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FL election law applies to everyone but Barack Obama; Seven states refuse to set up health exchanges; 2/3 of voters see change - for worse; Will Eric Holder lose his law license?; The Presedent's "I" language; Is Obama's goose cooked?; Is McDonalds an appropriate Olympic sponsor?; Unemployment rate; Where was Obama born?; More women and blacks unemployed; 219 Republican health care bills passed; New Obamacare taxes; IRS would be "easiest enforcer of penalties"; AZ considers right to overrule federal laws; Contempt for those who disagree; Benefits of radiation; Obama promises unmet

  • A Circuit Court has decided that Florida election law applies to everyone but Barack Hussein Obama. In response to a suit brought by Florida resident and Democrat Party member Michael Voeltz challenging Obama’s eligibility to the Florida ballot, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that Florida election law “…is not applicable to the nomination of a candidate for Office of President of the United States.”  This means that the Florida Statute which says, “the… nomination of any person to office…may be contested in the circuit court…by any elector or any taxpayer…” is null and void when it comes to Mr. Obama’s nomination to the presidency.
    “If the plaintiff was challenging the candidate’s eligibility for any other office, his analysis would be correct and [the law] would apply,” said Lewis of Voeltz’s suit. However, according to the Judge, “…Political parties determine their [presidential] nominee at a national convention pursuant to rules that the parties draft and approve…”  In short, Mr. Voeltz’s contest of Barack Obama’s eligibility will NEVER be permitted in a Florida court; for voters do not nominate the president, political parties do in balloon filled convention halls! With this ruling, Lewis has spared Barack Obama the necessity of having to prove his eligibility for office as no Florida voter will have the right to question it, the language of the state’s election law notwithstanding!
    Now that conservatives and libertarians are beginning to recover from the injuries they sustained by banging their heads against walls, desks, and other hard objects on June 28, perhaps it's a good time to introduce a ray of hope that might have seemed absurdly Pollyannaish during the dark hours immediately following the Supreme Court's surreal Obamacare ruling. Although the voters can put an end to the madness on November 6, the states don't need to wait until Election Day to take aim at a point of vulnerability that remains in place despite the Court's latest caprice. They can refuse to implement the law's insurance exchanges.
    Well, as the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon succinctly puts it, "Without these bureaucracies, Obamacare cannot work." And, oddly enough, the law doesn't actually require states to set up these "marketplaces." Moreover, there is no rational incentive for them to do so. If a state sets up an exchange, it then must pay for it, which won't be cheap. Cannon writes, "States that opt to create an exchange can expect to pay anywhere from $10 million to $100 million per year to run it." This is a burden that the states, most of which are already in deep financial trouble, are not likely to embrace with enthusiasm.  [To read of the seven states which have refused to set up insurance exchanges, read here:]
    Two-thirds of likely voters say President Obama has kept his 2008 campaign promise to change America — but it’s changed for the worse, according to a sizable majority.
    Attorney General Eric Holder could lose his license to practice law in the District of Columbia, or face some other penalty from the D.C. Bar, now that he has been found in criminal and civil contempt of Congress.
    Last week, the bloggers who first exposed Operation Fast and Furious, Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea, filed a formal complaint with the Washington, D.C. Office of Bar Counsel alleging that Holder committed “professional misconduct” during the congressional investigation into the scandal.
    Speaking in Sandusky, Ohio on July 5, President Barack Obama used the first-person pronouns “I” and “me” a combined 117 times in a speech that lasted about 25 minutes and 32 seconds.
    But what change? Taxing rich people won’t create jobs. Neither will bashing Bain Capital. Obama is surrounded by leftist campaign advisers. And it’s hard to see them shifting gears to something constructive like making a summer deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for a year, or heaven forbid backing off the 20-some-odd tax hikes embodied in Obamacare.
    In other words, Obama’s goose may already be cooked.
    Top Olympics officials questioned whether it was appropriate to allow fast-food chain McDonald’s to continue sponsoring the games amid mounting concern about the global obesity crisis, the International Olympic Committee president has admitted.
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  • The youth unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds specifically (NSA) for June 2012 is 12.8 percent.
  • The declining labor participation rate has created an additional 1.735 million young adults that are not counted as “unemployed” by BLS because they are not in the labor force, meaning that those young people have given up looking for work due to the lack of jobs.
  • If the labor force participation rate were factored into the overall 18-29 youth unemployment calculation, the actual 18-29-unemployment rate would rise to 16.8 percent (NSA).
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  • This should go on a bumper sticker (from the Internet)
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  • The unemployment rate for white men and women was unchanged at 7.4 percent, while 184,000 more black American's went without a job in June, for an unemployment rate of 14.4 percent.

