Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Dreams From My Real Father"; EPA rules on coal and gasoline; Romney against redistribution; No press coverage of Sebelius breaking the law; Dems showed Turkish airplanes; The end of our 2nd Amendment; The truth on Benghazi raid; France to close 20 embassies; USA agency told to leave Russia; The silence of O

Earlier this month, “Dreams From My Real Father” director Joel Gilbert appeared at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to talk about his documentary.  [He says that The Journalists' Creed demands a full measure of responsibility to the public, that suppression of the news is indefensibleThe mainstream media will not cover this film....  Even Newsmax wants to "move to the center, and refused to run an ad about this movie.  World Net Daily and USA Survival and few others have been doing their job.]
Congressional Republicans are turning up the heat this week in an effort to head off EPA regulations and stop the Obama administration’s “war on coal,” voting on a package of five bills that would curb EPA regulatory authority and environmental rules.
“Affordable energy is critical for our nation’s economic future,” said Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo, one of the leading critics of President Obama’s coal policies.
Coal producer Alpha Natural Resources said Tuesday it was cutting production by 16 million tons and eliminating 1,200 jobs companywide, laying off 400 workers immediately by closing mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Alpha said it was closing four mines in West Virginia, three in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania. They are a mix of deep and surface mines, and all are non-union operations.
Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R., Wis.) has a post on the Hill’s Congress Blog highlighting a bizarre new regulation from the EPA requiring some gas stations to sell at least four gallons of gasoline at a time. It affects those that pump both E10 and E15 (gas with 10 percent or 15 percent ethanol) through the same hose. Since E15 is pretty terrible for small engines and old cars (Sensenbrenner says it’s “like metal in a microwave for a small engine”), the theory is that when customers whose engines cannot handle it are buying gas, the four-gallon minimum would dilute any residual E15 enough to keep it from damaging small engines. That all presents a few problems, since some motorcycles don’t even hold four gallons and some people only want to fill up one- or two-gallon fuel cans for boats, lawn mowers, etc.
It’s a historic moment for the EPA, though, as they’ve never actually forced people to buy anything before. “The EPA’s first-ever mandated purchase requirement appears to have been conceived outside the normal regulatory process,”
 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At an October 19, 1998 conference at Loyola University, Barack Obama spoke against "propaganda" that said government doesn't work and the need to "pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution."
Mitt Romney’s only mistake was lumping together all of the 47 percent who don’t pay income taxes.
A lot of them are elderly, and many of them are voting for Mitt. And there are some people who work, but just don’t make a lot of money, or who would be working if they weren’t legitimately disabled.
But the indisputable fact is, a huge percentage of Obama’s voters are basically wards of the state. There are millions of them, and they have no intention of voting for anyone who might want them to ever go out and work for a living — “no matter what.”
As Romney said in Boca Raton last May: “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Reporters haven’t asked about Sebelius breaking law in W.H. briefings


The Democratic Party’s national convention in Charlotte, N.C., may have doubled down on insulting the U.S. military community.
The Democratic National Committee has already apologized for using a photo of four Soviet-era Russian warships in a giant stage backdrop intended to illustrate the party’s support for military personnel and veterans.
That huge image, visible in the Time Warner Cable Arena during speeches by Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and retired Admiral John B. Nathman, also depicted a synchronized formation of jet aircraft that convention-goers assumed were American fighter planes.
But the F-5 fighter planes in the photo are part of the air force of Turkey, a nation whose government is now jailing journalists and establishing Islam as a state religion.
[We have witnessed the beginning of the end of America's right to free speech, when in a dictator-inspired move by Obama actually produced the arrest of a man who made "The" video on Muslims.  President Obama just committed his most recent contradiction to his vow of office to uphold our Constitution, just so the Middle East mess doesn't look like one of his own making.] Look on the bright side A guy who committed the unforgivable sin of exercising his First Amendment rights in a way that offended a certain religious group spent the weekend in custody, being questioned over concerns he may have violated the terms of his probation by uploading the film to the Internet. The man who posted his movie under an assumed name to protect himself from the inevitable Salman Rushdie-type fatwa was outed by Obama’s Justice Department, a move that has forced him and his family into hiding.
No, this is not the guy who submerged a crucifix in a vat of urine, nor is it the person who smeared a picture of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung, nor is it Bill Maher, a guy who made a movie that attacked all religions (including Islam) and donated $1 million to reelect the President. Not them.
As the Administration struggles to pin the foreseeable outcome of our bonkers Middle East policy, the sacking of two diplomatic missions and the slaughter of at least four diplomatic personnel, on a YouTube video, the truth begins to trickle out.
The first substantial fissure appears today.
An intelligence source backs up the claim of a wounded Libyan security guard that there was no demonstration prior to the sacking of the Benghazi consulate.
The account that the attack started suddenly backs up claims by a purported Libyan security guard who told McClatchy Newspapers late last week that the area was quiet before the attack.
“There wasn’t a single ant outside,” the unnamed guard, who was being treated in a hospital, said in the interview.

France announced Wednesday it will close 20 embassies across the Muslim world on Friday after French weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed naked, amid growing unrest over an anti-Islamic film that has left dozens dead.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced it will close its offices in Russia following an order from the authorities there to cease operations.
The Russian government gave the US until 1 October to close the mission, accusing it of meddling in politics.  [But didn't they hear Obama say that he will have more flexibility after his reelection?] 
"The decision was taken mainly because the work of the agency's officials far from always responded to the stated goals of development and humanitarian cooperation. We are talking about attempts to influence political processes through its grants," the foreign ministry said in a statement. 
Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin alleged that protests surrounding his re-election were orchestrated by US-funded NGOs.
Among the groups likely to be affected is Golos, whose exposure of electoral fraud at last year's parliamentary elections helped spark huge anti-Kremlin street demonstrations.
Golos is partly funded by USAID.
On September 14, the Taliban attacked Camp Bastion—a giant Anglo-American base in Helmand Province—and managed to destroy six Marine Harrier jets on the ground and to kill a Harrier squadron commander. This was a well-planned, well-executed attack that caused more than a hundred million dollars in damage.
On September 18, a suicide bomber rammed a bus near the Kabul airport, killing 12 people, mostly foreign crew members working on charter flights to support USAID and other agencies in Afghanistan. [And yet Obama says nothing....]

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