the manifesto here:

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Congressional perjury usually sends transgressor to jail; Is White House intimidating reports into being silent?; UM students not walking out of class to support "Occupy Wall St."; Pork removed from prison menu - to please Muslim inmates; We have no fundamental right to produce and CONSUME the foods of their choice in Wisconsin; Midwest to have brutally cold and snowy winter; University cannot ban guns on campus; $649,000 to one county to provide native language access on all programs provided by US taxpayers; Obama sets record on national debt; Obama news conference today; Jobs created company with no government subsidies; Representative West discusses racism and the Tea Party; Palin to help those who seek to stop "fundamental transformation"

American Thinker opines: This has become an extremely sensitive issue at the White House and for good reason; Holder may have been caught in a lie in his testimony before Congress.
Note: Congressional perjury usually sends the transgressor to jail.
For Watergate buffs, that sounds eerily like the advice given to Ben Bradlee by the Nixon White House. Press Secretary Ron Zeigler angrily called Bradlee, executive editor at the time, and complained that no one else in the country was worried about this break in story except the Post. If history is any guide, and I were CBS, I would redouble my efforts to get to the bottom of this story.
Republicans have called for a special prosecutor and they will probably get it. But Holder is smart enough to know his orders without asking; stall, stonewall, obstruct as much as possible, as long as possible, in order to drag the investigation out beyond the election.
The Weekly Standard reports: Yesterday, CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson told radio show host Laura Ingraham that the White House yelled and swore at her over her reporting on the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal tied to the deaths of two U.S. law enforcement agents. Attkisson also revealed that she'd also been yelled at by the Justice Department.
[The White House and Justice Department] will tell you that I'm the only reporter--as they told me--that is not reasonable. They say the Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable, I'm the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I'm unfair and biased by pursuing it.
That's significant, because CBS News, and Attkisson in particular, has done more reporting to advance the Fast and Furious scandal than arguably any other media outlet.  [It is now being reported that Attkisson is now canceling appearance, leaving us to wonder about the level of intimidation coming from our White House.]
CBS Detroit reports: Organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protest Wednesday called on college students across the nation to walk out of class as a way to show their support for the cause.
But students speaking to WWJ Newsradio 950′s Ron Dewey at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus said they planned to stay put.
“I keep my priorities straight here, understand I guess that I’m paying for college … I’m not gonna walk out,” said one student at U-M’s Ross School of Business. “I guess for a greedy Wall Street person, I don’t know how that’s gonna do anything.”
“I mean, I understand it, the ‘I’m the 99 percent’ … I’m actually an economics major,” said one U-M student, adding that the Wall Street protest isn’t exactly something to put on your resume.
“This is my way to not be the 99 percent … to be here, being in class, learning, getting a degree and hopefully getting a better job.  That’s the whole point, is that competition to be that 1 percent,” said another student. “I guess I’m not going to give up my competition here just to support the movement, I’ve gotta say.”

Breitbart reports: Ohio's pork farmers and processors are vowing to fight the state's decision to remove pork from prison menus in response to a lawsuit by Muslim inmates. Dick Isler (IHS'-ler), executive director of the Ohio Pork Producers Council, says the news is especially disappointing because his group fought to have pork placed back on the menu in 2009.
The state eliminated pork even though the inmates' lawsuit involves the preparation of non-pork meats, such as beef, according to Islamic law.
JoEllen Smith, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, said Wednesday that removing pork eliminates the possibility of pork coming into contact with other foods during preparation.
The Ohio Justice and Policy Center, which is suing on behalf of two inmates, says the decision won't stop the lawsuit.

