Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adding $12 trillion to our debt; Criticizing politicians for supporting Obamacare abortion might be defamation; Polar bear population up 400%; Talk about defamation!; Obama's appointee to Commission on International Religious Freedom; Libya to get Embassy in D.C.; Local communites must combat violent extremism, not Washington; Thomas Sowell on poverty; Wind Farm kills 6 golden eagles

Redstate writes: Government spending is going above 25% of GDP.
Tax revenue, up until the last two years has averaged 18.5% GDP.
Today the Senate will vote on the compromise debt ceiling plan. If the plan is implemented to the letter as intended, we will add $12 trillion in debt over the next decade. 
World Net Daily reports: A federal judge who owes his lifetime appointment to Barack Obama today concluded that a pro-life organization whose leaders criticized a politician for supporting Obamacare for funding abortions just might be guilty of defamation – and possibly worthy of jail time.
The ruling comes from Judge Timothy S. Black in Cincinnati, who refused to dismiss a case brought by former Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus against the Susan B. Anthony List organization, which had criticized the congressman's vote for Obamacare.
Glenn Beck reveals: Remember the overdramatic Polar Bear commercial that claimed the bears can't find food any longer, they're drowning, they have no hunting grounds, mom bears are angry - all because of climate change. Well, here's the update: the basis of all these claims? Yeah, not exactly true. Polar Bear population has increased 400% in the meantime - get the full story
Thoughtsfromaconservative reports on various descriptions of Tea Party members: Politico has officially labeled us “terrorists”, complete with an image of a dollar sign-shaped bomb strapped to our chests:
NBC is echoing the hysteria, claiming that Tea Partiers are waging “economic terrorism”, “strapped with dynamite sitting in middle of Times Square at rush hour“:
TIME’s Joe Klein whines that “Osama bin Laden, if he were still alive, could not have come up with a more clever strategy for strangling our nation” than the Republican debt strategy.
The New York Times shrieks that the Tea Party is the “Hezbollah Faction’ of the GOP“.
And NewsBusters reports that the networks are deriding “Rebellious” “Hardline Conservatives” Creating “Chaos”.
This is what liberals consider “fair” and “balanced” reporting.
Another Politico opinion piece comparing the Tea Party to the Taliban.   These people have seriously lost all touch with reality.
UPDATE: NYT’s Maureen Dowd calls Tea Partiers “maniacal” “towel-snapping crazies”, “gargoyles”, “adamantine nihilists”, and “political suicide bombers“.   Classy.
Israel National News writes: Obama has announced the appointment of Azizah al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Al-Hibri (full name, Azizah Yahia Muhammad Toufiq al-Hibri) is a Muslim professor and the granddaughter of a Sheikh, who claims that the Koran inspired Thomas Jefferson and the Founders and that the Saudi criminal justice system is more moral than the American one because it accepts blood money from murderers.
Appointing a Muslim scholar to a commission on international religious freedom is only justifiable if that scholar recognized that much of the injustice in the world originates from Islamic law. But Al-Hibri has made her career whitewashing Islamic law and even presenting it as superior to American law.
Vision to America writes: The Obama administration is preparing to follow Britain in recognizing the rebel National Transitional Council as the official government of Libya by approving an embassy in Washington DC, which given the fact that the rebel army is spearheaded by Al-Qaeda militants who have killed U.S. troops would equate to Obama handing terrorists a diplomatic outpost on U.S. soil.
“The United States said Wednesday it was reviewing a request by Libya’s rebels to open an embassy in Washington, following Britain which expelled diplomats from Moamer Kadhafi’s regime,” reports AFP.
State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters that the U.S. would be “sympathetic” to the request, after which rebel supporters unfurled their flag outside the embassy where Gaddafi’s regime is still in control.

The AP writes: Local communities around the country are best suited to take on the challenge of combatting the kind of violent extremism that inspires people to kill, the Obama administration concludes in a new national plan to fight the threat of al-Qaida and other violent radicals at home.  [As far as I am concerned, we can start with President Obama, many Democrats in Congress, and the liberal left media - all of whom are habitually calling peaceful people terrorists.]
And although al-Qaida and like-minded groups pose the "most significant and direct" threat to the U.S., the strategy focuses on violent extremism of all varieties because violent ideologies change over time and "new threats will undoubtedly arise in the future," according to an unclassified draft of the strategy obtained by The Associated Press. It is expected to be released Wednesday.

The marvelous Thomas Sowell, an African American of the Hoover Institute opines: This is not just a question of semantics. The whole future of the welfare state depends on how poverty is defined. "The poor" are the human shields behind whom advocates of ever bigger spending for ever bigger government advance toward their goal.
If poverty meant what most people think of as poverty -- people "ill-clad, ill-housed, and ill-nourished," in Franklin D. Roosevelt's phrase -- there would not be nearly enough people in poverty today to justify the vastly expanded powers and runaway spending of the federal government.
Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has for years examined what "the poor" of today actually have -- and the economic facts completely undermine the political rhetoric. 
Virtually everyone living in "poverty," as defined by the government, has color television, and most have cable TV or satellite TV. More than three-quarters have either a VCR or a DVD player, and nearly nine-tenths have a microwave oven.
As for being "ill-housed," the average poor American has more living space than the general population -- not just the poor population -- of London, Paris and other cities in Europe.
But the political left hates means tests. If government programs were confined to people who were genuinely poor in some meaningful sense, that would shrink the welfare state to a fraction of its current size. The left would lose their human shields.
The LA Times reports: Federal authorities are investigating the deaths of at least six golden eagles at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Pine Tree Wind Project in the Tehachapi Mountains, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Tuesday.

So far, no wind-energy company has been prosecuted by federal wildlife authorities in connection with the death of birds protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. A prosecution in the Pine Tree case could cause some rethinking and redesigning of this booming alternative energy source. Facilities elsewhere also have been under scrutiny, according to a federal official familiar with the investigations.

"Wind farms have been killing birds for decades and law enforcement has done nothing about it, so this investigation is long overdue,",0,2891547.story

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