Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama's face on American Flag; Chris Matthews' religioushate speech; Maher's hate speech continues; John Wilkes Booth bobblehead dolls; Cameron given a barbeque grill by our President; US academics attend Occupy conference in Tehran; PC plan disarms American soldiers during Panetta speech; No budget, no pay?; Business owner harassed over flying the US flag; Food stamp recipients use benefites for illegal drugs, weapons, etc.; American for Disability Act's new mandate a boon to trial lawyers; PA goes for voter I.D.; American oil NOT scarce; Secure and Fair Elections in MI; Washington Post carries content paid for by Chinese government

Florida Political Press reports:
After a short stand off between a group of veterans and the head of the Lake County, FL Democrat Party, an American flag that had been altered to depict an image of Barack Obama in the space where the stars are normally located was taken down.
The Lake County Democratic Headquarters in Tavares has been flying two American flags outside their office. The first an American Flag and the second the altered flag.
flagobamaA veterans group arrived late this afternoon with the media in tow and demanded that the second flag be taken down.  Don Van Beck, executive director of the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park asked that the altered flag be removed, explaining that it was in violation of federal flag code. He offered a POW/MIA flag to fly in its place.  [This flag hung there for several months before there were any complaints.]

[We dare not condemn Chris Matthews with his own words, but he just said on-air that the Republican are running three "cultists"!  He showed his religious bigotry with that one, calling Catholics and Mormons members of a cult, and reminds us of the agenda of the Progressives.....]
Newsbusters reports: HBO's Bill Maher on Tuesday took a disgusting cheap shot at Alabama and Mississippi voters.
With all eyes on Republican primaries in those states, Maher sent a message via Twitter saying, "Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally!"
This came just days after he and his Real Time panel mocked poor people in Mississippi.
Their behavior was even too offensive for Roseanne Barr who tweeted Tuesday, "I was really disheartened to see how Pelosi's daughter& Bill Maher portrayed southern americans-classism at its best by H'wood elitists."
Barr followed this up with, "southern folk are not all toothless idiots or racists, unlike what bill maher &pelosi's daughter want us to think."
You know what they say - when you've lost Roseanne Barr...
Read more:
NBC reports: Bobblehead dolls of the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln have been pulled from shelves at the Gettysburg National Military Park visitor’s center bookstore, The Associated Press reported.
The dolls of John Wilkes Booth wielding a handgun were taken off the market on Friday after a reporter for Hanover's The Evening Sun newspaper asked about them, officials said. [You can't make this stuff up!] 
Weekly Standard writes: On the occasion of the Official Visit, The President and Mrs. Obama gave the Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron a one-of-a-kind Braten 1000 Series Grill hand made by Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers of Paxton, Illinois. Symbolizing the personal friendship between the President and Mrs. Obama and Prime Minister and Mrs. Cameron, the gift commemorates their May 2011 visit to 10 Downing Street where together they grilled and served food to American and British Armed Service Members.
An American classic, the wood and charcoal burning grill is customized with American and British friendship flags engraved into the utility shelf and a personalized plaque mounted on the exterior lid. 

 Pat Dollard (American documentary filmmaker) reports: U.S. academics participated in an Occupy Wall Street (OWS) conference held this month at Tehran University, in which, according to Iran’s Press TV, “university professors and scholars from around the world discussed various aspects of [the] Occupy Wall Street Movement” and “talked about the nature of the people that take part in the Wall Street movement, what effects it has had up to now, and its future.”
One academic, Prof. Alex Vitae of Brooklyn College, discussed the impact of OWS “locally and nationally” and pondered “whether or not this will have momentum that could have more far-reaching implications.” Prof. Heather Gautney of Fordham University noted that the Occupy movement is “entering more into social institutions, and trying to pressure politicians or pressure leadership” and said that she thought “that the movement is going to be incredibly active in pressuring politicians to start addressing issues of social inequality.” Both she and Vitae mentioned OWS’s possible impact on the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.
Prof. John Hammond of City University of New York spoke of the future, mentioning a “big movement planned in New York City, called Occupy the Corporations,” and demonstrations in Chicago in May where the G-8 summit is set to take place.
The Press TV correspondent concluded his report with the following statement: “At the end of the discussion, the speakers said that the Occupy Wall Street movement is just the tip of the iceberg, because a global movement is also on the way, which seeks to, and will, redesign the world order in favor of the 99% of the world.” [1]