Personal Liberty reports: A Wisconsin judge has ruled that people in that State have no “fundamental right” to consume any food, own or use dairy cows or consume the milk their cows produce, without government permission.
A copy of the judge’s ruling can be read here. On page four the judge writes:
  • “Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to own and use a dairy cow or a dairy herd.”
  • “Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow.”
  • “Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to board their cow at the farm of a farmer.”
  • “Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice.”
This ruling begs the question: What country does this fascist judge think he lives in? [It is a shame that the people who would deny that our country is being fundamentally transformed are the ones who will not be reading this.][P11223564]&rrid=394582776
CBS Detroit reports: Metro Detroiters better get ready to bundle up! The Long-Range Forecasting Team is predicting another brutally cold and snowy winter for a large part of the country, thanks in large part to La Niña.
La Niñas often produce a volatile weather pattern for the Midwest during winter due to the influence they have on the jet stream. The way the jet stream is expected to be positioned during this winter, Metro Detroiters can look forward to large amounts of snow and blistering cold temperatures.
Hands down,’s long-range experts agree that the Midwest and Great Lakes region will be dealt the worst of winter this year. They say bitterly cold blasts of arctic air are expected to invade the Midwest and Great Lakes from December through January, while snowfall averages will be above normal.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ reports: The Oregon University System decided back in 1970, and then again in 1991, that it would ban guns on Oregon’s seven public university campuses.  Did the O.U.S. have the right to arbitrarily issue a gun ban? 

Last week, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the State Board of Higher Education and the O.U.S. does not have the authority to ban guns on campus – at least for now.  

The three-judge panel stated that only the Legislature could regulate the use, sale and possession of firearms.  The gun ban therefore circumvented state law and, as the court wrote, “exceeds the agency’s authority.”
Judicial Watch reports: When it comes to public housing the government must ensure that persons who are limited English proficient (LEP) have access in their native languages to information on all programs, services and activities provided by Uncle Sam. So the agency has doled out $649,000 to seven “community organizations” that “serve diverse communities” across the county. “Through these partnerships, HUD will ensure that the LEP individuals and families have meaningful access to information on fair housing, homeownership, lead abatement, housing assistance, and countless other services,” according to HUD’s Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.
The community groups will use the taxpayer dollars to create “fair housing presentations and trainings on HUD programs” in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Amharic and Korean in Washington D.C. They will also conduct “community meetings and refugee orientation sessions” to educate Bosnians and Arabic speakers about affordable housing in St. Louis. In New York they will distribute brochures in Nepalese, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish, Korean and Chinese and in San Diego posters, brochures and other tools will be created in Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi-Turkish, Somali, Burmese and Bhutanese.
CNS News reports: The Obama administration passed another fiscal milestone this week, according to new data released by the Treasury Department. As of the close of business on Oct. 3, the total national debt was $14,837,099,271,196.71—up about $44.8 billion from Sept. 30.
That means that in the less-than-three-years Obama has been in office, the federal debt has increased by $4.212 trillion--more than the total national debt of about $4.1672 trillion accumulated by all 41 U.S. presidents from George Washington through George H.W. Bush combined.
This $4.212-trillion increase in the national debt means that during Obama’s term the federal government has already borrowed about an additional $35,835 for every American household--

Andrew Breitbart over at has obtained exclusive photos of President Barack Obama marching as a U.S. Senator in 2007 with the New Black Panther Party before he was elected in 2008.
Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mockingtheir widows.
NPR announces: President Obama will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. ET today in the East Room of the White House, his press office just announced.  [Oh, no!  Every time he "speaks" the stock market tanks.  And I wonder, after 93 days of not questioning his Press Secretary about Solyndra, will that question come up?  Or how about a question concerning Fast and Furious?  Or a question about whether his White House is now into intimidating those who disagree with him, such as CBS and its investigative reporter - on having the bad idea of investigating him on Fast and Furious?  I didn't think so.]

