Friday, April 27, 2012

The ends justifies the means; Fast & Furious' grenades; Fighter planes' blueprints stolen by China; Obama has your back; Calls for resignation of "crucify" EPA official; If I wanted America to fail; Illegals committing tax fraud;Taxpayer dollars to woo college students; Teachers decry retirement benefit changes

Obama wants to help Indonesians get advanced degrees from the United States. The problem? He will use your taxpayer money to do it.
This story was broken last month by but the Statement of Work (SOW) is published on
Indonesian nationals will benefit from this proposal because they get free education! US educational institutions will benefit because they get a new flurry of funds. But how does the average Joe taxpayer benefit from this?
And to add further insult, these Indonesian citizens with Masters degrees will compete for the same jobs as Americans and have the potential to stay in this country after gaining employment. Would it be a stretch to say this proposal could wind up taking jobs away from the American people?
Yahoo News reports: President Obama misrepresented the position of Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx on college debt. The president quoted Foxx as saying that she had “very little tolerance for people who tell me they graduate with debt.” But Foxx was speaking explicitly about those with very large amounts of debt, a fact that Obama omitted and that changes the meaning of the North Carolina congresswoman’s statement.
The sin of omission was in Obama’s speech in Boulder, Colo., as the president pushed for the extension of current federal student loan interest rates.
Obama, April 24: I want to read a quote. This is from a Republican congresswoman. I didn’t really understand this.  (Laughter.) I’m quoting her. She said that she has “very little tolerance for people who tell me they graduate with debt… because there’s no reason for that.”  She said, students who rack up student loan debt are just sitting on their butts, having opportunity “dumped in your lap.”
Here are the problems:  She SAID that student who have large amount of debt, not just student loan debt.  [Obama said he was QUOTING her, and then lied about what she said.  Obama then went on to suggest that people GOOGLE her, and snickered while he said it.  I believe this was once again inviting violence against one of his "enemies".]
THE PRESIDENT:  You guys can Google her or what have you.
Her true quote: I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that. We live in an opportunity society and people are forgetting that. I remind folks all the time that the Declaration of Independence says ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ You don’t sit on your butt and have it dumped in your lap. [Obama the divider, the hate-monger, the any-means-necessary-to-get-what-I-want President.]
Daily Caller reports: In a shocking development in the Operation Fast and Furious investigation, documents show Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents allowed grenade parts to walk in addition to guns.
The emails also show Obama administration officials acknowledging that they may lose track of grenades but would still be able to accomplish their original objective even if the grenades explode.
Read more:
CNS News reports: Intruders from China hacked into computers and stole the blueprints for America’s new joint strike fighter planes, the F-35 and F-22,  according to the chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management.

Breitbart reports: President Obama’s new campaign pitch is that Americans should have his back. He’s released posters via his campaign for African Americans for Obama; campaign email after campaign email has asked Americans to get Obama’s back. The implication in all of this: Obama has your back, so you should have his.

Daily Caller reports: Following in the footsteps of three of their colleagues, Texas Republican Rep. Pete Olson and Louisiana Republican Reps. Steve Scalise, Rodney Alexander, and Charles Boustany are calling for the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz.[He who said his strategy is to crucify the industry.]
“Administrator Armendariz has demonstrated a pattern of hostility toward the oil and gas industry in Texas,” Olson said. “The abuse of power has gone on long enough. Apparently, it didn’t satisfy him to deny Texas the opportunity to manage its own air permitting or oil and gas development. His recently revealed comments demonstrate his desire to rule by fear and intimidation. Texans deserve better — it’s time for Administrator Armendariz to be replaced.”
Sun Herald reports: Based on Paul Harvey’s seminal essay, “If I were the devil,” Free Market America’s provocative video-letter to America rings with the same thoughtful intensity. “If I wanted America to fail” addresses the perilous side-effects of hitching our nation’s economic well-being to the bandwagon of environmental extremism.  [Do yourself a favor.   Bookmark this for when you have 5 minutes, and then be sure to watch it!]  VIDEO LINK:

WTHR reports: Millions of illegal immigrants are getting a bigger tax refund than you. Eyewitness News shows a massive tax loophole that provides billions of dollars in tax credits to undocumented workers and, in many cases, people who have never stepped foot in the United States. And you are paying for it!  he loophole is called the Additional Child Tax Credit. It's a fully-refundable credit of up to $1000 per child, and it's meant to help working families who have children living at home.  
But 13 Investigates has found many undocumented workers are claiming the tax credit for kids who live in Mexico – lots of kids in Mexico.
"We've seen sometimes 10 or 12 dependents, most times nieces and nephews, on these tax forms," the whistleblower told Eyewitness News. "The more you put on there, the more you get back."  [And we want government to take over more programs?  How is that working out for us?]
Daily Caller reports: President Obama, his immediate aides and his cabinet secretaries have used taxpayer dollars to woo young voters at more than 130 universities and schools between March 2011 and March 2012, according to a survey of news reports and press releases reviewed by The Daily Caller.
National Review reports on poor Terry List: a teacher in Saginaw Township, Mich., has a depressing lesson for her students: “I would not recommend to my pupils to become a teacher in Michigan.”
What’s discouraging her? A proposed pension-reform bill in Michigan would derail her plans to retire — at age 47.
After these rapacious reforms, List would have to work another 16 years, to age 63, in order to earn her retiree health-care benefits. “I understand we have to tighten our belts,” she laments, “but we don’t have to use a tourniquet and cut off the blood supply entirely.” Under the reforms, such a tourniquet means she could still retire now and have a guaranteed income for the rest of her life, but she’d have to pay for her own health care until age 65 — like, you know, most Americans.

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