Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ideas For Changes in American Government Policies

BRAINSTORMING IDEAS FOR CHANGE IN AMERICA: [My latest Guest Commentary published in the local liberal newspaper]

As the election approaches, along with our chance to make our votes count toward changes we desire, I am considering changes many might like to see.
Our country’s government should learn to live within its budget, just as we families must do. An end to earmarks, and a cut in government spending nearly across the board, not just a decrease in the planned increases, would be beneficial.  If Americans saw our government cut spending in times of economic woe, we would know that our grandchildren will not be saddled with enormous debt.  If government would cut its creation of yet more government jobs as an answer to job losses, and instead put its focus on what would inspire private small businesses to hire, Capitalism would have a chance to be the amazing creator of jobs it has always been. That would not only raise employment but inspire Americans.
The Bush tax cuts should not be allowed to expire, for that would be devastating to a failing economy.  It would be the largest tax increase in our country’s history. And it is “rich” people, after all, who create businesses that create jobs and attending perks, not poor people.
Businesses would be encouraged to hire once again if they knew that they will not have new and higher Business and Corporate taxes, higher energy bills thru a new Cap and Tax bill, a new VAT tax and continued increases in their obligations to pay for higher health care costsAn assurance that the Lame Duck Session will not produce onerous unpopular bills would also be a boon.  Businesses are waiting for signs positive for growth, and should not be denigrated for keeping their cash on the sidelines, as Juan Williams has suggested.      
Because a number of states are litigating against the new healthcare bill and the majority of Americans are against the bill as well as the incentive-ridden votes which passed it,  the health care bill could be rewritten, repealed or defunded until its Constitutionality is decided.  It is a model for more government intrusion into our lives.  Democrats are being advised not to say the law will reduce costs and deficits, for the CBO has now admitted that it will do neither.  As Nancy Pelosi actually said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.  What we have learned is that it will harm our country, as almost daily we learn of the rising monetary and human costs of the particulars in the bill.  It will not be possible to insure 30 million more people, waiting in line to be cared for by the same number of doctors, while simultaneously cutting costs.  In this healthcare bill are more non-healthcare related stealth taxes on “the rich”, such as on excess profits on the sale of one's home and on income from investments.  How does this pertain to healthcare?
It would save our government money if it would not prosecute the state of Arizona for actually enforcing a federal law that mandates that being illegal – is illegal!
Our President should quit shaming Americans for going to certain vacation spots while he lavishly vacations every month.  His remarks about Las Vegas sent their economy plummeting, as many conventions were cancelled.
As we actually loan money to other countries for their offshore drilling endeavors, we should end the drilling moratorium in our own Gulf, restoring many thousands of jobs there.
As Ronal Reagan once said, “Government is not the solution to our problems; government IS the problem”.


  1. Reads very well, and glad it got some additional visibility in the newspaper's editorial page ! Well done !! Thanks