Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking Good for Judge Prosser in Wisconsin Vote; Media is Terrified; OK and AZ Seek Proof of U.S. Citizenship For Those on Ballot; Articles of Impeachment Drawn Up; Wisconsin Union Bosses Protect Themselves, Not Their Members; Obama Calls Military Funding Bill During Shut-down a Distraction; Obama Tells Constituent Who Can't Afford Gas to Buy a New Car; Legislation to Cease Libyan Effort and Defund It;

  • Redstate reports: Fortunately, things seem to be looking up for Republican Wisconsin Judge Prosser, [who would be the deciding vote on the constitutionality of the Wisconsin "union-cutting" bill].  The re-canvassing has brought more votes in for him. Many more.
    Per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, some more Prosser votes started to trickle in from Winnebago county, netting him 244 more votes, which translates into a 40 vote lead statewide.
    The good news by no means ends there, though. The bombshell development that could seal this for Prosser came in the form of 7000+ votes for him that weren’t counted in Waukesha County (a Prosser stronghold) thanks to a computer error.
    National Review has more info:
    After Tuesday night’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election, a computer error in heavily Republican Waukesha County failed to send election results for the entire City of Brookfield to the Associated Press. The error, revealed today, would give incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser a net 7,381 votes against his challenger, attorney Joanne Kloppenburg.
    Prior to the election, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus was heavily criticized for her decision to keep the county results on an antiquated personal computer, rather than upgrade to a new data system being utilized statewide. Nickolaus cited security concerns for keeping the data herself — yet when she reported the data, it did not include the City of Brookfield, whose residents cast nearly 14,000 votes.  Also, to help defeat allegations of election fraud, a Democratic poll watcher has called the previously uncounted votes legit, per the Daily Caller
  • Fired NPR CEO Vivian Schiller spoke Tuesday at the Paley Center for Media in New York and lashed out at the videographers who exposed the bigotry in her organization, calling the undercover sting an “abomination.” She admitted the rest of the establishment is “terrified” of being the next NPR, Planned Parenthood or ACORN…and speculated that the goal of these stings is to instill fear. “It’s terrifying,” Schiller said, that’s their “objective.”
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  • News Oklahoma reports:     President Barack Obama would have to prove his U.S. citizenship to Oklahoma election officials if he wants to be on next year's presidential primary ballot under a bill approved Wednesday by a House committee.
    A similar measure failed to advance two years ago in the Legislature.

    East Valley Tribune writes: Arizona lawmakers OK 'birther' bill requiring documents to get on ballot

    Without debate, the Senate on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to legislation designed to ensure that candidates for president are U.S. citizens, old enough to hold office and meet residency requirements. HB 2177 spells out that those who cannot provide the proof cannot have their names on the ballot.
    Floyd Report reveals: Someone has finally been moved to action by Barack Obama’s increasingly lawless administration. Bruce Fein, a former high-ranking official in the Reagan Justice Department who wrote the first article of impeachment against Bill Clinton, has drawn up formal articles of impeachment against the president. Fein explained the final straw was Obama’s unwise, unauthorized, and unconstitutional military action against Libya. “Barack Hussein Obama has mocked the rule of law, endangered the very existence of the Republic and the liberties of the people, and perpetrated an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor,” he said.
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  • Exose Obama opines: If nothing else, the entire Wisconsin episode in union strong arm tactics has forever ripped the cover off the fa├žade of the unions’ purported paternalism toward their members.  Rank and file union members are learning their union thug bosses care about themselves and nothing else.
  • There were just a few provisos: don’t take away our dues check off; don’t allow union opts outs and don’t enforce the Beck decision, which would give individual union members the right to withhold some of their dues for political purposes. In other words, “Keep our money coming and you can do whatever you want with these suckers; just tell us where to sign.”
    The “evil” county government took them at their word and hacked away.
    In a 33-month contract, the union bosses agreed to:
  • accept zero pay raises;
  • end all tenured job protection;
  • end most pay classifications;
  • yield control over healthcare packages; and
  • yield the control individual workers have over the amount of their pension contributions.
So, for almost three years those union thugs will still have the county collecting their extortion money while they are responsible for delivering exactly nothing – something at which they excel.

The only difference between unions’ methods and those of the mafia is that the mob thinks it owns politicians, while the unions actually do.

Redstate writes on Obama: In the past, American soldiers were classified as essential personnel. Therefore, should the government shut down our soldiers would keep getting paid.
But Barack Obama has decided to hold our American soldiers hostage to a government shutdown. The Commander-in-Chief has, via the Secretary of the Department of Defense, proposed classifying our men and women in harm’s way as “non-essential.” That means, should the government shut down, they will not be paid.  
Remember, the only reason we are on the verge of a government shutdown is because for the first time since the budget act was passed in the mid-seventies, a Congress — controlled by Democrats last year — failed to pass a budget. That’s right. We are where we are because the Democrats last year failed to pass a budget and now are refusing to go along with cuts as the GOP sorts out the mess the Democrats made.  [I continue to wonder why Republicans don't simply state what a small percentage of the budget is being targeted for cuts. It's difficult to compute 12 zeros (in one trillion), compared to billions.  One thousand billions equal one trillion.  A cut of $61 billion would only be 1.6% of the entire U.S. budget.  They should be comparing it, for instance, to a $16cut in a $1000 budget.

Redstate reports: Obama says little short-term help for gas prices
“Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices, now averaging close to $3.70 a gallon nationwide, and suggested that the gentleman consider getting rid of his gas-guzzling vehicle.”
“”If you’re complainin­g about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know,” Obama said laughingly­. “You might want to think about a trade-in.”
The New American reports on Michigan's Justin Amash: When launching his military intervention into the Libyan civil war, President Barack Obama undoubtedly expected some resistance from Republicans in Congress. On the other hand, he probably did not count on members of his own party joining the GOP in opposing the operation, but that is precisely what is happening. On March 29, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) introduced legislation requiring the President to “cease the use of force in, or directed at, the country of Libya” and denying him the use of federal funds to finance the war.
s of this writing, Amash’s bill has 11 cosponsors. Seven are Republicans: Jason Chaffetz (Utah), John Duncan (Tenn.), Christopher Gibson (N.Y.), Timothy Johnson (Ill.), Walter Jones (N.C.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), and Ron Paul (Texas). The other four, of course, are Democrats: Michael Capuano (Mass.), Marcy Kaptur (Ohio), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), and Fortney “Pete” Stark (Calif.).

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