Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers movie; Illegals receiving fraudulent "additional child tax credits"; Obama cancels trip to company owned by Abu Dhabi; Our gift of cell phones to the poor; Governor Walker leading in Wisconsin; We rely on China for elements we have in America; Real unemployment rate is 14.5%; Bake sales banned in Massachusetts; London Olympics heavily guarded; Voter fraud an accepted way to win elections

The basic plot of "The Avengers" [movie] is that the freedom-defending superheroes have united to try to stop the totalitarian, big-government-loving Loki from subjugating all of humankind.
Like Obama, the despot-wannabe Loki is fond of giving speeches. Also like President Obama, he picks Germany to wax Marxist.
After terrifying and then herding hundreds of theater-goers into a public square, Loki demands that they kneel before him. When they do, he proceeds to give what will become the most quoted political speech of 2012 — precisely because it so eerily echoes the words and theology of the president and his mentor Saul Alinsky.
Says Loki to the cowering crowd now kneeling before him:
"I come with glad tidings of a world made free — from freedom. Freedom is life's great lie. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. Is this not simpler? Is this not your natural state?
"It is the unspoken truth of humanity: that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end ... you will always kneel."
Bingo. The Obama-Alinsky philosophy in one liberty-destroying sound bite.  [Coming just after the anti-big government movie Hunger Games, our President must not be so happy with at least part of Hollywood - and in an election year no less!] http://license.icopyright.net/user/viewFreeUse.act?fuid=MTYxNjEyNTQ=

The veteran lawmaker is responding to what 13 Investigates discovered all across Indiana: illegal immigrants getting big tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service thanks to a loophole in federal law.
MORE: Tax loophole costs billions
The loophole allows undocumented workers to collect what's called an additional child tax credit. The credit – up to $1,000 per child – can be claimed even by families who pay nothing in taxes, in many cases resulting in a cash payment from the IRS. It is intended for working families with children who live in the same home.
But a local tax preparer came to Eyewitness News to blow the whistle on millions of people who, he believes, are taking advantage of the system. He says many illegal immigrants are claiming the tax credit for children who've never lived in this country, and he showed 13 Investigates dozens of redacted tax returns to prove his point. http://www.wthr.com/story/17861738/will-lawmakers-act-to-close-tax-loophole-for-illegal-immigrants?clienttype=printable
President Obama is heading to Albany tomorrow for a much-anticipated visit highlighting jobs, at which he's now touring the NanoTech Complex, a center that gets heavy praise in the upstate New York area.
It's a switch from where he was originally heading, GlobalFoundries, a computer chip plant that's been the subject of a number of profiles, and which employs about 1,300 people.
But it's also a company that is owned by the Abu Dhabi government. http://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-haberman/2012/05/obamas-ny-visit-originally-included-firm-with-abu-122649.html
No one likes paying cell phone bills. What if you could get a free phone with a calling plan whose cost was paid by the federal government? What if you could have eight free cell phones? You can, and people do, Rep. Tim Griffin told The Daily Caller. The annual bill runs over $1 billion, and he’s trying to stop it.
The federal government started the Lifeline program to provide phones to low-income Americans. It originally provided only landlines, but cell phones were added several years ago.
“That’s when the program absolutely exploded and has become a nightmare,” Griffin said in a phone interview with TheDC. Calling it “Uncle Sam’s unlimited plan,” the Arkansas Republican has proposed a bill that would scale back the program to its original form: landlines only.
“People are not only getting [one free cell phone], they’re getting multiples. There are reports of people getting 10, 20, 30 — just routinely getting more than one, selling them, storing them up, whatever,” Griffin said.
“And they’re not just phones that are able to dial 911. They’re smartphones. They’re the type of phones that you and I pay hundreds of dollars a month to have contracts for.”
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/06/ariz-congressman-wants-to-disconnect-1-billion-free-cell-phone-program/#ixzz1uCqCAmZM
Richard Trumka, head of a labor union devoted to recalling Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., began spinning the prospect of Walker winning even as the Democratic primary draws to a close.
"It's not a test-run [for labor]," Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, told Newsmakers when asked about his efforts to defeat Walker. "They're going to spend more money probably in Wisconsin -- the Koch brothers and Karl Rove and everybody -- than they're going to do in most other states," Trumka also said, as he said a Walker victory would not have any bearing on President Obama's prospects in the state.
Trumka argued that, whether Walker wins or loses, the unions have already succeeded in intimidating other state legislatures and governors into avoiding the union reforms that Walker undertook.
"Would you like to take this fight on?" he asked, rhetorically. "A year after you were in office, woudl you like to be in the fight of your life, spending $25-30 million to hold onto a seat that you were supposed to have for four years . . . would that embolden you? Not if you're sane and rational it wouldn't."  [This is another fine example of intimidation tactics being used when ideological ones fail.]  http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/trumka-lowers-expectations-scott-walker-fight/524891
Strategic minerals that are essential components in green and high technology such as hybrid cars, iPods and solar panels are readily available in the U.S. but efforts to mine the elements are being stalled by bureaucrats for years, industry officials say.

