Saturday, November 27, 2010

UN Climate Change Conference in December; Taliban Deception Works; Castro Comments on Obama; Our Tax Dollars to Ground Zero Mosque?

Tim Phillip of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative think tank writes: Where do Al Gore environmental radicals and Obama Administration Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrats go this time of year?
They flock to the United Nations "Climate Change" conference to plot their next moves to kill jobs, intrude on our freedoms and dictate the way we live our lives - all in the name of their radical global warming agenda.
Last year, they were in Copenhagen and Americans for Prosperity was there exposing their hypocrisy, delivering our own freedom message and calling out the Obama Administration's cap-and-trade scheme. 
CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THAT HAPPENED - the proud Socialists march, the UN bureaucrats hopping in limos while they tell all of us to ride bikes and even your AFP team being attacked by eco-hypocrites!
This year, they are in of all places Cancun, Mexico for their U.N. Climate Change Conference.  Once again Americans for Prosperity will be there to attack their job-killing agenda, expose their hypocrisy and provide counter messaging back home to the United States.
[You can go to their website to read more or to sign up for coverage of the UN conference.]
The Afghan government and its Nato allies were duped into holding peace talks with a man posing as one of the most senior members of the Taliban leadership, it was revealed today.
According to Afghan and US sources quoted by the New York Times, authorities held face-to-face talks with the man who claimed to be Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, the second highest official in the Taliban movement.
Western sources quoted by the New York Times also confirmed a Guardian report that the man was paid a large sum of money in the hope that he would remain engaged in negotiations.
Fox News DC writes: NATO is a "military mafia," the war in Afghanistan is "genocidal" and US President Barack Obama deserves the prize for the "best snake charmer" who ever lived, Cuba's Fidel Castro said Monday.
In an article published in response to the Western alliance's weekend summit in Portugal, the former Cuban leader called NATO an "aggressive institution" that ignored "billions of persons suffering from poverty, underdevelopment, shortages of food, housing, health, education and jobs."
Fox News writes: He wants your money. The developer of the so called "Ground Zero Mosque" is applying for federal taxpayer money to help him build the controversial and contentious project. The funds are designated to help lower Manhattan recover from the 9-11 terrorist attacks, which took place just around the corner from the proposed mosque and cultural center location.
Sharif El-Gamal, the head of SOHO Properties, says the money will be used for a variety of services for Park51, as the project is called.
In a statement, El-Gamal said he is, "…committed to exploring all sources of revenue and funding to build the community center," noting that the request for a reported $5 million would help provide "social service programs....such as domestic violence prevention, Arabic and other foreign language classes, programs and services for homeless veterans, two multi-cultural arts exhibits and immigration services."
El-Gamal did not specify exactly how much of the taxpayers' funds would be allocated to "build the community center."
"It's absolutely disgraceful," said an angry Congressman Peter King (R-NY) who is likely to be the new chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.
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