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Atlas Shrugged; Congress and patent protections; 30% will vote for Obama; TSA conducts surprise screenings at bus terminals and subways; War casualty rate up 5 fold under Obama; Dept. of Agriculture decries "heterosexism"; FBI checking Obama's Chicago connections; Geithner cut non-union pensions at GM; Allahu Akbar, again; UK comments on Obama's Ahghanistan speech; Barack call our military "you guys"; Geithner wants higher taxes on small business

[I know - I am having to post more and more articles each day just to keep up with the pace of this Administration's activities.  It seems as if Barack Obama is trying to "overwhelm the system" ala Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. So, if you can, at least ready the gyst of each article, for we must keep ourselves informed.]

Big Government and Wayne Allen Root write about the book Atlas Shrugged, and Barack Obama: The central plot of Atlas Shrugged is that in response to being demonized, over-taxed, over-regulated, and punished for success, America’s business owners were disappearing — dropping off the grid, and refusing to work 16-hour days to support those unwilling to put in the same blood, sweat and tears. They were going on strike. Because of that the original proposed title of “Atlas Shrugged” was “The Strike.”
They were going on strike to teach that civilization cannot survive when people are slaves to government. That without a productive class of innovative business owners willing to risk their own money and work 16-hour days, weekends and holidays, there are no jobs and no taxes to pay for government. If you punish the wealthy, the risk-takers, the innovators, you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. In Obama’s America, fiction is becoming fact.
The lesson of Atlas Shrugged is that without the $100,000+ earners paying into Social Security, there are no pensions for the poor and lower middle class. Without the wealthy owners of million-dollar mansions paying $25,000 and $50,000 annual property tax bills, there is no funding for public schools. Without the wealthy paying into Medicare, there is no “free” healthcare for the elderly. Without capitalists motivated by profit, there are no discoveries to eradicate polio or create miraculous cancer and AIDS drugs. Without capitalists motivated by profit, there are no jobs, period! That is what happens when the producers of society go on strike to protect themselves from the looters.
Expose Obama reports: Let’s make a brief summary of the abuse America has been subjected to this week by her self-appointed, and self-anointed “leaders.”  The Senate voted 95-5 for a blatantly unconstitutional bill, misleadingly named the America Invents Act, S. 23. This bill destroys over 200 years of patent protections for American inventors, and imposes, instead, “global standards” that amount to a giveaway of American inventions to the Chinese.
As the Democratic Policy Committee writes: In order to win the future, America must out-innovate and out-build the rest of the world.  Yet the U.S. patent system lags woefully behind.  Over 750,000 patent applications have yet to be approved due to inefficiencies in the approval process.
The America Invents Act will create jobs and promote innovation by reforming the nation’s patent filing system for the first time in nearly 60 years.
The America Invents Act is self-funding and will not add a dime to the deficit.

And Law Pundit explains: We definitely agree with the need for substantial patent reform, although the proposed change from a "first to invent" to a "first to file" system may unjustly favor those who have the money to file patents, which requires the investment of thousands of dollars. A penniless inventor with a great invention is out of luck until he finds the cash to file his patent application, and by then, word may have gotten around, and a patent can then be easily stolen. I am not sure that is the kind of "patent reform" the system needs.
Bloomberg reports: Only 30 percent of respondents said they are certain to vote for the president and 36 percent said they definitely won’t. Among likely independent voters, only 23 percent said they will back his re-election, while 36 percent said they definitely will look for another candidate.
“As far as the economy goes, I don’t see that he has delivered on the change that he promised,” said Sharon Ortiz, a 38-year-old
Mother Jones reports: Think you could avoid the TSA's body scanners and pat-downs by taking Amtrak? Think again. Even your daily commute isn't safe from TSA screenings. And because the TSA is working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol, you may have your immigration status examined along with your "junk".
As part of the TSA's request for FY 2012 funding, TSA Administrator John Pistole told Congress last week that the TSA conducts 8,000 unannounced security screenings every year. These screenings, conducted with local law enforcement agencies as well as immigration, can be as simple as checking out cargo at a busy seaport. But more and more, they seem to involve giving airport-style pat-downs and screenings of unsuspecting passengers at bus terminals, ferries, and even subways
CNS News reports: The average monthly casualty rate for U.S. military forces serving in Afghanistan has increased 5-fold since President Barack Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009. [I'm sure we can all remember when each and ever death during Bush's term was trumpeted as Bush's fault...]
U.S. Department of Agriculture activists want to impose their intense brand of homosexual sensitivity training governmentwide, including a discussion that compares “heterosexism” - believing marriage can be between only one man and one woman - to racism. It says people who view marriage as being between only one man and one woman are guilty of “heterosexism.”
Accuracy in Media reports: In a front page story about a major FBI terrorism investigation, The Washington Post has reported that the targets include “Chicagoans who crossed paths with Obama when he was a young state senator and some who have been active in labor unions that supported his political rise.” The implication is that the trail could lead to the White House.
This is an unusual investigation that does not primarily involve Islamists. Instead, it is focused on elements of the old international communist networks that many people mistakenly thought had faded away with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those under investigation are suspected of providing support to foreign terrorist organizations such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Middle East, a Marxist group. The Post called them “Colombian and Palestinian groups designated by the U.S. government as terrorists.”
Daily Caller writes: Republican Reps. Dan Burton and Mike Turner say that during the GM bailout, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner decided to cut pensions for salaried non-union employees at Delphi, a GM spinoff, to expedite GM’s emergence from bankruptcy.
Washington Examiner reveals: A Marine Corps reservist charged with shooting at military buildings last year videotaped himself firing a handgun out of a moving vehicle at the National Museum of the Marine Corps while saying "Allahu Akbar!," an Islamic exclamation meaning "God is great," prosecutors said.
Yonathan Melaku, 22, of Alexandria, was charged with firing at the museum in Prince William County and the Pentagon in October as part of a series of attacks in Northern Virginia. Authorities said they would not discuss a possible motive, but they say that Melaku's intent was to shut down military targets.
"This is not a junior high student shooting a BB gun at a local school," said Neil MacBride, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.
The UK Telegraph opines: Racing through his speech, President Barack Obama told us what had been comprehensively leaked over the preceding 24 hours: by next summer 33,000 troops – a third of the American force – will be withdrawn from Afghanistan.
The words were soothing - “take comfort in knowing that the tide of war is receding”, rest assured that “the light of secure peace can be seen in the distance” – but what was entirely lacking was an explanation of American strategy in Afghanistan from now on.
Barack Obama: "Throughout my service, first as a senator and then as a presidential candidate and then as a President, I’ve always run into you guys.  And for some reason it’s always in some rough spots.    
First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq.  When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there.  I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously."

The problem is, Jared Monti was killed in action in Afghanistan, on June 21, 2006.
[I just have to add that "you guys" is not a Presidential way to address our military, nor is it the sign of a great orator....]
CNS News reports: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the House Small Business Committee on Wednesday that the Obama administration believes taxes on small business must increase so the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs.”

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