Friday, September 17, 2010

Tax Breaks for All; New EPA Rule Would Bankrupt Coal Industry; Government Benefits SEIU; Australian Tea Party; Extreme Judicial Nominees; Why Businesses Sit on Cash

Thirty-one House Democrats, most of whom face tough re-election bids this fall, have signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer urging them to extend expiring tax breaks for all income levels, including the wealthy.
The Washington Examiner writes: Thomas Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research (IER), an industry-backed think tank, said the new EPA rule "will bankrupt the coal industry and cause electricity prices to 'necessarily skyrocket,' fulfilling two more promises President Obama made while running for office. The magnitude of this EPA decision on new and renewal permits in Appalachia will cost American jobs and put mom and pop operators out of business." 
Pyle was referring to Obama's 2008 statement that his energy and environmental policies would "necessarily skyrocket" consumer costs for energy.
Big Green environmentalists are pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to ban "mountaintop removal" coal mining. To that end, the enviros have organized a vintage politically correct national pr campaign dubbed "Music Saves Mountaintops" featuring part country music and part the usual Natural Resources Defense Council agitprop.
The slogan of the campaign is "Save a Mountain, build a wind mill," referring to the contention of President Obama and his Big Green allies that alternative energy sources like wind can replace energy generated by fossil fuels. Eighty-seven percent of America's energy is currently produced using coal, natural gas and oil.

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Big Government reveals: It seems no matter where you these days it is easy to find another rule of law or procedure bent by this government to the benefit of SEIU.
FEC law specifically prohibits threats of financial reprisals in an effort to obtain PAC (Political Action Committee) contributions. Not only does SEIU threaten every local member that their PAC contributions must meet SEIU national Headquarters’ goal; SEIU brazenly made it a part of the union’s constitution.
Under this scheme, SEIU political planners notify each local of its PAC contribution goal.  If that PAC goal is not achieved, then the local receives a reduction in its allocation of forced dues money equal to the PAC shortage plus 50%. Looks like threats with financial reprisals.
Not only did the FEC ignore FEC rules in dismissing of the NRTW complaint; it hid its reasoning for dismissing the complaint until well past the 60-day deadline, thus prohibiting the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation an opportunity to challenge the FEC dismissal in U.S. District Court.
For some, rules do not apply.
The Australian writes: the Australian T.E.A. Party (an acronym for Taxed Enough Already) will be targeting pre-selections across the country and heavily promotes its links to "our friends" in the United States.
The Washington Times opines:  President Obama sent another reminder on Monday about the importance of this fall's Senate races by resubmitting five judicial nominations so extreme as to be alien to the American experience.
All five nominations were held up for months because not even many Democrats want to go on the record voting for their confirmation. The nominations officially lapsed when the Senate recessed for more than 30 days in August. Rather than letting them die quietly and without embarrassment, the president renominated them - as if to emphasize his utter disdain for the usual American norms of justice.
The five radical judicial nominees are:
Robert N. Chatigny, a federal district judge from Connecticut, showed bizarre sympathy for a serial rapist-murderer, saying his "sexual sadism" was a "mitigating factor" rather than reason to punish him to the extent of the law.
Federal magistrate Edward M. Chen of San Francisco objected to the singing of "America the Beautiful" at a funeral because of his "feelings of ambivalence and cynicism when confronted by appeals to patriotism." He also once explained that a judge should "draw upon the breadth and depth of their own life experience. ... Inevitably, one's ethnic and racial background contributes to those life experiences." So much for a neutral arbiter of justice.
University of California at Berkeley law professor Goodwin W. Liu likewise has argued that the judiciary should be "a culturally situated interpreter of social meaning" and that there is a constitutional right to welfare.
And From Forbes: When U.S., corporations sit on more than $800 billion without creating jobs, when banks hoard more than $1 trillion in profits without lending to small businesses and consumers  and when health insurance companies with tens of billions in profits demand huge premium increases, there are only two words to describe such greed says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:
“Economic treason!”
 [Is this where Juan Williams of Fox News got the notion that businesses who are sitting on cash are part of the cause of this recession?]
it’s even worse. U.S. corporations actually hold a trillion more than you say — $1.8 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve.
Does anyone in the AFL-CIO’s donut lounge pause to ask why corporations aren’t hiring or banks lending? Of course, you would have to talk to a real employer or banker to get the answers. I have. Here is what they say: 
1. Corporations aren’t hiring because Congress and the Obama Administration, particularly with health care, have made it costlier to do so in a time of slowing growth.
2. Banks aren’t lending because small business is getting kicked in the teeth. The survivors are playing defense.
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  1. Obama is beyond despicable ! Radical judges; more costs for energy; his union buddies with their intimidation just never ends, because in his CORE he really does hate American values, the capitalist system and our (previous) form of government...He is absolutely corrupt in every sense of the word. We must vote his friends out in November, and then him in 2012! Save our Country !