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Homeland Security can seize any internet domain; House attempting to prevent Obama's 80% cut in nuclear warheads; Pentagon refuse document request on Gitmo; Professor" Obama taught Bell's Critical Race Theory; Bell: Non-white racial supremecy is right"; Yasser Arafat deputy was on Obama's committee on Liby policy; Stimulus funds used to hire foreign workers; Building students' "sense of global citizenship" a priortiy; Looking for fraud in unemployment checks; Holder goes after Texas now; Obama faintly praises military; The leader of the free world; Comedy gold; Putting voter I.D. in perspective

Personal Liberty reports: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) died in Congress, but the Administration of President Barack Obama is showing it doesn’t need the legitimacy of law in its effort to take over the world. Now, through the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice, any Internet domain is subject to seizure at any time.
The U.S. government has a history of going after online gaming operations, whether they are located within the United States or offshore. But stepping into another country’s jurisdiction steps it up a notch.
Online gambling has nothing to do with Homeland Security. There are two reasons the Administration is doing this: Control of Internet content and money. Piracy is just the cover story the Administration uses. http://personalliberty.com/2012/03/09/america-owns-the-internet/?eiid=
Free Beacon reports: A senior House Republican leader of the Armed Services Committee filed legislation on Thursday that would limit nuclear warhead cuts under a treaty with Russia and prevent President Obama from cutting strategic nuclear forces by 80 percent.
Representative Mike Turner (R., Ohio), chairman of the strategic forces subcommittee, said in an interview that the legislation he authored was introduced in response to the failure by the president to follow through on promises two years ago to spend $8 billion to modernize aging U.S. strategic weapons and infrastructure.
The current budget request asked Congress for nearly $500 million less. Under provisions of the 2010 defense authorization law, the president agreed to spend $72.4 billion on nuclear weapons from 2014 to 2021.
The current U.S. strategic arsenal of 5,000 deployed warheads will be cut to 2,000 deployed warheads under the treaty, with 3,000 remaining in storage.
Russia currently has between 4,000 and 6,500 warheads. China has between 300 and 400 warheads, although Chinese secrecy has raised questions about whether Beijing has hundreds or even thousands of additional warheads.
The modernization-funding program was a precondition for many Senate Republicans who agreed to vote in favor of ratifying the New START arms treaty with Russia in December 2010. [Well, it's like Iran - we cannot trust that the bargain struck will be honored.]  http://freebeacon.com/obama-nuclear-cuts-challenged/
Examiner reports: This week the head of the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security blasted the Pentagon's failure to comply with a request regarding documents related to the discovery of classified information in the prison cells of Guantanamo Bay military detention center inmates.
U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY), Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, blasted Department of Defense (DoD) officials for their refusal to provide the identities of attorneys representing terrorist suspects in Gitmo who were involved with the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
In January 2012, former CIA officer John Kiriakou was charged with leaking classified information that, by way of detainees’ defense counsel, ended up in the cells of al-Qaeda detainees at Guantanamo, according to Rep. King.   
Continue reading on Examiner.com King blasts Pentagon over refusal to name Gitmo defense attorneys - National Law Enforcement | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/law-enforcement-in-national/king-blasts-pentagon-over-refusal-to-name-gitmo-defense-attorneys#ixzz1ocvceFJP
Breitbart reports: In 1994, Barack Obama taught a course at the University of Chicago Law School entitled, "Current Issues in Racism and the Law." The reading list and syllabus for that class were made available by the New York Times in 2008, though there seems to have been little analysis of its content by Jodi Kantor, the Times’s Obama correspondent. 
Obama routinely assigned works by Bell as required reading, including Bell's racialist interpretations of seminal civil rights laws and cases. No other scholar’s work appears as often in the syllabus as Bell’s does.
Obama relied particularly heavily upon Bell’s major work, Race, Racism, and American Law (1973). Now in its sixth edition, the book lays out Bell’s Critical Race Theory, which is based on the Alinskyite presumption that all of law is a construct--not of justice, but of power exercised by whites against blacks.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/03/08/obama-made-bell-required-reading-chicago
The Right Scoop Great video picked up by the Breitbart crew in the vetting of Barack Obama. Sowell, in this video, describes how Bell didn’t just want Harvard to hire a black woman, but a black woman who didn’t “think white”. In other words, it was more about ideology than skin color.
As Dr. Melissa Clouthier explains on twitter, the idea of Critical Race Theory means “Merit-based is wrong. Color-blind is wrong. (Non-white) Racial supremacy is right.”
And this radical view is what Barack Obama decided to take a stand for at Harvard. http://www.therightscoop.com/1990-thomas-sowell-explains-derrick-bell/
World Net Daily reports: A staunch denier of the Holocaust who long served as the deputy of late PLO leader Yasser Arafat served on the committee that invented the military doctrine used by President Obama as the main justification for U.S. and international airstrikes against Libya.
As WND first reported, billionaire philanthropist George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect, the world’s leading organization pushing the military doctrine. Several of the doctrine’s main founders sit on multiple boards with Soros. http://www.wnd.com/2011/03/281065/

