Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gulf of Mexico Drilling Permits; Global Warming Causes Lack of Snowfall; Global Warming Causes Historic Snowfall; Cap & Tax in CA is Halted by Judge; Earth's Wobble Causes All Climate Change; America About to Give Up Ownership of our Oceans

Michigan Capitol Confidential writes: Contract negotiations between the administration and unions began in October 2009. The teachers’ union contract expired Aug. 31, 2010.
West Bloomfield teachers do not do any premium sharing for health insurance and do not have a deductible in their plan, Andrees said.
“The district can no longer afford to pay for everything,” Andrees said. “The money is not there now. I can not continue that practice.”
The total compensation of a West Bloomfield teacher grew 173 percent over an 11-year period, going from $47,346 to $129,637, according to information that was presented at a school board meeting in December.
The teacher’s salary started at $31,881 in 1999-00 and grew to $85,836 in 2010-11. Meanwhile, insurance payments climbed from $9,309 to $19,304 per year, and retirement contributions jumped from $3,717 to $16,854 per year.
A handful of states, including Massachusetts, are considering abolishing their presidential primaries — mainly because there's not enough money in the budget.: ttp://
Repealing the new national healthcare law would result in gross savings of $1.4 trillion, a new report by the Congressional Budget Office finds. During the health care debate, Democrats were hard pressed to keep up with President Obama's promise that the legislation would cost "around $900 billion." So they employed the gimmick of delaying the major spending provisions until 2014 to make the legislation appear cheaper within the CBO's ten-year budget window, then 2010 through 2019.
American Spectator writes: Over at NRO, Jay Nordlinger makes an incredibly good point: Barack Obama should be urging calm in Wisconsin, no matter WHAT side of the underlying issue he is on. It is not just unpresidential of him, but despicable, for him in effect to be urging on the mass demonstrations.These are dangerous times. The Obama left will not go quietly into that good night. And they will not let their targets sleep quietly at night. They want their targets -- in the Wisconsin legislature, and at Speaker Boehner's house, and, watch, in other places as well -- to feel fear of the mob.
They have Saul Alinsky. We have James Madison and George Washington. We win, they lose.
The Washington Times ran this Editorial: Message to Wisconsin taxpayers: President Obama and the Democratic National Committee have declared war on you. Message to other states: You're next.
The political unrest in Wisconsin, billed as some kind of grass-roots uprising, is being organized and directed by Barack Obama's Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee. This development is consistent with Mr. Obama's instructions for supporters to "get in the face" of those who oppose them, but in this case, they are seeking to derail a lawful legislative process.
Floyd Reports: In 2006, the United Nations decided it was time to explore “the feasibility, scope and draft parameters for a comprehensive, legally binding instrument establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional weapons.”

The Bush administration voted against the creation of this proposed Arms Trade Treaty, believing that such oversight would be more productive on a national level. But on October 30th, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama reversed course, quite possibly turning the sovereignty of the United States, its Constitution and the rights of its gun owning public over to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the member states....
Newsmax writes: U.S. offshore energy regulators have 30 days to act on five Gulf of Mexico drilling permits that the Obama administration’s offshore drill bans have delayed unreasonably, a New Orleans judge ruled today.
“The government is under a duty to act by either granting or denying a permit application within a reasonable time,” U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman said in his ruling. “Not acting at all is not a lawful option.”
[Here is hilarious video from 2007 when two Democrats explain that that's year's lack of snowfall was caused by global warming, adding that 70% of our snow pack will disappear.  This year, of course, we are told that all this extreme cold and record-breaking snowfalls are caused by - global warming!]
Big Government writes: Judge Halts Implementation of CA's Cap and Tax:
The voters of California even had an opportunity last year to put the brakes on it at the ballot box with Proposition 23, but the environmental left spent millions fighting the proposition. Considering their unemployment rate is well over 12% here, the California voters essentially supported assisted economic-suicide of their own state.
A challenge to the law, based on other environmental laws, specifically CEQA, (the California Environmental Quality Act), finally prompted a judge to halt the law’s implementation. CEQA says that legislation that has an impact on the economy or the environment has to be analyzed for less destructive alternatives. Such an analysis was not adequately done according to the judge. CEQA was signed by then Governor Ronald Reagan.  (May he rest in peace.)
The group that brought the legal challenge to the law was the Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment,  This group claims to defend minorities from the ravages of the environment. They thought the legislation was too business friendly!
The judge's ruling is now an opening for the business community to permanently defeat this law. The California Air Resources Board, one of the state’s largest and most unaccountable agencies has to now study and find alternative solutions to reducing green house gases.
[Following is an amazing study which some of you may enjoy reading.  It actually takes away from man the power to do anything to disrupt our climate.]  A Danish study published in the scientific journal Geology, found strong correlation between climate change, weather patterns and the magnetic field.  The magnetic field drives weather to a significant degree and when that field starts migrating superstorms start erupting.
"The earth's climate has been significantly affected by the planet's magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Monday that could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming.
According to some geologists and scientists, we have left the last interglacial period behind us. Those periods are lengths of time—about 11,500 years—between major Ice Ages.
One of the most stunning signs of the approaching Ice Age is what's happened to the world's precessional wobble. And the Earth stopped wobbling—exactly as predicted as another strong sign of an imminent Ice Age.
So, the start of a new Ice Age is marked by a magnetic pole reversal, increased volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, colder winters, superstorms and the halting of the Earth's precessional wobble.  [And there is nothing we can do to blame ourselves or to stop it?]

The Intel Hub writes:  US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal. HR 3534 (CLEAR Act).HR 3534 is a thinly disguised permanent roadblock to American energy which drives American companies out of the Gulf, delays future drilling, increases dependency on foreign oil, implements climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate.

The House passed the CLEAR Act (HR 3534)  209-193, July 30, 2010. This bill was originally introduced July 8, 2009, but was resurrected by the recent Deep Water Horizon oil spill crisis.  According to, a debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill.
Truth is, HR 3534 could have been stopped in the House and wasn’t.  Why? Because 21 absent Republicans chose not to show up for this critical vote, while another REP just voted Present: 
The Consolidated Land, Energy, Aquatic Restoration Act of 2009 (aka:  CLEAR Act, HR 3534) gives away ownership of America’s oceans to the United Nations, and sectors America into nine geographic areas.  This bill possesses a cap and trade/climate change component as well.
America will be forced to become a member of the UN Law of the Sea Treaty (aka: LOST), circumventing the normal two-thirds U.S. Senate vote necessary for ratification of any treaty.  This was accomplished surreptitiously via Section 106 of the bill, which specifies that Executive Orders, rules, regulations, directives or delegations of authority that precede the effective date of this act are applicable to the CLEAR Act.
It just so happens two important documents did precede the  CLEAR Act. Documents that contain the deleterious intent and scope of the bill:  Obama’s Stewardship of the Oceans, Our Coasts and the Great Lakes Executive Order, July 19, 2010, and the Interim Report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, July 10, 2009.  Look at the time line very closely:


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