Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shell Oil Can't Drill; Critters More Important Than People; Massachusetts Dems Vote to Eliminate Collective Bargaining; Climate Change Doesn't Cause Tornadoes; Brainwashing Students to Protest; President Bush Bike 100 Kilometers with Wounded Vets; Elementary School Field Trip to Union Protest; Obama's Aunt in Kenya Guarded; Wikileaks:Osama Death Supposed to Unleash Nuclear Bomb in Europe

Fox News Reports: Shell Oil Company has announced it must scrap efforts to drill for oil this summer in the Arctic Ocean off the northern coast of Alaska. The decision comes following a ruling by the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board to withhold critical air permits. The move has angered some in Congress and triggered a flurry of legislation aimed at stripping the EPA of its oil drilling oversight. Shell has spent five years and nearly $4 billion dollars on plans to explore for oil in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. The leases alone cost $2.2 billion.
Canada Free Press reports: You can’t make this up.  First, a Spotted Owl destroyed the timber industry of the Pacific Northwest, then a minnow turned the most productive agricultural land in the world into a dustbowl, and now, as energy prices spike and the economy sputters, they’re going after Texas with a scurrilous reptile. 
Specifically, the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard.  That’s the latest more-important-than-people critter being used to lock-up resources in the name of planet Earth.  The drilling moratorium didn’t cause enough pain, so onto the Endangered Species Act - known at the Sierra Club as “Ol’ Reliable” - to make certain Texas has lizard-filled poverty.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ writes: House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last night to strip police officers, teachers, and other municipal employees of most of their rights to bargain over health care, saying the change would save millions of dollars for financially strapped cities and towns.  The 111-to-42 vote followed tougher measures to broadly eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in Ohio, Wisconsin, and other states. But unlike those efforts, the push in Massachusetts was led by Democrats who have traditionally stood with labor to oppose any reduction in workers’ rights.
AFP - US meteorologists warned Thursday it would be a mistake to blame climate change for a seeming increase in tornadoes in the wake of deadly storms that have ripped through the US south.
"If you look at the past 60 years of data, the number of tornadoes is increasing significantly, but it's agreed upon by the tornado community that it's not a real increase," said Grady Dixon, assistant professor of meteorology and climatology at Mississippi State University.
"It's having to do with better (weather tracking) technology, more population, the fact that the population is better educated and more aware. So we're seeing them more often," Dixon said.
Glenn Beck notes:  It’s Earth Day, and that means its time for your kids to be indoctrinated into being pro-green agenda and anti-big business.
The Blaze reports that new song being sung by kids in school contains lyrics like “Recycle, bicycle, don’t drive by yourself / don’t buy those plastic products on the supermarket shelf“ and ”Boycott, petition, let the big business know / that if we mess it up here, there’s no else we can go.”
Newsbusters writes: If a 64-year-old former U.S. president rode 100 kilometers in the desert with more than a dozen wounded military veterans to raise awareness of and money for veterans charities, would it make headlines?
You'd think it would, but it didn't.
On Monday, April 18, the George W. Bush Presidential Center announced that the former commander-in-chief would ride with "fourteen United States servicemen and women who were seriously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan" in a 100-kilometer mountain bike ride on April 25-27 in the Big Bend National Park:Yet despite the newsworthiness of the trek, it seems the mainstream media has all but ignored it, save for ABC News's George Stephanopoulos.
Redstate writes: In Lancaster, PA, concerned parents contacted the local newspaper with their concerns, which caused one school to cancel the “field trip”:
Plans to have Wickersham Elementary School students participate next week in a rally opposing cuts in the state education budget have been canceled in the wake of complaints from parents.
The school Wednesday sent home a permission slip asking parents to allow their children in grades three to five to attend the Rally for a Responsible Budget in Harrisburg Tuesday.
Africa Review reports: Security has been heightened at the Kogelo rural home of the grandmother of US President Barack Obama following the killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. 
Nine MSN reports: The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks warned that al-Qaeda has hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe which will unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" if Osama bin Laden is captured, leaked files revealed.

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  1. Too much, just too much from the radicals...I am overwhelmed by it all!! Cannot keep up with all the crap and despair, wacko points of view, etc. These folks are absolutely killing the very world we ALL live in with their dispiscable beliefs...what are they looking to accomplish?!!