National Review opines: How did Steve Jobs create so many outstanding products without Barack Obama’s investment?
In barely three decades, Jobs helped create a tech revolution — from product to infrastructure — without a dollar of federal help.While snake-oil salesmen Obama claims to know the future and blow taxpayer dollars on it, Jobs and his peers hatched ideas that attracted billions of dollars of private capital. The result is a digital infrastructure that spans the globe totally independent of government subsidy.
Currently flogging her Big Government treatise, A Governor’s Story, Obama twin and ex-Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm declares new technologies will only get off the ground with government subsidy — what she calls “a partnership with business.” Granobama claims that private markets are incapable of leveraging the “interstates of the future.”

Big Hollywood writes of Representative West's video: “Samuel L. Jackson, I guess, disregards the 16.7 percent unemployment rate in the black community, a 20 percent unemployment rate for black adult males and a 45-46 percent unemployment for black teenagers,” the Florida Republican said. “I think the racism that he is talking about is coming out of the White House and this administration.”
West warned Jackson against using the tea party movement as a “scapegoat,” insisting that conservatives are trying to fix the economy and turn around the unemployment numbers in the black community.
The perfect example? Herman Cain. [Representative Allen West, in my view, will one day be a candidate for President or VP.  Keep our eyes on him.  Oh, did I say his skin is black?  And Tea Party people love him, as they recognize his conservative, love America values, his courage to speak out, and his military record.]

American Thinker reports on Sarah Palin: In her written statement -- and her immediate follow-up interview with [Mark] Levin -- she made it clear what was important.  Saving the country is all that matters, and the first step required for that task is to totally reverse our current course.  Of course, that includes removal of the current occupant in the White House.  Consider Palin's first action step:

We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the "fundamental transformation" of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who is Herman Cain; Government loses argument that elementary school students are too young to have First Amendment rights; Minnesota and Jihad; Unions join Wall Street protesters; Obama says we don't have some inherent right to get a certain amount of profit; Only 2 developed nations grant birthright citizenship

American Spectator describes Herman Cain.  Supporting facts are listed in article: So here are nine reasons why Republicans should nominate Herman Cain for President.
1. He Has No Sense of Entitlement

2. He Worked at Burger King

3. He Has Never Held Elected Office

4. He Is a Mathematician

5. He Was a CEO

6. He Is The Adult in the Room

7. He Would Make Liberal Charges of Racism Look Really, Really Stupid
8. The Content of His Character

9. 9-9-9
Now you didn't think I was going to leave this out, did you?
If implemented, 9-9-9 would represent the most significant change to our tax system since the income tax was introduced in 1913. It would also represent a significant first step in reducing the size of the federal government.
I leave the rest up to you.