The Right Scoop reveals: Oops: Stimulus funds used to hire foreign workers over Americans in Oregon http://www.therightscoop.com/oops-stimulus-funds-used-to-hire-foreign-workers-over-americans-in-oregon/


  Gary Glenn (candidate for Debbie Stabenow's US Senate Seat said, at a recent gathering: A Michigan Local school district personnel pitched an upcoming millage vote. One of them said the district's primary focus is building students' sense of "global citizenship." Was surprised the guy was so open about that concept, which didn't go over very well among a group of conservatives who'd prefer the next generation develop a sense of duty to be good Americans. 
WTVBAM reports:  Michigan is one of only three states in the U.S. that have integrated a new program that looks for fraud and mistakes in the distribution of unemployment checks.  The federal government estimates that last year, a billion dollars was paid out improperly to residents. http://wtvbam.com/news/articles/2012/mar/12/michigan-one-of-three-states-to-check-for-fraud/
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yahoo News reports: The Justice Department's civil rights division on Monday objected to a new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas because many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification.
Texas follows South Carolina as the second state in recent months to become embroiled in a court battle with the Justice Department over new photo ID requirements for voters.
Photo ID laws have become a point of contention in the 2012 elections. Liberal groups have said the requirements are the product of Republican-controlled state governments and are aimed at disenfranchising people who tend to vote Democratic — African-Americans, Hispanics, people of low-income and college students.
Proponents of such legislation say the measures are aimed at combating voter fraud. But advocacy groups for minorities and the poor dispute that and argue there is no evidence of significant voter fraud. [This is a joke, as several times I week I bring to you evidence of yet another instance of voter fraud.  But disseminating the truth is not a priority.http://news.yahoo.com/justice-dept-opposes-texas-voter-id-law-144238429.html
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fox News reports: President Barack Obama is calling the alleged slaying of 16 Afghan civilians by a U.S. soldier "absolutely tragic and heartbreaking" and said that he is still "proud generally" of what U.S. troops have achieved in Afghanistan while working under "enormous strain." [Is this not what is called dam_ing with faint praise?  His tepid regard for the military always shows.  One wonders if the military is "generally" proud of their Commander in Chief.]
American Thinker opines on the speeches of Obama and Netanyahu: One of the speakers advocated waiting to act against Iran, waiting, in fact, to the point at which the threatened country would likely be past the point of self-defense. Waiting, in other words, until it is too late.
One of the speakers said that, as the leader of his nation, he would "never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation." He said "Never again will the Jewish people be powerless and supplicants for our fate and our very survival. Never again."
Two heads of state delivered speeches last week in Washington, D.C. They spoke from the same podium on consecutive days. The subject was the right of a sovereign nation to defend itself from a country run by radical Islamic fundamentalists that may soon possess nuclear weapons and has vowed to use them against its sworn enemy in order to eliminate it from the face of the earth.
One of the speakers was Barack Obama, president of the United States.
The other was Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the free world.
Wall St. Journal writes: You have to marvel at Fonda, Morgan and Steinem's chutzpah in comparing Limbaugh to Goebbels and then, in the very next sentence, denouncing him for using a Nazi analogy. The technical term for this sort of thing is "comedy gold." 

The New York Post writes: For Attorney General Eric Holder, life must present a hellish vista of pervasive racist practices.
Wherever he goes, people are required to show identification. When cashing a check. When signing up for a library card. When boarding a plane. When entering certain office buildings. When checking into hotels. When (in the case of the youthful-looking) buying a beer or cigarettes, or entering a bar.
The tyranny of the photo ID is so all-encompassing that people can’t enter Holder’s own Justice Department without showing one.
Holder is outraged that in a nation where requests for photo ID are ubiquitous, more and more states are requiring that people show them when they vote.
Before his next speech, Holder should bone up on the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision in 2008 upholding Indiana’s voter-ID law. The liberal Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the majority opinion. The court held that “there is no question about the legitimacy or importance of the state’s interest in counting only the votes of eligible voters,” and “we cannot conclude that the statute imposes ‘excessively burdensome requirements’ on any class of voters.”  Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/the_make_believe_tyranny_of_photo_3L12BQMaZ6Bi0oBHTyvbvI#ixzz1ozvU9P6L

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