Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homegrown Terrorists; Quaranic Open University; Islamic "Justice" = Stoning to Death; Britain's Islamic Schools' Course Work; Saudi Arabia Engineering Obama's Response; TSA Scans Still Not Proven Safe

ABC News writes: The threat of terrorism is at "its most heightened state" since the 9/11 attacks nearly a decade ago, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said today. 
"One of the most striking elements of today's threat picture is that plots to attack America increasingly involve American residents and citizens," Napolitano said, referring to so-called homegrown terrorists fueled by the Internet and connections with operatives overseas.
More than two dozen Americans have been arrested on terrorism charges in the past two years, according to government statistics.

CALIPHATE: The expressed ambition of Shia and Sunni Radical Muslims to build a Islamic kingdom or "caliphate" that will encompass the Middle East and North Africa, and then Europe, and then North America, and then the entire world. Netanyahu did not say the caliphate would be achieved, but he rightly warned that this is what the Radicals want to achieve.  Excerpts from PM Netanyahu's address:"Here's what Iran is doing today. It's in Afghanistan; it's in Iraq; it's in the Yemen; it's pretty much taken over Lebanon; it's taken over Gaza; it's in the Horn of Africa; it's even sending its tentacles to the Western Hemisphere, penetrating Latin America. This is what Iran is doing today without nuclear weapons. Imagine what they will do tomorrow with nuclear weapons. Iran already has missiles that reach well beyond Israel. They're not developing these long-range missiles for us; they can reach us. They're developing it for you, to reach you. . I urge you not to underestimate this threat to our common civilization. It's hard for people to understand, especially for Westerners. It's hard for them to understand fanaticism -- especially if sometimes it wears a suit and a tie, or a suit without a tie. It's very hard to understand that. But it's there.  Israeli PM Netanyahu warns a conference of Europeans of the threat of a new "caliphate."  Joel C. Rosenberg is the New York Times best-selling author of five novels-The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, and Dead Heat-and two nonfiction books, Epicenter and Inside the Revolution
[Are we awake yet to the possibilities?  Back in 2009, from the Sean Hannity show, came a video which shows one of the 35 terrorist training camps in the United States, sponsored by Muslims of America, the sister organization for one in the Middle East.  Promoted by Sheik Galani, who is accepted as a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, the video shows secretly taped clips of their terror training.  When asked to watch the video for possible condemnation, the leader of one camp said, "What's wrong with that?"  Due to our federal and state Constitutions, our police are banned from doing anything, even though they have confirmed that they in some cases have weapons of mass destruction!.  The tape shows this Sheik saying in the video: "You can reach us at the Quaranic  Open University offices."

[Still think Islam is a religion of peace?  Well, maybe when citizens are terrified of doing anything, there is peace of a sort.]  The UK Daily Mail shares with us: Stoned to death with her lover: Horrific video of execution of girl, 19, killed by Afghan Taliban for running away from arranged marriage [I suggest to you that you take my word for it, because the photos are so sickening.  The Taliban have no concern for human life, and it has been said that one cannot reason with someone who wants us dead.  This girl was put 4 ft. down in a pit prior to being stoned and then shot.  Her lover was next to receive Taliban justice.  Aren't they such a civilized group?  I suggest also that you read the book The Haj by Leon Uris to learn what the Muslims are all about.  It is a compelling historical novel. And do remember that the Muslims want to see their flag flying over our White House] Read more: 

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Yesterday the highly-respected, non-partisan Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s released its projection that in 2030 Britain will have a Muslim population of 5.5 million people, roughly 8.2 per cent of the total population.


Fox News reveals: Islamic schools across Britain are reportedly teaching their students how to cut off thieves’ hands and that Jews are plotting to take over the world.
One textbook given to 15-year-old students outlines physical punishments for violating Shariah law, according to BBC.
“For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence,” the book says.
Diagrams are given to teenagers detailing where the amputations should be made, The Telegraph reports.
Investigative TV show “Panorama” on BBC One will reportedly present evidence Wednesday night that the textbooks were uncovered at a network of 40 private schools that teach a Saudi Arabian national curriculum.
Fox News reports: Saudi Arabia has threatened to prop up embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak if the Obama administration tries to force a swift change of regime in Egypt, The Times of London reported Thursday.
In a testy personal telephone call on Jan. 29, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah reportedly told President Obama not to humiliate Mubarak and warned that he would step in to bankroll Egypt if the U.S. withdrew its aid program, worth $1.5 billion annually.
America's closest ally in the Gulf made clear that the Egyptian president must be allowed to stay on to oversee the transition towards peaceful democracy and then leave with dignity.
USA Today reports: The Transportation Security Administration has told members of Congress that more than 15 million passengers received full-body scans at airports without any malfunctions that put travelers at risk of an excessive radiation dose.
Despite the reassurance, however, the TSA has yet to release radiation inspection reports for its X-ray equipment — two months after lawmakers called for them to be made public following USA TODAY's requests to review the reports.

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