Personal Liberty reports: In a  free speech case that has been in litigation for nine years was resolved by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week; the ruling was in the favor of freedom of speech for children.
Morgan v. Plano Independent School District was a case involving students and families, represented by the Liberty Institute, who were denied their free speech rights and who were discriminated against because their speech was religious in nature. One boy was banned from handing out candy cane pens with a religious message at his class “winter” party, a girl was threatened for handing out tickets after school to a religious play, and an entire class of children were forbidden from writing “Merry Christmas” on holiday cards to American troops serving overseas by the Plano Independent School District. Government officials argued that elementary students are too young to have First Amendment rights.
“Imagine the United States of America where the First Amendment protects a minor’s right to play violent video games, a person’s right to hatefully protest the funerals of our heroic men and women in the military, and the right to possess portrayals depicting animal cruelty, such as videos of people crushing kittens with their shoes, but does not protect a child’s right to share a pencil with another child at school merely because the pencil says the word ‘Jesus’,” said Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod of the case.[P11754130]&rrid=394582776
Jihad Watch reports: A Minnesota woman accused of funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia was handcuffed and removed from a courtroom Monday when she refused to stand for the judge hearing the case. Amina Farah Ali, 35, was taken away as jury selection was to begin. Ali and another defendant, Hawo Mohamed Hassan, are accused of raising thousands of dollars to fund the movement of fighters and money from the U.S. to Somalia.
Ali's attorney, Dan Scott, said she declined to stand on religious grounds, but Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis ordered marshals to arrest her. Davis had issued an order last week that all parties would follow the rules of courtroom decorum after Ali refused to stand at an earlier hearing....
Ali and Hassan maintain their innocence, saying they were collecting money and clothing for refugees. But prosecutors allege the women went door-to-door and held teleconferences to solicit donations for the fighters. In one of those recorded calls, investigators allege, Ali said to "forget about the other charities" and focus on "the jihad." In others, both women speak with the leader of a militia allied with al-Shabab, and Ali gets updates on the fighting....
The New York Daily News reports: Organized labor will serve notice today on the bankers and the politicians that the young protesters of Occupy Wall Street speak for millions.
Tens of thousands of transit and city workers, teachers, and maintenance and hospital workers are expected to march to Zuccotti Park late today in a show of solidarity.
"The whole order of things today is absolutely upside down," said John Samuelsen, president of the Transport Workers Union Local 100. "Tax breaks for millionaires, working people suffer, and no jobs for these kids."
Establishment critics of the Zuccotti Park events have no clue what is happening. By setting up camp near the scene of Wall Street's still-unpunished crimes, and by persevering round the clock for nearly three weeks, these kids have created a boot camp for social change.
Read more:
Redstate reports: George Stephanoupolos asked Barack Obama about banks and their new fees. Of course, Obama could not accept any responsibility for that at all. And along the way he said something pretty damn amazing.
“You don’t have some inherent right just to– you know, get a certain amount of profit.
Actually, in the free market, on the supply and demand curve, you do have an inherent right to get a certain amount of profit — that certain amount of profit that you derive from your business practices that draw in the maximum amount of profit possible before customers decide you are charging too much or they are not getting value enough to justify their continued business with you.

Nations Granting Birthright Citizenship

Birthright Citizenship is the automatic granting of citizenship to children born within a nation's borders or territories. The United States and Canada are the only developed nations in the world to still offer Birthright Citizenship to tourists and illegal aliens. 8 U.S.C. § 1401 : US Code - Section 1401 (1952) grants automatic citizenship to any person born in the United States.
The following are among the nations repealing Birthright Citizenship in recent years: 

  • Australia (2007)
  • New Zealand (2005)
  • Ireland (2005)
  • France (1993)
  • India (1987)
  • Malta (1989)
  • UK (1983)
  • Portugal (1981) 
    Birthright Citizenship      

    Canada Andorra
    United States Australia





    Czech Republic


    Faroe Islands





    Holy See

    Hong Kong











    New Zealand



    San Marino




    South Korea





    United Kingdom

    Birthright Citizenship

    Antigua and Barbuda Afghanistan
    Argentina Albania
    Azerbaijan Algeria
    Barbados Angola
    Belize Armenia
    Bolivia Bahamas
    Brazil Bahrain
    Costa Rica Bangladesh
    Dominica Belarus
    Dominican Republic Benin
    Ecuador Bhutan
    El Salvador Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Fiji Botswana
    Grenada Brunei Darussalam
    Guatemala Bulgaria
    Guyana Burkina Faso
    Honduras Burundi
    Jamaica Cambodia
    Lesotho Cameroon
    Mexico Cape Verde
    Nicaragua Central African Republic
    Pakistan Chad
    Panama Chile
    Paraguay China
    Peru Colombia
    St. Kitts and Nevis Comoros
    St. Lucia Congo
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines Côte d'Ivoire
    Trinidad and Tobago Croatia
    Uruguay Djibouti
    Venezuela Egypt
      Equatorial Guinea
      Kyrgyz Republic
      Lao PDR
      Papua New Guinea
      São Tomé and Príncipe
      Saudi Arabia
      Sierra Leone
      Solomon Islands
      South Africa
      Sri Lanka
      Syrian Arab Republic
      United Arab Emirates
    * - List of Developed Nations determined by IMF(International Monetary Fund)

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  • The Census Bureau admitted Tuesday that it had “artificially inflated the number of same-sex couples” in the United States, initially reporting a number that was about 40 percent higher than what it now believes is accurate
    But the Census Bureau said in a Tuesday conference call with reporters that it has revised these numbers downward “because Census Bureau staff discovered an inconsistency in the responses in the 2010 Census summary file statistics that artificially inflated the number of same-sex couples.”