    780,000 More Women Unemployed Today Than When Obama Took Office


    The Republican Study Committee has listed on their website the 219 bills passed by our Republican House of Representatives having to do with improvements in health care, contrary to what the Democrats are saying about them not providing any alternatives. 


    [Just for openers:] Obamacare contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses. Arranged by their respective sizes according to CBO scores, below is the total list of all $500 billion-plus in tax hikes (over the next ten years) in Obamacare, their effective dates, and where to find them in the bill.

    $123 Billion: Surtax on Investment Income (Takes effect Jan. 2013): A new, 3.8 percent surtax on investment income earned in households making at least $250,000 ($200,000 single). This would result in the following top tax rates on investment income:

    Capital Gains


    Despite claiming Obamacare was “not a tax,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the Internal Revenue Service would be the “easiest enforcer” of penalties against those who refuse to comply with the new health care law.
    “The way we usually think of taxation, Wolf, is that taxation as the IRS administers is collected on broad swaths and large categories of individuals,” Wasserman Schultz said. “This is a penalty that will be assessed on the tax return if you choose to roll the dice and make us all pay for your being irresponsible and increase all of our health care costs.”
    “We’re not going to tolerate that any more in America. You have to be responsible and you have to pay a penalty if you choose not to be,” she added.
    However, that could only mark the beginning of a massive expansion of the IRS as a result of Obamacare. Back in 2010 it was reported that as many as 16,500 extra armed IRS agents were being hired to harass Americans into complying with the new mandates.
    Congressman Ron Paul responded by asking why so many armed agents were required to enforce a law that the Obama administration has promoted as beneficial to the American people.
    “16,500 armed bureaucrats coming to make this program work – if it was a good program and everybody liked it, you wouldn’t need 16,500 thugs coming with their guns and putting you in jail if you didn’t follow all the rules,” said Paul.
     Voters could get the right to overrule federal laws and mandates under the terms of an initiative filed late Thursday. The Arizona Constitution already says the federal Constitution "is the supreme law of the land." This measure, if approved in November, it would add language saying that federal document may not be violated by any government -- including the federal government.
    More to the point, it would allow Arizonans "to reject any federal action that they determine violates the United States Constitution."
    That could occur through a vote of the state House and Senate with consent of the governor.
    But that also could occur through a popular vote on a ballot measure, effectively allowing voters to decide which federal laws they feel infringe on Arizona's rights as a sovereign state.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [The topic here is that Maria Sharapova may have benefited from the radiation from Chernoble]: Chernobyl nuclear disaster has spawned a generation of "mutant" super brainy children.  Kids growing up in areas damaged by radiation from the plant have a higher IQ and faster reaction times, say Russian doctors.  They are also growing faster and have stronger immune systems.  Radiation from the Ukrainian Chernobyl plant swept the globe and affected more than seven million people.  Professor Vladimir Mikhalev from Bryansk State University has tracked the health of youngsters growing up in areas hit by the fallout since the 1986 accident.  He compared their mental agility and health to those in unaffected areas and found they came out tops in tests. (1)
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------arack Obama has an accountability problem. It’s not simply that during the 2008 campaign he made extravagant promises to heal the planet, slow the rise of the oceans, end political divisions in America, and usher in an era of hope and change. It’s that as a candidate and in the early days of his presidency, Obama and his top aides made a series of very specific promises on a range of issues.


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