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Pres skipped Intelligence Briefing on day the Middle East burned; Kansas will decide eligibility on Monday; The perils of Obama's foreign policy; Administration collaborated for green energy agenda in possible violation of the law; NBC correspondent almost had to sit down; Obama eyes Internet tax;

*Marc Thiessen provides a shocker in his Washington Post column: the day after America’s embassy in Cairo was assaulted and the consulate in Benghazi, Libya fell victim to an armed attack that killed four, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the president once again skipped his intelligence briefing, choosing instead to fly off to Las Vegas to fundraise while the world continued to burn.
This after being inexcusably unprepared for, and unaware of the threat of, violent protests and, in the case of Libya, a terrorist attack against the official representatives of the United States of America in two North African nations. Since those attacks, protests have taken place in Yemen, Tunisia, and Kuwait, with State Department warnings having been issued for several more countries.
 The all-Republican Objections Board voted unanimously on Thursday afternoon to delay a final decision on Obama's eligibility for the state's ballot until a meeting Monday, pending either documentation on the president's citizenship from Hawaii officials or the presence of the Obama campaign.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Russia. When Obama became president he proclaimed a policy of “reset” in U.S.-Russia relations, and tried strenuously to bring Russia within the Atlantic orbit of democracy and the rule of law. To that end he scrapped the proposed land-based missile interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic, politely ignored Russia’s continuing occupation of Georgian territory, negotiated a nuclear arms reduction treaty that slashes the U.S. stockpile (while failing to implement the modernization commitments he made to pass that treaty), and promised “more flexibility” in further missile talks should he win a second term. He has sought to liberalize trade with Russia by de-linking human rights from commercial exchange, while he quietly opposes the Magnitsky Act, which would ban Russians involved in the abuse of human rights from the United States.  [Go to the link to read about all of Obama's foreign policy gaffes.]
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An Obama administration official actively collaborated with a prominent left-wing think tank in 2011 to advance the president’s green energy agenda, in possible violation of federal law, emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHUCK TODD: I just want to get your first reaction, before you give me a report, of the President saying Egypt was not an ally or an enemy.
PETER RICHARD ENGEL: Yeah, I almost had to sit down when I heard that. For the last forty years, the United States has had two main allies in the Middle East — Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the other ally in the Middle East being Israel. For the President to come out and say, well, he’s not exactly sure if Egypt is an ally any more but it’s not an enemy, that is a significant change in the perspective of Washington toward this country, the biggest country in the Arab world. It makes one wonder, well, was it worth it? Was it worth supporting the Arab Spring, supporting the demonstrations here in Tahrir Square, when now in Tahrir Square there are clashes going on behind me right in front of the US embassy?
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Obama Administration just can’t seem to stop breaking the law so that it may steal more money out of your pocket books and bank accounts. In yet another shocking and illegal power grab, the President Obama’s FCC announced last month that it is seeking to tax the Internet!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Florida has received a green light to implement its new early votingschedule for the November presidential election, including a Republican-backed plan that eliminates early voting on the Sunday before Election Day.
The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division agreed to end its challenge to the new early voting scheme in Florida, considered a critical battleground in the upcoming election.
The department notified state officials late Wednesday that it would approve the state’s plan for early voting, provided election supervisors in five designated counties agree to offer 96 hours of early voting over an 8-day period.   

WH On Protests Raging Across Muslim World: “This Is Not A Case Of Protests Directed At The United States”… WH On Protests Raging Across Muslim World: “This Is Not A Case Of Protests Directed At The United States”…


With excruciating detail, the White House’s budget office on Friday laid out exactly where it will have to cut $109 billion from federal spending in January, including $11.1 billion from Medicare and $54.7 billion from defense spending.
The defense cuts include $21.5 billion from operations and maintenance for the ArmyNavyAir Force and Marines and the reserves and National Guard, and nearly $1.4 billion from military aide to Afghanistan, with tens of billions coming from procurement and other Pentagon accounts.
“The report leaves no question that the sequestration would be deeply destructive to national security, domestic investments, and core government functions,” the White House’s budget office said in the report.
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While the world is engulfed in Islamist ragefests, including the storming of Western embassies across the Middle East and the evacuation of the University of Texas at Austin due to bomb threats, President Obama is doing what he does best.

He’s hobnobbing with celebrities.
Last night, as the German embassy in Sudan smoldered, Tunisian police fired tear gas at US embassy rioters, the American military upgraded its presence in Yemen, investigations continued in Libya, Islamists burned American flags in London, Islamists invaded the US embassy in Tunisia, rioters went insane in Lebanon, protesters in Jordan went crazy, protests continued in Egypt, and crowds began to form in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Iraq, the Obama campaign tweeted, “Beyoncé and Jay-Z are hosting the President in New York—your chance for two spots on the guest list ends at midnight.” Priorities, people! Breitbart's Big Government, by Ben Shapiro

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  1. old grizzled veteranSeptember 21, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    How about having the foreign aid we have provided to several muslim countries stop ? Who cares if someone else (i.e., China and/or Russia) takes up the gap when we stop--they will "enjoy" the same relationships we have had over the decades...These folks are savages--one or two Centuries removed from the Stone Age, and will not catch up with the rest of the civilized world for awhile...they do not deserve, let alone understand what all we have provided for them and all we get back is hatred&violence...