    Given that the Census Bureau says there were 116,716,292 total households in the United States in 2010, that means same-sex households made up only 0.55 percent of the total.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barack Obama trods the path of despots; Obama wants to allow debt collectors to cell phones; Secretary of Defense on drone kill of American citizen; Football league holds back performance of star player - for fairness; 22% of all federal programs had no positive impact; Gov. Beverly Perdue - again; Texa counties opted out of SS - are much better off financially; Promised Obamacare savings not happening; Hispanic students disappearing from schools in Alabama; UM graduate students don't want to be unionized; AZ man told by judge to give up all guns - for blogging about Bible passage; 13 hospital mass layoffs; Holder lied to Congress on "Fast and Furious"; Wall St. occupiers are uninformed, but passionate; Obama marched with New Black Panthers,explaining his support of them now

American Thinker opines: The United States, faced with its worst crisis in sixty-five years, has at the helm a radical political class, as personified by Barack Obama, who have chosen a path trod by so many despots in mankind's recent history.  Barack Obama and his fellow-travelers are exploiting the fear and desperation of a growing number of citizens amid gaping fissures in American society in order to retain and expand their control over the populace.
Human societies are held together by the most fragile of cords.  Whenever unrelenting internal or external challenges abound, thereby placing excessive stress on the foundation of any society, the key determination as to whether chaos ensues is most often in the hands of the society's leaders.  They can choose to exploit the circumstances in order to satisfy their lust for power, or they can embrace a course of action and policies to rally the citizenry into collectively overcoming the crisis at hand, regardless of the fractures in that society.  
That Barack Obama is willing to take this path and risk the potential consequences is despicable and bordering on betrayal.
North Community Times of San Diego opines: To the dismay of consumer groups and the discomfort of Democrats, President Barack Obama wants Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call the cellphones of consumers delinquent on student loans and other billions owed the federal government.
The change "is expected to provide substantial increases in collections, particularly as an increasing share of households no longer have landlines and rely instead on cellphones," the administration wrote recently. The little-noticed recommendation would apply only to cases in which money is owed the government, and is tucked into the mammoth $3 trillion deficit-reduction plan the president submitted to Congress.
[Maybe we'll be able to get the unpaid taxes from government workers who are many millions of dollars behind in their payments.]
Read more:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's The LA Times reports: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta responding to complaints from the ACLU over the "assassination" of an American citizen without due process: "This individual was clearly a terrorist. And yes, he was a citizen, but if you're a terrorist, you're a terrorist. And that means that we have the ability to go after those who would threaten to attack the United States and kill Americans." [ So let me get this straight.  We cannot waterboard terrorist masterminds, and we should not put anyone in Gitmo - but it is A OK to just kill them without any kind of trial by using a drone?  Obama should get the story straight.  This defies logic.],0,6714658.colum-n

