Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obama to Russia; Constitution's loss; Unfair to legal immigrants; Obama Interior Secretary threatens to punch reporter because of his question; Obama phones' part in election turnout

"US President Barack Obama has confirmed plans to visit Russia at the invitation of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Russian president’s spokesman said on Tuesday," the Russian outlet reports. "Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Obama made the statement when Putin called a second time to congratulate the US president on his reelection."  [And Obama DID promise "more flexibility" after his reelection, after all.

Obama win is Constitution's loss

Then, President Barack Obama went far beyond his predecessor’s administration to become the most destructive uprooter of our Constitution in our nation’s history.
Growing up as a student at Boston Latin School, one of whose alumni was Samuel Adams, a firebrand of our American Revolution, I read American history with excitement. I learned how we always overcame grimly looming threats to our self-governing republic to become a beacon to the world.
But never did I even imagine that an American president, without insuring due process in a court of law, would – as Obama does – use a kill list to target suspected terrorists for assassination. So far this list has also included three American citizens.

Defiant and reflective, 80-year-old Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Breitbart News after winning re-election that he has a message for President Barack Obama: granting amnesty to illegal immigrants is unfair to legal immigrants.

And Arpaio would like to discuss amnesty -- along with border security issues -- with Obama “man to man” directly at the White House. He would also like to reach out to Hispanic groups he said have misunderstood his intentions and bought into the negative “propaganda” about him.

“I wish the president would invite me to the White House,” Arpaio told Breitbart News. “We’ll have some wine and beer, and light up cigars.”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interior Secretary Ken Salazar threatened to punch a reporter with the Colorado Springs Gazette after the reporter asked him about the Bureau of Land Management's wild horses program at an Election Day get-out-the-vote event.
Daniel Jensen wasn't running from the law, he was trying to protect his home from burning up. Yet, Pinellas Park Police tasered him in the process. Jensen and his attorney say it's an excessive use of force.
Jensen was still shaken and visibly emotional as he retold what happened last Thursday evening. He said being tasered by police has not only impacted him, but it also impacted his children, who saw it all happen. 
He described the Pinellas Park Police officers actions as "brutal." He said they showed "no compassion."
"All I remember is laying in water, being electrocuted for saving my home," said Jensen. 
"They kept telling me, 'Let it go, that's what insurance is for.' That's not acceptable to me," said Jensen.
Captain Sanfield Forseth with the Pinellas Park Police Department said officers could have charged him with obstruction for not listening to an officer's orders.

EXCLUSIVE: DEMOCRATS Might Have Won By Stealing Your Private Information

[Following is just ONE way in which the Obama campaign for several years used social media and computers to track their supporters]:

One million cell phones were also reportedly a part of the Obama campaign strategy in the state of Ohio.  The Kitchen Cabinet received reports that Obama followers received text messages with photos of ten of their own Facebook
friends who had not yet voted….asking them to contact them and get them out to the polls.
A fabulous strategy, and made even more vibrant…if Google’s and Facebooks’s illegally-obtained data was also at work.
Meanwhile the GOP, would be using 20th Century means of acquiring data, from  decaying lists of merchants, organizations, and marketers around the country.
The only question is, was it legal?
Obama Campaign Uses Social Media To Attract & Receive Foreign Donations

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