Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is America? This Gives Police a Bad Name!

 Perhaps saving you the time and the disgust, I will tell you that the link below will show you a ten minute segment in time at the Alaska State Fair. I am sick to my stomach after watching. The man carrying a large Impeach Obama sign was wrestled to the ground by two 200+ pound men who were part of the Fair's Security Team, grinding their knees into him and hurting the man's shoulders and wrists.  Onlookers were shouting to let the man up, that he had done nothing illegal.  They would not let him up, even though he wasn't fighting with anything but words.  The park police, called by Security, actually asked the two security guards if THEY were ok, and told the crowd to disperse.  The crowd refused, saying that they were filming every move, and that UTube would be used.  The policeman didn't care.  He never asked what had happened, and paid no attention to those who were describing the scene.  Two more official police arrived and took the innocent man, with wrists shackled behind him, to the police car, arresting HIM!  This is scary.  This is no longer the America in which I grew up.  Obama Tshirts were being sold, and that was ok.  But mess with the Messiah, and you will pay!  I hope the man gets a lot of money from his lawsuit........  In this case, Mr. Obama, the police actually DID act stupidly, and we have proof....


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