“The United States is heavily reliant on foreign countries such as China for critical minerals that are the building blocks of our economy and imperative to renewable energy development, military technology and the manufacturing of nearly all of our electronic devices,” said Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), chairman of the House Resources Committee.

There are 15 such rare earth minerals worth more than $6 trillion, including terbium, yttrium and dysprosium that are found throughout the U.S.
 To increase access, Republican lawmakers are supporting legislation called the Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act that they say tackles the highest hurdle of getting the needed permits to begin mining operations. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=51301
The “real” unemployment rate – a broader, more inclusive measure of the country’s jobless picture than the one usually used – remained unchanged at 14.5 percent in April, as the economy created a paltry 115,000 jobs.
Known formally as the U-6 unemployment rate, this measure includes those formally counted as unemployed, those known to be marginally attached to the workforce, and those who are working part-time because they cannot find full-time work http://cnsnews.com/news/article/real-unemployment-rate-remains-145-percent
Bake sales, the calorie-laden standby cash-strapped classrooms, PTAs and booster clubs rely on, will be outlawed from public schools as of Aug. 1 as part of new no-nonsense nutrition standards, forcing fundraisers back to the blackboard to cook up alternative ways to raise money for kids.
At a minimum, the nosh clampdown targets so-called “competitive” foods — those sold or served during the school day in hallways, cafeterias, stores and vending machines outside the regular lunch program, including bake sales, holiday parties and treats dished out to reward academic achievement. But state officials are pushing schools to expand the ban 24/7 to include evening, weekend and community events such as banquets, door-to-door candy sales and football games. http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view/20220507parents_rules_half-baked_states_junk_food_ban_could_take_bite_out_of_school_fundraisers/srvc=home&position=0
Forget the excitement of the sporting performances at the London 2012 Olympics. The Government’s decision to stage the biggest-ever peacetime display of the nation’s military firepower is set to rival anything the world’s leading athletes can offer at the various Olympic venues.
In scenes reminiscent of the Blitz, a new generation of heavily armed Typhoon interceptors and anti-aircraft missile batteries will be stationed among the city’s residential districts ready to shoot down any rogue plane at a moment’s notice.
The majestic reaches of the River Thames will provide temporary shelter for the Royal Navy’s largest warship, HMS Ocean, where teams of Royal Marines will be on 24-hour standby to deal with a terrorist attack. And in the city itself highly trained Special Forces units will mingle with the crowds on the look-out for suspicious characters. Heaven help the playful parent who uses a water pistol to cool down their over-excitable children in the summer heat. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/pakistan/9250307/A-frontier-far-away-holds-the-key-to-our-Olympics-security.html
The Left seeks fundamental structural change to our entire form of government. In keeping with their amoral, means-justifies-ends philosophy, they will register any voters, dead or alive, legal or illegal, who will then vote as many times as possible, in order to establish a “permanent progressive majority.” As two New York Democrats recently caught in a vote fraud scandal told police, “voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections…”
This strategy has been under development for decades. They have constructed an entire industry devoted to this task and pursue a multifaceted strategy to accomplish it:
1. Swamp election officials with overwhelming numbers of registrations at the last possible minute, a huge proportion of which are deliberately fraudulent, in order to create systematic chaos. This accomplishes numerous goals:
2. Activists sue state authorities for “voter suppression,” creating further chaos and pressuring them to become de facto taxpayer-funded voter registration operations;
3. Eric Holder’s Justice Department tacitly supports voter intimidation tactics, sues states and backs private lawsuits, and resists reform as “voter suppression.”
4. Leftist echo chamber discredits allegations of vote fraud, supports “suppression” theme, and promotes advantageous legislation.
The ultimate goal is a systematized, taxpayer-funded voting machinery that will guarantee maximum participation from the Left’s voting demographic while undermining the ability to manage elections and prevent fraud.  [Read the fascinating details here, and sign up locally to be a poll watcher:}  http://www.aim.org/special-report/the-lefts-national-vote-fraud-strategy-exposed/


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