CNN reports: Marines told to disarm before Panetta speech

U.S. Marines waiting for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to speak at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan Wednesday were ordered to leave the room and place their weapons outside.
The request, relayed by Sgt. Maj. Brandon Hall, was unusual because it's not customary to disarm for a defense secretary visit, but the Marines did as they were told. About two dozen unarmed Afghan soldiers also were in attendance.
Gurganus later told reporters the decision had nothing to do with the weekend shooting, and said it was because the Afghan soldiers in attendance were unarmed and he did not want them treated differently than the Marines.
Personal Liberty reports: A bill gaining bipartisan support on and off of Capitol Hill sends a pretty clear message to Congress: Fail to do your job, and we aren’t going to pay you.
Representative Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) and Senator Dean Heller (R-Nev.) introduced identical “No Budget, No Pay” bills in the House and Senate in December that are continuing to gain co-sponsors and endorsements. Cooper’s bill currently has the support of 34 Representatives equally divided by party and Heller’s has six co-sponsors in the Senate, only one of whom is a Democrat, according to The Washington Times.
If “No Budget, No Pay” became law, the stakes would be high for American legislators. In the past six decades, Congress has managed to pass a budget successfully only four times.
“If this body can’t find a way to do what we have been sent here to do by the American people, which is to cut spending and reduce our nation’s outrageous $15 trillion deficit, then we don’t deserve to get paid,”
Personal Liberty reports: In another of the ever-increasing incidences of regulation run amok throughout the Nation, a Georgia business owner is being harassed by officials in his hometown for proudly flying an American flag on his own property.
According to the Albany Herald, an Albany code officer told Tom Gieryic the standard-sized American flag flying on a pole outside of his automotive repair shop was in violation of the city’s signs ordinance. Gieryic’s troubles reportedly began when a group of retired Marines offered to hang a new flag from his pole. The businessman accepted the offer and left his business for lunch. When he returned, he was met by an irritated code enforcement officer who informed him that if he failed to remove the flag he would face fines.
The officer, who contended that the flag was on the city’s right of way, demanded the business owner’s license and informed him that he could face a $1,000-per-day fine and 60 days in jail for not removing the flag. She then wrote him a ticket.
Examiner reports: This week the United States Department of Agriculture's Inspector General, the agency’s in-house watchdog, disclosed in a report that many food-stamp recipients use their benefits to purchase items such as illegal drugs, weapons and other contraband from unscrupulous vendors.
In fact, according to USDA Inspector General Phyllis Fong, some trade food stamps for reduced amounts of cash.
While the Obama Administration promotes food stamps to a large number of unemployed or underemployed people, the food stamp assistance rolls are already higher than ever and with the enormous increase in recipients comes an increase in fraud and corruption that often accompanies an out-of-control government program, according to a non-profit Beltway watchdog organization[Fraud?  What fraud? We've been told there is no fraud.]
Washington Examiner reports: President Obama's Department of Justice -- led by Attorney General Eric Holder -- has found a new way to make the Americans with Disabilities Act pay off for Democratic trial lawyer campaign donors.
Since the ADA first became law in 1990, the DOJ has been issuing "guidelines" that businesses must follow to comply with a multitude of the nation's civil rights laws.
For example, if a restaurant bathroom has a light switch that is 52 inches above the floor, then that business is in compliance. But if the light switch is 53 inches above the floor, the restaurant owner is a civil rights violator subject to fines from the government and liable for civil damages from any disabled individual who ever used the bathroom.
The DOJ has been issuing a growing wave of such guidelines over the years, reaching an ever larger portion of business activities. In September 2010, the DOJ issued guidelines for "recreational facilities," including a new rule that all public access swimming pools must provide a lift capable of moving disabled patrons from their wheelchairs into the water.
Compliance with the rule requires pool owners to have a lift for each "water element" in their facility. So if your local community pool also has a spa, both the spa and the pool must be "accessible." But if you have two spas, don't worry, only one lift is required. [Just don't call the rise in your price to use the pool a new tax.  I'm sure some pools will simply have to close down, denying anyone the right to swim there.  The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again!]  But the ADA also empowered citizens to sue businesses that are not in compliance with DOJ guidelines. The result will be a huge payday for enterprising trial lawyers everywhere. [NOW we get the picture!]
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes: State lawmakers gave their final approval today to a measure requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls Beginning with the fall general election, voters will be required to present a photo identification card issued by the state or federal government or by universities, nursing homes, counties or municipalities in Pennsylvania.

Scarce Oil? U.S. Has 60 Times More Than Obama Claims

 As a Precinct Delegate, I received the following from our MI Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson: As you know, we have made cleaning up Michigan's voter rolls a top priority as part of our SECURE and FAIR ELECTIONS (SAFE) initiative. In 2008, the non-partisan Pew Report found Michigan had an impossible 102.54 percent of eligible voters registered to vote. It's clear we must remove those who have died, moved out of state or are not U.S. citizens.

Toward that goal, the Michigan Secretary of State, for the first time ever, is participating in something informally called the Kansas Project (formally known as the Interstate Voter Registration Data Comparison).
What is this? Sixteen states have joined together to compare and cross-check voter registration records to identify voters currently registered in more than one state AND to make sure they aren't voting in the same election in more than one state. All told, more than 50 million voter registration records were compared. The best part? This is free - governments actually cooperating for the greater good at no cost to taxpayers.

Michigan just received initial results. Of Michigan's almost 7.2 million voter registration records, 164,837 duplicate voter registrations were found in participating states like Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.
Free Beacon reports on the Washington Post: At issue is the Post’s China Watch publication, a print and online advertising supplement that purports to deliver the news about China. The site hosts numerous articles and feature pieces that portray the Chinese government—particularly its human rights record—in a glowing light.
“They need to address the proverbial elephant in the living room—why are you carrying a Communist government-sponsored publication?” asked Lois Boynton, a journalism professor at the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
“It raises some ethical issues for the Post,” said Boynton, who criticized China Watch for intentionally obfuscating its origins.
Readers go right through this section as if they’re moving through the hard news to the more in depth reporting, never realizing that they’re being inundated with Chinese government propaganda,” said Stephen Yates, a former national security adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. “It doesn’t hit a person that they’ve arrived at an ad supplement filled with things that have passed Chinese Communist Party filters.”


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