Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Union Salary Tricks in Wisconsin; Madison Troublemakers School; TSA Scanner Results; Teachers Must Follow Students on Facebook - at Home

Cheap Trick? WI Secy of State Gives Unions Extra Time to Lock in Contracts

According to AP:
School boards and local governments across Wisconsin are rushing to reach agreements with unions before a new law takes effect that will remove their ability to collectively bargain over nearly all issues other than minimal salary increases.
Secretary of State Doug La Follette said Monday he decided to delay publication of the law until the latest day possible, March 25, to give those local governments as much time as possible to reach agreements. The law doesn’t take effect until the day after La Follette publishes it.
While most collective bargaining agreements contain “savings clauses,” which eliminate contractual provisions that are in conflict with the law while leaving the rest of the contract intact, since the new law does not apply to contracts in existence, right now, it is unknown whether mandatory dues and state collection of dues would be part of any rushed-through contracts.

Labor notes reveals:Madison Troublemakers School - April 1 & 2, 2011

Friday April 1, 2011, 5 p.m., free
Reception. Cartoon and photo exhibit.
Guest speakers on “The State of the Unions”

Saturday, April 2, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
$25 includes Saturday lunch, Register Now

Labor Temple, 1602 South Park St., Madison
Union busting, the governor's attack on public employees, concession demands, layoffs, threats to Social Security and pensions, increased health insurance costs, contracting out, furloughs, wage freezes, free trade deals, tax giveaways to the rich, tuition increases, wars, charter schools, sustained high unemployment, runaway shops, Right to Work...did we leave anything out?
Working people are under assault and the assault will continue until we put an end to it. The protests at the Capitol are showing what working people are made of.
That’s the idea behind the Madison Labor Notes Troublemakers School. How do we build on the protests, protect what we have--and lay the foundation to fight for more? Led by experienced labor activists, our workshops will explore strategies to fight back and give you the hands-on skills to make it happen.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ writes: The Transportation Security Administration is re-analyzing the radiation levels of X-ray body scanners installed in airports nationwide, after testing produced dramatically higher-than-expected results.
The TSA, which has deployed at least 500 body scanners to at least 78 airports, said Tuesday the machines meet all safety standards and would remain in operation despite a “calculation error” in safety studies. The flawed results showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected.
At least one flier group, the Association for Airline Passenger Rights, is urging the government to stop using the $180,000 machines that produce a virtual-nude image of the body until new tests are concluded in May.
Daily Caller reveals: Education Department officials are threatening school principals with lawsuits if they fail to monitor and curb students’ lunchtime chat and evening Facebook time for expressing ideas and words that are deemed by Washington special-interest groups to be harassment of some students.
The letter says federal officials have reinterpreted the civil-rights laws that require school principals to curb physical bullying, as well as racist and sexist speech, that take place within school boundaries. Under the new interpretation, principals and their schools are legally liable if they fail to curb “harassment” of students, even if it takes place outside the school, on Facebook or in private conversation among a few youths.
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I wrote the following for city:
Just what are the Democrats, unions, Progressives and liberals fighting for in Wisconsin? The squatters have caused $7.5 million of damage to the state Capitol.  For what principles are they swarming into the Capitol thru broken windows and camping out there?  Someone should explain to them that their disagreements should be the focus of election campaigns, and not the uprisings worthy of a third world country.  Here are some of the principles they advocate:
1) The right to force workers to join the union
2) The right to retain unproductive workers through tenure and very difficult firing parameters
3) The right to bargain for wages far above the rate of inflation
 4) The right to force workers to pay dues, automatically collecting those dues through deductions from salaries
5) The right to send some of workers' union dues to Democrat election campaigns
6) The right, as in NYC, to pay 650 teachers while they just sit in a room together for as long as three years doing nothing to earn that pay, awaiting a long disciplinary hearing process
7) The right to be given by our President partial ownership in General Motors, at the same time when legitimate investors are given pennies on the dollar
8) The possibility of having Card Check in the future, allowing union elections to be conducted without privacy of the vote
9) The right to force taxpayers to pay for all union pensions, regardless of the current value of the investments in that pension fund
10) The right to force taxpayers to pay for all union healthcare premiums
11) The right for teachers’ unions to remove private school vouchers from consideration
 12) The right for union members to receive up to 90% of their salaries during their entire retirement

Is it any wonder that the union bosses and activists are in a panic mode, willing to thwart government workings, to foment hatred and violence in America, to threaten those in office, to hold classes in community organizing and to lie about their opponents?  We the people are supposed to be gratified by their offers to pay half of what non-union workers pay toward their health care and pensions, while having to cover their pension shortfalls.  Non union taxpayers are expected to accept that whenever unions scream for more, legislatures across this land must forgo representative government in America. Legislatures must be afraid enough of union power, its fear mongering and its disruptive methods, that they just give in.  Unions must wait for another election, for this is America.

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