Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney and Ryan have an electrifying start!; Illegal should not get law license; Sparse turnout for Obama fundraiser in Chicago; The result of card check

I’m proud to stand with a man who understands what it takes to foster job creation in our economy, someone who knows from experience, that if you have a small business—you did build that,” Ryan will say, according to excerpts of his speech released by the campaign.
Ryan then praised Romney for his career at Bain Capital — mentioning that company’s role in launching Staples, especially — before offering this implicit rebuke of Obama’s attacks on Romney: “We Americans look at one another’s success with pride, not resentment, because we know, as more Americans work hard, take risks, and succeed, more people will prosper, our communities will benefit, and individual lives will be improved and uplifted,” Ryan plans to say.
Less than three months to Election Day and the Obama Campaign—including the Democrat Party—has already sunk to the bottom of the political sewer and are drilling for new depths of depravity.
The outhouse stench of their scatological maneuvers to smear the republican candidate will, no doubt, go down in the annals of history as even worse than those of the father of their depraved party, Andrew Jackson, in the election of 1828.
Thank you Governor Romney, Ann. I am deeply honored and excited to join you as your running mate.
Mitt Romney is a leader with the skills, the background and the character that our country needs at a crucial time in its history. Following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country, which have inspired the world, are growing dim; and they need someone to revive them. Governor Romney is the man for this moment; and he and I share one commitment: we will restore the dreams and greatness of this country.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) doesn't become vice president of the United States, he has a backup option: his old House seat.
Under Wisconsin law, Ryan can run simultaneously for both offices.
The lawmaker hasn't said anything about his House election, which he is strongly favored to win, but he may not have much of a choice.

The law specifically states that once a candidate is nominated, his or her name has to remain on the ballot except in the case of death. But if Ryan does make it to the vice presidential mansion, that election would "void the candidate's election to any other office," and a special election would be called, according to the law. And names are already being floated in case that comes to pass. [ Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus, a close friend of Ryan, has been mentioned.]
Americans are desperate for a serious, intelligent, down-to-bedrock debate on the economy — and on the nation’s future. With Mitt Romney’s blockbuster selection yesterday of Paul Ryan as his running mate, they’re now sure to get one.
Ryan brings to the ticket an unshakable commitment to core conservative economic principles — free markets, equality of opportunity, consumer choice. And he approaches the nation’s problems with a maturity that should shame most of his Washington colleagues.
“We can turn this [economy] around,” he said yesterday, but it will take the “courage to tell you the truth.”Read more:
Romney did a great job responding to a heckler, then turned it on Obama telling him to get his campaign out of the gutter. Fantastic.  [He said, " You see, young man, this group here is respectful of other people's rights to be heard.  And you ought to find yourself a different place to be disruptive because here we believe in listening to people with dignity and respect!] .
Brushing aside tears and responding to raucous cheers, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan returned to Wisconsin on Sunday for an emotional homecoming in front of thousands [10,000] of people on the grounds of the Waukesha County Expo Center. "It's good to be home," Ryan said in a speech that wove personal history and national aspiration.
Romney cast this as a noble act in the 60 Minutes interview with Bob Schieffer. “What Paul Ryan and I have talked about is saving Medicare, is providing people greater choice in Medicare, making sure it's there for current seniors,” Romney said in a segment of the interview that was posted online. He stressed there would be “no changes… for current seniors, or those nearing retirement.” But he acknowledged big changes for those younger. He said Republicans are telling them, “We're going to give you a bigger choice.” He suggested that is the only way to “make Medicare work down the road.”
An illegal Mexican immigrant who wants to be licensed to practice law in California has received support from the state's top law enforcement officer, the State Bar of California, civil rights groups, county bar associations and law professors — but not from the Obama administration.
In a brief to the California Supreme Court, the U.S. Department of Justice said federal law prohibits giving a public benefit, such as a bar license, to an "unlawfully present alien.",0,2182329.story
Republicans quickly jumped on a report that President Obama’s largest fundraiser here Sunday was only “half full,” but the crowd for the event was larger than the Obama campaign had initially anticipated.
 But the crowd for the afternoon fundraiser at the Bridgeport Art Center totaled 1,000.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You see, a majority of workers at Chapman Medical Center in Orange, California, signed letters and petitions rejecting the SEIU's presence in their workplace.

But company management served up the healthcare workers on a silver platter to the union through a rigged card check "vote" and entered into contract negotiations anyway

Collusion like this between union organizers and company officials seems to leave employees without defense. [This came from righttoworkfoundation.]



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