Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Healthcare Mandate: The Supreme Court decided that the Mandate IS constitutional!  However, to do so - they actually CHANGED THE ARGUMENT of the government which held that it was NOT a penalty, not a tax.  After all, Obama promised no new taxes.  Didn't that get President George H. W. Bush a ticket out of the White House?  So now that it is a TAX - what about Obama's promise to never tax the middle class more than they are now taxed?  We need to inform Americans about just how much TAX they will now have to pay in order to not participate in health insurance.  I'm thinking I may not participate, for the tax will be so much lower than my insurance payments.  Oh, wait - in order to actually PAY for Obamacare, won't we have to be taxed far more than the $700 fine?  Here's a question:  as long as government calls it a TAX, can they force us to take delivery of only the foods they think we should eat?  Can they force us to buy a Prius if they call it a tax?  What is it they cannot do?  Come on, Americans!  If you want this ill-conceived, bought-and-paid-for thru bribes law to go away, there is really only one way now.  Get active and get educated.  VOTE!!!!!  Encourage others to vote!  Take Democrats out of office, repeal the law and prevent Obama from putting 3 more of his radicals on the Supreme Court.   That's it for today..  God Bless America!  We are going to need it.

On the first day of Obama's presidency he promised that transparency would be a touchstone of his administration. He promised he wouldn't keep secrets just because he has the legal power to do so.;_ylc=X3oDMTBucmhobGR0BF9TAzM5ODMwMTAyNwRhYwNkZWxNc2dz&mid=2_0_0_1_118241_APfci2IAAKckT%2Bu4tQ8hkzDmpn0&fid=Inbox&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&filterBy=&.rand=1026418264&hash=74e0352ba2147570192ad40cf2119375&.jsrand=2056891

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