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Obama's Gen44; Using local cops to help the IRS?; Growth of regulations; $17 trillion funding gap in Obamacare; Obama pressuring the Supreme Court - an equal branch of government; Judicial empathy vx. judicial activism; Obama attended college as a foreign student, so testified; AL State Supreme Court questions Obama's birth certificate; Obama records missing; They want "Obama bucks"; He's going to reshape America; Sealed records of Obama; American Presidents in uniform;

PJTV reports: Obama announced the creation of Gen44 (as in 44th President), a youth organization devoted to the reelection of President Obama. Are young voters suckers, or will they reject Obama's egomaniacal youth movement? Find out. [New ways to organize] [We can be proud member of Gen44 - Ronald Reagan!]
 AIM writes: While the Obama Administration curtailed its involvement with local police agencies to enforce immigration law and capture criminal aliens, that same administration wishes local cops to help the Internal Revenue Service enforcement tax laws, according to testimony given before a panel of U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday.
Steven Miller, deputy IRS commissioner for services and enforcement, told the Senators on the Finance Committee that the increase in tax fraud, tax evasion and identity theft is a factor in the Internal Revenue Service’s senior management considering using local cops to enforce some tax laws and as a result sharing tax return information with them.
Tax return information is normally treated as top secret by IRS management and staff, but the IRS is considering a special program in which suspicious tax files may be shared with city and state police departments.
“We’re prevented from going after illegal alien lawbreakers, but we’re going to go after American citizens who try to keep more of their own money? That smacks of police state tactics,” said Officer Edith Consorta of New York.
Redstate writes: Whether it be in the form of directing you to purchase a product you don’t wish to buy, telling religious organizations what they have to allow, or making electricity unaffordable, the cancerous growth of regulations presents the greatest danger to our liberty. Until the Congress decides to man up and take back the power that it has relinquished we are in a death spiral as a free people.

Daily Caller writes: -Senate Republican staffers continue to look though the 2010 health care reform law to see what’s in it, and their latest discovery is a massive $17 trillion funding gap.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MarketWatch reports: President Barack Obama on Monday said that he was confident that the Supreme Court would uphold the constitutionality of his signature health-care law. "We are confident this will be upheld because it should be upheld," Obama said. Obama said it would be "unprecedented, extraordinary step" for a majority of the nine Justices to overturn a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically-elected Congress.  [Ok, this is an example of telling a lie so often that people start to believe it.  A stonfg majority woul dhave included at least one Republican, don't you think?  Does "winning by ONE vote sound like a strong majority to you?]

Obama's law: 'it's judicial empathy if the Supreme Court agrees with me, judicial activism if it does not'


Western Journalism reports: On March 7th, 2012, [Russia's] Pravda called out the U.S. press for its deliberate neglect of the largest scandal in modern American history. Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio released credible forensic evidence that Barack Obama, presumed President of the United States, presented to the world a forged Birth Certificate on April 27th, 2011.
Since then, the scandal has only expanded. Former United States Postal Service worker Allen Hulton has recently come forward with compelling testimony given under Oath, which leads to only one conclusion: Barack Obama attended College in the United States as a Foreign Student.
Western Journalism writes: Finally someone in America is paying attention to the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse investigation report indicating that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.
Hugh McInnish of Alabama filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Secretary of State challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to have his name on the November 2012 ballot for President of the United States. One of the stipulations in the case was a request to obtain an original copy of Obama’s birth certificate.
In a decision written on March 6, 2012, the Alabama State Supreme Court denied McInnish’s demand of obtaining the birth certificate copy before allowing Obama’s name to be placed on the ballot. The denial was not based on the merit of the evidence of forgery of the birth certificate, rather it was denied because they did not believe that the state supreme court had legal jurisdiction of the matter.
However, Justice Parker wrote that the evidence McInnish provided along with the findings of the Cold Case Posse make Obama’s birth certificate to be highly suspect and questions if it would be able to stand up in a court of law. He also said that he is experienced in computer science and indicated he concurs with the conclusion of forgery made by the Cold Case Posse. 
Minute Man PAC reports: The Cold Case Posse was assembled by Sheriff Joe after hundreds of constituents expressed the fear that Obama’s name was being put on the 2012 election ballot in Arizona using a fraudulent document. And as part of their investigation to debunk speculation that Obama was actually born in Kenya, they checked to determine whether a young mother arrived in the United States from Kenya shortly after Obama’s reported Aug. 4, 1961 date of birth. The only problem: THE RECORDS ARE MISSING.

Out of ten years’ records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by passengers arriving on international flights of the Untied States, only one week is missing frm the National Archives in Washington, D.C., – the week of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth, and nobody seems to know where they went. The investigation report reads, “to date, investigators have not been able to locate the relevant airline passenger flight manifists for 1961.”

The National Archives has even confirmed the investigation’s report that not only are the INS records for those flights arriving in Hawaii during the week of Obama’s birth missing on the microfilm reels examined, the records are also missing in the primary database. And the evidence – or lack thereof – just keeps piling up. 
The Kenyan government even investigated the possibility of Obama’s birth in Kenya, but Nairobi officials were unable to find evidence Obama was born in Kenya – instead officials said the government had “information” that relevant birth records may have been removed or were otherwise missing…
 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   This video at a NYC welfare office will put into context that section of our country which doesn't want to work, which believes they are owed an entire life of welfare because their relatives 5 generations ago were enslaved.  They want "Obama Bucks".  You must see it to believe it.  If it weren't so outrageous, it would be funny.

Expose Obama writes: Since they won’t write about this May 3,1990 interview with Harvard student Barack Obama,we will. Here are some quotes from the Socialist- in- Chief that speak for themselves:
“Hopefully,more and more people will begin to feel their story is somehow part of this larger story of how we’re going to reshape America in a way that is less mean-spirited and more generous.”
“I mean, I really hope to be part of a transformation of this country. And the future of black people and of America generally? “It depends on how good I do my job..”
“I’m not interested in the suburbs;the suburbs bore me.”
“I lived in a country [Indonesia] where I saw extreme poverty at a very early age. Parts of my family in Kenya remain very poor. My grandmother still lives in a mud-walled house with no running water or electricity…That’s who I am,that’s where I come from,not always literally,but at least emotionally.”
There’s certainly racism here. There are certain burdens that are placed,more emotionally at this point than concretely.”
“I’m interested in organizations,not movements,because movements dissipate and organizations don’t.”
The fact-checking website awarded “Lie of the Year” in 2011 to the oft-repeated Democratic claim that Republicans are attempting to “end Medicare.”
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based on interviews WND conducted with insiders in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign,Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to expand the scope of his law enforcement investigation into President Obama’s eligibility to include evidence and affidavits documenting alleged criminal activity by the Obama campaign in the 2008 Democratic Party primary race.
Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano and Hollywood-based digital photographer Michele Thomas have given Arpaio’s investigators the names of dozens of Hillary Clinton supporters willing to come forward with evidence and affidavits. Among their claims is that the Clintons were the first to charge Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by Article 2,Section 1 of the Constitution and that his birth certificate is a forgery.


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