Friday, October 12, 2012

New RNC ad details Biden; Disrespectful Joe; Condescending Joe; Interrupting Joe; It is because Romney/Ryan brought us the truth; Lying Joe; Please avoid Socialism; Romney ahead in Florida 51-44; Just how the jobs report was untrue; Fact-checking the debate; Knowing the real Obama

Joe Biden was trying to make up for the empty-chair performance of our President - we need to mop up after both of them.
A new Republican web ad details Joe Biden laughing and smirking at Paul Ryan throughout Thursday night's vice presidential debate:
"Vice President Biden is laughing," the video text at the end of the ad reads, "are you?"

FOX NEWS' CHRIS WALLACE: I've Never Seen A Candidate As Disrespectful As Joe Biden Was Tonight

"I don't believe I've ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan tonight," Wallace said.
He added: "It was openly contemptuous and disrespectful." [It was clear that old Joe was trying to NOT be polite, to make up for Obama's politeness in his debate.  He succeeded, but failed to earn respect.]

CNN's Gloria Borger: Biden Came Off As Condescending


RNC: Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times


[Well, someone has to tell us the truth.... Shame on the mainstream media.]  Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter is coming under intense criticism from Republicans for saying the "entire reason" the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had become a political topic was "because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan."-


Romney: "I think today we got another indication of how President Obama and his campaign fail to grasp the seriousness of the challenges that we face here in America," Romney said at a rally in North Carolina.

The Republican nominee went on to quote Cutter's remarks, before turning them against the president.

"No, President Obama, it's an issue because this is the first time in thirty-three years that a United States Ambassador has been assassinated.

"Mr President, this is an issue because we were attacked successfully by terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11.

"President Obama, this is an issue because Americans wonder why it was it took so long for you and your administration to admit that this was a terrorist attack," Romney said, demanding "serious answers" for the American people.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He's not running for office. He's not part of a super PAC. He's not lobbying for or against any ballot measures.

But billionaire Thomas Peterffy is spending millions on television ads this election season with one cautionary message: Avoid socialism.

"I grew up in a socialist country and I have seen what that does to people. There is no hope, no freedom, no pride in achievement," he says with a soft Hungarian accent in the ad. "The nation became poorer and poorer, and that's what I see happening here."
Peterffy told CNN he expects to spend $5-$10 million on the ad buy, depending on its effectiveness. The spot will run on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and test markets in Ohio, Wisconsin, and possibly Florida.
The one-minute spot, which began airing Wednesday and will continue through Election Day, has no mention of any specific politician or lawmaker. It's simply a plea for an end to what he sees as growing hostility to personal success - and to vote Republican.
"America's wealth comes from the efforts of people striving for success. Take away their incentive with badmouthing success and you take away the wealth that helps us take care of the needy," he says in the commercial.
Peterffy was born in Budapest in 1944 during the deadly Soviet offensive that ended in the capture of Hungary's capital the following year. From then, the republic remained under communist control until it gained independence in 1989.
The new ad features images of Peterffy as a child in Hungary and the impoverished conditions in his native country.
"As a young boy, I was fantasizing about one day going to America, making a success of myself. The American Dream," he says.
"I’ve paid $1.9 billion in taxes in my lifetime, now I am being told that I am not contributing my fair share?" he said in an interview.
"When you trash the leaders of businesses, they stop working hard. They go on vacation," he continued. "I even see that within myself, I used to be proud of building Interactive Brokers. I would look forward to work each day. Now I’m being told I’m not doing my fair share."

Times/Bay News 9/Herald exclusive Florida poll: Romney 51, Obama 44


 Here's what actually happened. The state did report weekly jobless claims but did not process and report its quarterly claims number (when many people have to reapply for benefits for technical reasons as opposed to being newly laid off). As a result, there wasn't the expected spike in claims that normally happens at the start of the quarter.

In other words, the drop of 30,000 last week had more to do with the lack of expected re-filings at the start of the fourth quarter than with any particular improvement in labor market conditions.
[The article linked to here is a good listing of exaggerations, misstatements and truths presented last night by both participants.] There were lots of feisty words and fishy facts in Thursday’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan. Here are some quick highlights.

“We weren’t told they wanted more security there. We did not know they wanted more security.”
— Biden, speaking of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya
Biden’s bold statement was directly contradicted by State Department officials just this week, in testimony before a congressional panel and in unclassified cables released by a congressional committee.
“All of us at post were in sync that we wanted these resources,” said Eric Nordstrom, the top regional security officer in Libya earlier this year. A Utah national guardsman who led a security team, Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, said: “We felt great frustration that those requests were ignored or just never met.”
[This, from a classmate of Obama's at Columbia - read it all!] I believe that public knowledge of my face-to-face confrontation with young Obama's ideological extremism in 1980 would have helped prevent Obama's election in 2008.  My account of Obama's anticipation of a Communist revolution would have alerted voters to the reality that Obama is not a bipartisan politician, but rather a longstanding advocate of class warfare and other hateful ideas promoted earlier by the likes of Frank Marshall Davis.  My story would have highlighted the real Obama, the Obama who asserted, as he did at a at a Martin Luther King Day speech at the University of Chicago in 2002, "that rich people are all for non-violence" simply because "they want to make sure people don't take their stuff."
Lacking the option of time travel, I still think my story helps explain why it was fairly easy for Mitt Romney to defeat Barack Obama in a formal debate.  I can report that young Obama was no genius.  I saw signs of that young Obama last week when Romney pointed out that in 25 years in business, he had never seen a special tax break for corporations who send jobs overseas.  Obama -- without his teleprompter and entourage of liberal sycophants -- is apparently incapable of reacting forcefully to a verbal punch from a true business and political heavyweight. 


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