Yahoo opines: Usually we try to celebrate great young athletes and their prodigious potential. In Arkansas, one youth football league is instituting a dramatic rule to hold back its brightest star, all in an attempt to level the playing field for other competitors.
According to Arkansas Fox affiliate Fox 16, 11-year-old Demias Jimerson has emerged as such a dominant running back that the Wilson Intermediate Football League he plays in has reinstated a bylaw called the "Madre Hill rule," which bars him from scoring a touchdown if he has already scored three times and his team has a lead of 14 points or more .
Now it has brought the same statute back for Jimerson, saying that the rule isn't meant to punish him, but rather to ensure that the other 21 players on the field stay involved.  [And our President pronounces that America has become soft, has become less competitive....  Indeed.]
Investigating Answers reports: After a five-year examination of government spending, federal auditors revealed that 22% of all federal programs failed to show any positive impact on the populations they serve.
That inefficiency costs taxpayers a whopping $123 billion annually.
But beyond just inefficient spending, let's not forget about the pork-barrel spending. A Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) report identified 9,129 "pork" projects (projects unauthorized by Congress or by the President), which added up to a total cost of $16.5 billion for taxpayers.
Go to the website to see what the projects were....
Read more:
The Houston Chronicle writes: A state lawmaker and a group of Democratic political donors with ties to Gov. Beverly Perdue are poised to sell land at a handsome profit should a tire plant be lured to North Carolina with $100 million in state and local incentives, according to public records reviewed by The Associated Press.
As North Carolina's chief executive, the governor is a key decision maker in large incentives deals involving state money. She also helps appoint the board members of a foundation that's been asked to provide part of the tire plant's package. Perdue's campaign has received more than $52,000 from five men with an ownership stake in the Brunswick County industrial park proposed for the new plant.
The governor's son, Garrett Perdue, is also a lawyer and site-selection consultant for an influential law firm that a county official said was advising the tire company. The firm, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, does not disclose which projects the younger Perdue works on, citing attorney-client privilege. [Let's not forget that this is the same Governor who suggested that suspending Congressional elections is an idea which she hopes catches on.  If you doubt that she was serious, all you need to do is to google the speech and you will know with no doubt that she was entirely serious and believed she had a great idea.]
Freedom Works reports: Merrill Mathews of the Wall Street Journal showcases three counties in Texas that opted-out of Social Security by creating personal retirement accounts for county employees.  After 30 years, the county workers in these three counties:
”…retire with more money and have better death and disability supplemental benefits.”
Unlike the federal Social Security system, which has gigantic unfunded liabilities, the three counties are solvent.
“And those three counties—unlike almost all others in the United States—face no long-term unfunded pension liabilities.”
With essentially the same contributions, the county workers’ will receive roughly twice the retirement income as compared to those in the federal system.
 Why?  In these three counties, the money is saved and invested.  Conversely, in America’s federal system, the Social Security taxes are transferred immediately to current retirees, and when there were surpluses, politicians use the money for other government functions. A saving and investing system has enormous benefits to all Americans.  Obviously, twice the amount of money for retirement is good.  Equally important are saving and investing, which helps propel commerce and industry.  A nation of savers is more dependable and solvent than a tax, raid, and distribute system, which has proven to create enormous unfunded pension funds.

The Weekly Standard reports: So what about that $2,500 in [insurance] savings the president pledged? White House deputy chief of staff Nancy-Ann DeParle insists families will see that savings — by 2019.

