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From now on I will not be starting each news item with the source.  That source and the website link will continue to be placed at the bottom.  Please remember that the only words which are mine are bracketed and in italics.

OBAMA'S VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW: Nine Attorneys General are taking on Obama’s blatant violations of the law! The brave signers of this document are Attorneys General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia; Tom Horne of Arizona; Pam Bondi of Florida; Sam Olens of Georgia; Bill Schuette of Michigan; Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma; Marty Jackley of South Dakota; Alan Wilson of South Carolina; and Greg Abbott of Texas.
CORRESPONDENTS DINNER JOKES:  Kimmel also joked about the journey the country has taken with Obama from 2008 to today and how so much has changed. “Mr. President, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow,” asked Kimmel. “That was hilarious.”
“There’s a term for President Obama. Probably not two,” said Kimmel. “Even some of your fellow Democrats think you’re a pushover Mr. President. They would like to see you stick to your guns. And if you don’t have any guns, they would like to see you ask [Attorney General] Eric Holder to get some for you. Jake Tapper wrote that.”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHINESE ACTIVIST SEEKS U. S. PROTECTION: Less than a week before annual U.S.-Chinese diplomatic and economic talks, relations between the powers risked sharply deteriorating Saturday with an escaped Chinese activist reportedly under American protection and a U.S. fighter jet sale to Taiwan now being considered.
Fellow activists say Chen Guangcheng, a blind lawyer who exposed forced abortions and sterilizations as part of China's one-child policy, fled house arrest a week ago and has sought protection at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.
GRANDPARENTS' REVENGE: A new Gallup survey holds devastating news for Obama and his party regarding the 18 to 29 year old vote:only 60% are registered to vote,and of that,only 56% report they are likely to vote in November. Since that’s 56% of 60%,Obama is getting just 35% of the youth vote. That fact renders the “youth vote” that still goes 2 to 1 for Obama meaningless at best.
At the other end of the age scale,92% of those 65 and over are registered to vote,and 86% of them are “definitely” voting in November. When they do,they will be voting 52/40 for Mitt Romney.
Obama’s empty “Hope and Change” produced three miserable results:it kept college graduates out of work,it put their parents out of work,and it forced their grandparents back to work.
With 50% of recent college graduates out of work and Wal Marts staffed by people who either had to return to work or were never able to retire since Obama came to office,these numbers are likely to get worse for Obama and better for Romney.
Call this what you’d like,but “Grandparents’ revenge” sounds about right.
SEEKING POLL WORKERS' REPORTS: We at Obama Files and Western Journalism ask for citizen/local poll worker help throughout the United States to determine exactly in what localities voting machine ‘malfunctions’ occurred,and whether ‘emergency ballots’ were handed out. Given that Obama has had a lengthy relationship with voter fraud-connected ACORN and that there were allegations of massive fraud within the 2008 Democratic Primary (see Obama Files’ video ‘Obama in 2008:Fraud,Forgery,Murder,and Mayhem’),that if it is determined that a significant amount of ‘emergency ballots’ are shown to exist,the public should demand these ballots be verified.
MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD INVITED TO WHITE HOUSE: In his first foreign policy speech in Egypt,President Barack Obama reached out to the Islamic community. Obama did not invite President Mubarak to attend the speech. His special guests were the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Earlier this month,political leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were invited to the White House to meet with officials from the National Security Council. The Brotherhood is on a good-will tour of the United States to gain creditability as a legitimate organization.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is to impose Sharia law on the entire planet under control of a single Caliphate. Since its founding in 1928,as a fascist political party,the Brotherhood has worked toward taking over Egypt by crushing any opposition. Their justification will be the Quran. The Brotherhood insists it is a non-violent movement.  Its spin off groups,like al-Qaeda,are more than ready to do its dirty work. Presently,there are Muslims associated with the Brotherhood with access to President Obama.
[In case you have not heard this bit of news, Egypt is planning to make it legal to have sex with your dead spouse up to 6 hours after death.  This is the kind of people Obama is empowering!  We must never forget that they want ALL infidels to be dead in the name of Allah.]
SEX STRIKE ADVOCATED: In the wake of the “War on Women” controversy,a number of individuals have seemingly gotten it into their minds that Republicans,particularly Republican men,ought to be punished for their callousness.
In mid-March,a women’s organization held a week-long “sex strike” in an awareness campaign for their “reproductive rights” (presumably this means free birth control),and now author and Huffington Post blogger John Blumenthal is encouraging another such strike,but with a much wider reach.
What,exactly,does he propose?  No sex until November,and if by then you are not 100% convinced he will vote Democrat,“Make him stay home on election day."
--------------------------------------------------- CHICAGO PLANS FOR MASS EVACUATION: As concerns about security grow in the run-up to the NATO summit, it’s becoming difficult to separate myth from reality.
Are there plans in place for a mass evacuation of downtown in the event of riots on May 20-21? A Red Cross memo out of Milwaukee indicates that there is.
Officials there have been asked to make plans to assist residents in the event of a mass exodus.
As for the Red Cross plan, CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of an e-mail sent to volunteers in the Milwaukee area.
It said the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”
FUNDRAISING GONE WILD: Barack Obama has already held more re-election fundraising events than every elected president since Richard Nixon combined, according to figures to be published in a new book.
Obama is also the only president in the past 35 years to visit every electoral battleground state in his first year of office.  [This is what a Community Organizer would do, and all on the taxpayers' dime.]
Read more:
TEA PARTY HARASSED BY GOVERNMENT: More than 60 Republican congressmen last week sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service charging that Tea Party groups across the country were being "harassed" and "stonewalled" by the agency. Rep. Tom McClintock described a group in his Northern California district that easily obtained nonprofit status from the state government but got nowhere with the feds.

