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Consequences of Bankruptcy for America; TSA Special Program is a Failure; White House Withholding Evidence on Fort Hood Jihad; Union "Rallies"; BO Regrets Vote; AZ Law Still Blocked; 16 Targeted for Recall in Wisconsin; Az Councilman Threated by AFSCME union

Five things that might happen if America goes bankrupt, according to Redstate:
1) Your life savings could be reduced to nothing almost overnight. Inflation is a fact of life. As Thomas Sowell has noted, "As of 1998, a $100 bill would not buy as much as a $20 bill would buy in the 1960's." That's under normal circumstances.
2) Your taxes will skyrocket. We've been conned into thinking that we can fund a massive government on the backs of the rich. We cannot tax the rich enough to pay off our debt or even enough to keep the government going long-term. Even if we could, the rich have the resources to flee the country for greener pastures if they're being taxed into oblivion. The middle class? Not so much.
3) Your life could be in danger. If the government goes bankrupt, you'll have an extremely angry, confused, and frustrated populace that has little faith in its leaders -- combined with a horrific economy and a reduced ability of the government to keep order. Under those circumstances, widespread rioting and violent crime seem entirely plausible.
4) Your payments from the government will dramatically decrease or stop altogether.
5) You will have a dramatically reduced standard of living. http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2011/04/12/5_things_that_will_happen_to_you_when_america_goes_bankrupt/page/full/ 
Examiner.com writes: On Thursday, U.S. Congress members on the Homeland Security Committee led by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) obtained an important report from the Government Accountability Office on aviation security and it proved to be a disturbing document.  The Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began testing its Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) program to identify persons who may pose a risk to aviation security.
"Years after implementing a costly passenger screening program, the Homeland Security agency responsible for protecting the nation’s transportation system failed to detect terrorists at U.S. airports on nearly two dozen occasions," according to Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch.  In 2010 SPOT cost taxpayers nearly $212 million and the Obama Administration wants $232 million for it this year. 
It gets better. Most of the airports where terrorists boarded planes rank among the top 10 highest risk on the TSA’s Airport Threat Assessment list.  “the TSA deployed its behavior detection program nationwide before first determining whether there was a scientifically valid basis for the program.” http://www.examiner.com/law-enforcement-in-national/airport-snafu-terror-suspects-compromise-security
American Thinker opines: We have been hearing for years that the White House is withholding evidence on the Fort Hood jihadi, Major Nidal Malik Hasan.  Now comes direct confirmation of this from Hasan's own lawyer On March 30, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, the outgoing commanding general at Fort Hood, granted a request from John Galligan, Hasan's lawyer, to delay the trial until late April.  Galligan, however, disclaims responsibility for all the delays, blaming them on none other than Barack Hussein Obama.  
Even worse, in October 2010, a soldier at Fort Hood who caught Hasan's jihad murders in two videos on his cell phone camera was ordered by his commanding officer to delete both videos.
This is unacceptable.  An army officer ordered the destruction of evidence in a jihadist attack on American soldiers?  The officer should be on trial for obstruction of justice. 
Yet Obama has continued to withhold evidence in the Fort Hood jihadist attack and, as Galligan has just revealed, continues to shield the Muslim terroristArmy Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey, Jr. in the bloody aftermath of the Fort Hood jihad was that "speculation could potentially heighten backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers and what happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here." http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/04/obamas_fort_hood_jihadist.html
Redstate opines: Last year, Barack Obama formed a Deficit Reduction Commission. The Commission’s report came out and Barack Obama promptly treated it like it was an illegitimate child worthy of being shunned.
The White House did not mention it. During Obama’s State of the Union address he glossed over and ignored the panel. He punted on every significant issue.
Fast forward to last week. Congressman Paul Ryan introduced his “Path to Prosperity.” Even Democrats were calling Paul Ryan “courageous” for his willingness to step out there. The chairmen of the Deficit Commission, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, praised Ryan’s leadership. Many people noted Barack Obama’s absence from the debate.
Saxby Chambliss gave away the game in an interview with the Atlanta Journal. He said, in part, “[Y]ou’ve got to have enough money to run the government, and then you’ve got to have excess money to start paying down on that debt.”
What we know of the Chambliss-Warner plan is that while entitlements will be reformed and the tax code simplified, restructuring programs, entitlements, and taxes will involve keeping Washington at the center of all reforms.  http://www.redstate.com/erick/2011/04/12/its-what-happens-when-the-stupid-party-and-evil-party-get-together/

Redstate, on union thugs: Over the weekend, thousands of union workers crowded in Chicago’s Daley Plaza to show their solidarity(!) with their union comrades in Wisconsin.
According to the Chicago Sun Times
Laborers, carpenters, electricians, machinists, sheet metal workers, police officers, firefighters, teachers, actors, writers and pharmacists from Illinois and surrounding states marched from corners of the Loop, waving pro-union banners and chanting “We are one.”
What? No mention of the Communists there to rally with their union brothers?
We have noticed an alarming message, prevalent at every single left wing protest we have attended this year in Chicago and the Midwest. While each protest has an official message of a seemingly less alarming cause, such as; Anti-War, Anti-Deportation or “We Are One” with “Union Solidarity”, there is also an extremely disturbing trend of blatant and obvious promotion of a revolutionary transformation of America into a new socialist or communist type of economic system.
What was even more disturbing to us, was the amount of young children brought to the protest with their parents, holding signs which prominently advocate for a new alternative economic system in America, and being taught what we believe is a very “un-American” message, by the reoccurring theme these Chicago protests contain. Communist protesters at this rally even claim they are very patriotic for their advocacy to end capitalism in America.  http://www.redstate.com/laborunionreport/2011/04/11/we-are-one-unions-and-communists-rally-in-chicago/
Yahoo news reports: The White House said Monday that President Barack Obama regrets his vote as a senator in 2006 against raising the debt limit — the same kind of increase he's now pressuring Congress to approve.
Obama "thinks it was a mistake," presidential spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. "He realizes now that raising the debt ceiling is so important to the health of this economy and the global economy that it is not a vote that, even when you are protesting an administration's policies, you can play around with."  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110411/ap_on_re_us/us_obama_debt_limit

ABC News reports: A federal appeals court today blocked the enforcement of key provisions of Arizona's immigration law, considered one of the toughest in the nation. A central provision of the law requires police officers to ask for immigration papers if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person they have stopped, detained or arrested is in the country illegally. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/arizona-immigration-law-enforcement-blocked-circuit-court/story?id=13350124

The Washington Times reports: Sixteen state senators — eight Republicans and eight Democrats — have been targeted by recall committees stemming from the contentious budget-reform debate in March. That’s half of the 33-member Senate, and it might have been more but for a state law that prohibits recalls against first-year legislators.
Their crimes? The Republicans voted in favor of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget, which scaled back collective bargaining for state workers. The Democrats tried to block the vote by fleeing to neighboring Illinois. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/apr/11/campaigns-recall-wisconsin-senators-unprecedented/
Az Central reports: As state lawmakers prepare this week to consider a bill that could threaten city jobs, the Phoenix councilman who penned the legislation has found himself in the middle of political and personal attacks.
City Councilman Sal DiCiccio said he has been receiving threatening messages from a fax number tied to a public-employee union.
Another shows a silhouette of DiCiccio's head in the middle of a dartboard with the words "Aiming for you" written underneath.
Transmission information on the faxes shows the messages were sent from AFSCME 2960's number and accompanied by cover sheets bearing the union's official letterhead.
Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/community/phoenix/articles/2011/04/12/20110412phoenix-councilman-sal-diciccio-bills.html#ixzz1JJGAltum


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