Friday, March 30, 2012

Administration leak alleged; Severability; American Community Survey; Unreasonable searches; Medicaid food stamp recipients; Zimmerman vs. gangbangers; "Kill Zimmerman" Twitter account; "Was good to let people know that no one can hide"; Selective Service System denies request for Obama's SS form; Supremes to take first vote today; Sworn affidavit marks Obama as foreign student sponsored by Bill Ayers' parents

Fox News reports: Former U.S. diplomat John Bolton alleged Thursday that the Obama administration leaked a story about covert Israeli activity in order to foil potential plans by the country to attack Iran's nuclear program. 
Foreign Policy magazine quoted government sources claiming Israel had been granted access to airfields in Azerbaijan -- along Iran's northern border.
"I think this leak today is part of the administration's campaign against an Israeli attack," Bolton claimed on Fox News. 
Richmond Tea Party reports: Some of the justices, particularly Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg, seemed to suggest that the best way to show respect to Congress was to only strike limited portions of PPACA and nothing else.
Others suggested that, to truly show deference to Congress, the Court would need to strike the entire law because, to do otherwise, would be to leave Congress with a law they never passed or even intended to pass. Justice Kennedy said that if the Court struck down the mandate, but left the rest of the law standing, "we would have a new regime that Congress did not provide for, did not consider. That, it seems to me can be argued at least to be a more extreme exercise of judicial power than . . . striking the whole."
Justice Scalia seemed to echo this view, stating that "My approach would say if you take the heart out of the statute, the statute's gone. That enables Congress. . . . to do what it wants . . . .  It seems to me it reduces our options the most and increases Congress's the most."
Scalia said that there is no case where the Court has found the "heart" of a law unconstitutional and left the remainder standing, stating:

Liberty Log reports: The American Community Survey: A government sanctioned assault on liberty  [Have you received yours?]