The list of demands, as described by McClintock on the House floor, sounds like political bullying: "The IRS demanded the names of every participant at every meeting held over the last two years, transcripts of every speech given at those meetings, what positions they had taken on issues, the names of their volunteers and donors, and copies of communications they had with elected officials, and on and on."
Obama at his inauguration promised to tap the "better angels of our nature." But also on the campaign trail in 2008, he warned, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." It turns out that his "gun" is the U.S. government.
HANDLING OBAMA'S LACK OF VERACITY: As the Wall Street Journal commented in its lead editorial on April 26:
One of Mr. Romney's trickiest challenges will be how to handle Mr. Obama's, er, veracity. More than any President we've seen, this incumbent is willing to say things that aren't in the same area code as the truth. He gives himself credit for the natural gas drilling boom, the deficits are still Mr. Bush's fault, Mr. Obama has never raised taxes, and "green jobs" in his dream economy are blooming by the millions. 
With his habit of pulling "facts" out of the air, the president claimed that the nationalization of the student loan market two years ago had somehow "saved" billions of dollars -- money that might otherwise have gone to privately owned banks in the form of profits. Why should anyone in his right mind think that the worker bees in the Department of Education would do a better job of processing and making loans than their counterparts in the nation's banks?
   Last week, the president was at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to promise more loan forgiveness to college students -- as if universal free (i.e. government-paid) college education were the next urgently-needed entitlement… and as if the guarantee of spending four years in college at government expense might solve the problem of extraordinarily high unemployment among college graduates and others under the age of 30.
OBAMA'S AUTO BAIL-OUTS: [Concerning the government auto bail-outs.  When you here our President exclaiming over his goodness in this regard, do recall the following.] The administration handed $85 billion to GM and Chrysler and guided them through reorganization. Obama took on the role of bankruptcy court and bumped the unions to the front of the line, handing them control of Chrysler, while preserving pay and benefits at General Motors.
“They came in and forced these companies into pre-packaged bankruptcy where unions were made whole and creditors were squeezed out,” the expert said. “In normal bankruptcy they don’t rearrange stakeholders rights willy-nilly…there’s no way those union contracts would have been untouched.”

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