Friday, February 24, 2012

A report from the Reagan Day Dinner in Traverse City

At a recent Saturday night at the Grand Traverse Resort, Ronald Reagan was celebrated when nearly 400 Republicans gathered for dinner and time with state and potential federal politicians.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was there, speaking about the great success he and all Michigan residents have had in improving the financial conditions in Michigan.  U.S. Representative, Dr. Dan Benishek attended, and held a meet and greet prior to dinner.

  Each of the six candidates for the U.S. Senate seat of Debbie Stabenow spoke to the crowd.  The last of the candidates to speak was former candidate for Governor of Michigan, and former U.S. Representative and member of the House Intelligence Committee, Pete Hoekstra.  He complimented the other candidates, and stated that his colleagues had already outlined the domestic issues of this election, offering a vision of freedom and what will happen in American when government gets out of the way, and what America can and will be when we get more freedom.  He then delivered a rousing speech in which he criticized our current Commander-in-Chief.  He said: We asked our military [following 9/11] to go out in the world alone, and to risk their lives each and every day to keep us safe...... [And now Barack Obama] holds over their heads the possibility that they will be prosecuted [over normal war-time tactics they have been asked to perform].  Saying that during WWII our President told the military to go to Europe and Asia.  He didn't put a time line on it.  Go there and defeat the enemy and we will win and we will bring freedom to the rest of the world.  In Afghanistan, our military is risking their lives for what?  A timetable.  No one has defined what the job is.  It is unfair to ask them to go overseas to stay and to protect us and to defend us on a timeline!  If it is a timeline and not a mission - I'm sorry, come home today!"  He said it is wrong to have a timeline " so that this President can be reelected!"
  He noted that every time any President apologizes for America, as this President does with some frequency, the enemy is emboldened and America loses her stature.  His speech received a groundswell of enthusiasm and spoke not just to his candidacy, but to the safety of America - something we can all understand.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty capped off the evening with an endorsement of Mitt Romney for President.  Aside from his focus on Romney he asked us to look at the measure of a person - his values; his leadership; his requisite experience and judgment; whether he is grounded; and whether his heart and head are connected.
  He told the story of 10 year old Maylon whom he asked to speak to a crowd such as this about his beliefs.  Maylon said, "Well, Governor, if you keep taxes low, people have more money.  If people have more money, they'll buy more things.  If they buy more things, businesses will be busier; if businesses are busier, they will hire more workers. And those workers will have more money!"  Governor Pawlenty laments that this 10 year old boy understands more about the economy than does President Barack Obama.

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