It sounds innocuous enough, but the internet is full of stories of overzealous Census Bureau employees harassing citizens with late night door knocks and threatening phone calls.  A common thread seems to be that when citizens push back, contact a reporter or complain to their congressional representative, the Census Bureau backs down.  I should also point out that unless the person at your door is escorted by an actual law enforcement representative and a court order, you the citizen are under no legal obligation to speak to them.  My guess is they do not want the court fight so if you push back hard enough, albeit politely without breaking any laws yourself, they eventually get the hint.
I cannot for the life of me understand why these folks think they can delve so deeply into the private lives of citizens.  Why they feel it is appropriate to collect data on the living, working and driving habits of regular folks.  More to the point, who do these people think they are; harassing citizens at all hours with phone calls, home visits, threatening letters and threats of legal action?  The folks doing this are literally worse than collection agencies.  They attempt to justify their actions by repeating the talking point that not providing the information will prevent your neighbors and community from receiving their “fair share” of federal funding.  So I am supposed to allow them to invade my privacy so the government can better redistribute my money?   Not to put too fine a point on it but that is simply not going to happen.  [What are some of the intrusive questions?  When was your home built? Do you have a flush toilet?  How many vehicles are kept at your home?  Which fuel is most used? What did you pay for your electricity and gas last year?  What is your monthly rent, or the cost of your monthly mortgage, real estate taxes and insurance? Do you have a 2nd mortgage? Do you have serious difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions?  Have you ever served in the Armed Forces?  I for one will be contacting my representative if and when I get one of these forms.]
The resolution invokes the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and notes that the Constitution mandates a count only every 10 years — to reapportion seats in the House of Representatives. The party is demanding that the bureau either scrap the American Community Survey or make participation voluntary.
Free Beacon reports: After an audit of 24,355 non-Medicaid food stamp recipients in New Hampshire, the report shows 2,200 hold a primary address outside of the state. [...]
“We are up to a potential in that program alone of up to $41 million worth of payments that may be questionable,” said House Speaker Bill O’Brien.
The report also cites cases of incarcerated or deceased residents getting benefits, including one where the recipient may have been dead since 1983.
Examiner asks: Last weekend in the city of Chicago alone, gangbangers slaughtered ten people and wounded another forty. The youngest fatality is only six years old. The youngest person wounded is only one-year-old. Many of the victim were pedestrians sprayed with bullets in drive by shootings. The national news has said nothing about this.
So why does one shooting in Florida warrant weeks of national news? Why has there been thousands of articles a day, for the last four days, about one single shooting?
Expose Obama reports: Barack Obama has remained silent as the usual suspects have been busy stirring up hate aimed at George Zimmerman,the Florida Hispanic involved in the shooting death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. Now the anger has taken a new twist,breaking out on Twitter with an account named “Kill Zimmerman.”It features an image of Zimmerman in crosshairs.
The Smoking Gun reports: The comedian Roseanne Barr last night tweeted the home address of George Zimmerman’s parents to her 110,000-plus Twitter followers, only to delete the posting after “not fully understanding that it was private not public.”  Barr, who deleted her tweet in the face of criticism from some Twitter followers, noted that she first thought it “was good to let ppl know that no one can hide anymore.”  That stance quickly changed, with Barr reporting, “But vigilante-ism is what killed Trayvon. I don’t support that.”  [Say - what?]  By tweeting the Zimmermans’s address, Barr appears to have violated Twitter rules that state, “You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission.
Expose Obama writes: The Selective Service System has declined Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s request to see the original copy of Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration form. 
“This Agency has no evidence that President Obama’s 1980 registration is not authentic,” wrote Richard S. Flahavan,associate director of public &intergovernmental affairs
Apparently refusing to take seriously Arpaio’s investigation,Flahavan referred the sheriff to the FBI.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AP News reports: While the rest of us have to wait until June, the justices of the Supreme Court will know the likely outcome of the historic health care case by the time they go home this weekend.
After months of anticipation, thousands of pages of briefs and more than six hours of arguments, the justices will vote on the fate of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul in under an hour Friday morning. They will meet in a wood-paneled conference room on the court's main floor. No one else will be present.
In the weeks after this meeting, individual votes can change. Even who wins can change, as the justices read each other's draft opinions and dissents.
But Friday's vote, which each justice probably will record and many will keep for posterity, will be followed soon after by the assignment of a single justice to write a majority opinion, or in a case this complex, perhaps two or more justices to tackle different issues. That's where the hard work begins, with the clock ticking toward the end of the court's work in early summer.
Pravda in Russia reports: Retired United States Postal Worker Allen Hulton recently signed a sworn affidavit for the Maricopa County, Arizona Cold Case Posse convened by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, attesting under oath, to conversations with Mary Ayers, the mother of Bill Ayers. He made his testimony public in a three hour long taped interviewed on March 19th, 2012. Mr. Hutton, by signing an affidavit has subjected himself to laws regarding perjury, not something to be taken lightly as telling the truth is now for him a requirement of law.
His testimony states Mary and Tom Ayers (Parents of Bill ''I don't regret setting bombs" Ayers) were sponsoring Barack Obama as a foreign student, and financially supporting his education.
If correct, and Obama was introduced to Hulton as a Foreign Student, this means Barack Hussein Obama would have been using a Foreign Passport to get and prove his foreign student status for entrance into Occidental College, Columbia, and later Harvard Universities. Because Hulton has signed an Affidavit, this cannot be disregarded as mere hearsay; it is instead evidentiary in nature.
The significance of this development may not be immediately apparent until one recognizes American law regarding citizenship status. Citizenship laws as expressed in Title 8 of the United States Code states the use of a Foreign Passport constitutes adult recognition of relinquishment of American Citizenship:


  1. Great news service stories. Thank you....I especially enjoyed reading the sworn testimony of Allen Hulton with the Ayers...Obama was a foreign student, because he IS a foreigner pretending to be an American....sure hope those census folks get things turned off !!

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