“Many of the changes in the Affordable Care Act are starting this year, and in succeeding years,” DeParle told ABC News, “and by 2019 we estimate that the average family will save around $2,000.”DeParle said that the “big increases that occurred last year were probably driven by insurance plans overestimating what the impact would be and maybe trying to take some profits upfront before some of the changes in the Affordable Care Act occur. This is remarkable. One, the White House is saying that they know more about the costs of implementing Obamacare than the collective decisions of the entire insurance market. (DeParle's statement also conflicts with the findings of the government's own analysts.)  And two, the White House really moved the goal posts on the president's promised insurance savings. Obama promised many, many times to "cut the cost of a typical family's premium by up to $2,500 a year."
Yahoo News reports: Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration.
Education officials say scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from classes or kept them home this week, afraid that sending the kids to school would draw attention from authorities.
 Michigan Capitol Confidential reports: Graduate student research assistants at the University of Michigan who do not want to belong to a union have some high-profile allies who have kept a low profile. The Mackinac Center has obtained a confidential letter to U of M Provost Philip Hanlon expressing a “deep and collective concern about the potential negative impacts that would result from the unionization of the University’s graduate student research assistants.”
The letter was signed by 18 Deans of the university’s 19 schools and colleges. Also signing was the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries.
The union, known as the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), was founded at U of M in 1970, which, according to its website, makes the GEO ”one of the oldest graduate employee unions in the United States.” The GEO currently represents graduate student instructors and graduate student staff assistants, but earlier this year made moves to expand its membership at the Ann Arbor campus by including graduate student research assistants. 
World Net Daily writes: An Arizona man has filed a federal lawsuit against some of the state's top judges, claiming they're taking away his freedom of speech and right to own firearms, all because someone didn't like what he wrote on his blog.
The scenario started when Palmer, a 55-year-old Christian missionary from Phoenix, was online discussing "spiritual death" often referred to in the Bible.
Kenton Jones, superior court judge for Yavapai County, went along with the woman's harassment complaint and ordered Palmer to surrender his guns.
"The order says that I am not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition, and directs me to turn over any weapons to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office," Palmer told WND.
Palmer indicated he does not own any weapons at this time, but when pressed on whether he had any guns previous to the order, he said, "No comment."
Read more: Man ordered to surrender guns – just for blogging!
Health Leaders Magazine writes: The sluggish economy and looming provider payment cuts have driven more hospitals to consider reducing staff as a way to stabilize their bottom lines.
According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, there were 13 hospital mass layoffs—defined as involving 50 or more employees—in August, resulting in 1,085 initial unemployment benefit claims. If the layoff pace continues, BLS analysts say hospitals in 2011 will post 127 mass layoffs involving 8,257 people, which would give 2011 the third-highest number of mass layoff incidents in the last decade.

Systems nationwide announce staff reductions

Meanwhile, the American Hospital Association (AHA) earlier this month said hospitals would lose $41 billion from 2013 to 2021 if Medicare payments are cut by 2%. According to AHA, the 2% cut would cost 92,866 jobs in 2013 and 194,522 jobs by 2021
FOX News is reporting that Holder was personally identified as being informed of the plan at least twice. One report, from 2010, states that Holder was informed of the plan. This new information premiered just minutes ago on Fox’s Special Report with Bret Baier.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writes: The Occupy Wall Street protesters have posted a proposed list of demands that include, among other things, a "guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment," open borders, a $20/hr minimum wage and trillions in government spending.
The 13 demands, as posted on the web site, are: [Let me just say that these demands are so infantile as to be funny.  As Sean Hannity interviewed a girl at Wall St., she became angry  and befuddled when Sean pointed out that her dream of taking from some to give to others is the stated mantra of Carl Marx.  They are ignorant, not stupid, and we can thank our primary education for instilling in students the tenets of communism and socialism without ever pointing out that is what they are learning - nor how unsuccessful those systems have been throughout history.  It's worth your effort to click on the website below to have a look for yourselves.]

UK Daily Mail writes: Internet provocateur Andrew Breitbart has photographic evidence of then-Senator Barack Obama sharing a stage in 2007 with Malik Shabazz, National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, a revival of the militant black supremacist organization founded in 1966 by a couple of thugs named Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.
To refresh people’s memories, several police officers in Oakland were shot in altercations with these thugs beginning with Oakland police officer John Frey who had the temerity to stop Huey Long for a traffic violation. Huey Newton would later kill Kathleen Smith, 17, a prostitute who called him, “Baby,” which happened to be a childhood nickname he hated — being the youngest of 7 children. He fled to Cuba and became a liberal icon. Huey Newton also was visited by the Reverend Jim Jones in Cuba in 1977 shortly before Reverend Jones went to found Jonestown, where liberals literally drank their Kool-Aid and died. [Maybe now we know what Obama's Justice Dept. dropped the charges on the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters at the polling place in Philadelphia - and why the department refused to litigate black-on-white crime!]  [