Monday, June 11, 2012

Obama data mining; Cory Booker "dead to us"; "vicious people working for President"; A shift in mood about unions; NJ Judge rules nothing more than 1000 votes required to run for President; Voter fraud in Racine; "The private sector is doing fine", says Obama; Donations drying up; Camels & chickens for Obama & Clinton; Afghanistan questions relationship with US; Eric Holder - trust him?; We'll have no "God Bless America"; Case will proceed against Maxine Waters; They will decimate us; Google and Apple have eyes in our skies

Obama campaign's data mining 'reaches far beyond anything politics has ever seen'...
It’s bye-bye, Beltway for Cory Booker.
Newark’s mayor, who was gunning for a spot in President Obama’s Cabinet, lost the chance after he shot his mouth off during a blunderingly honest TV appearance last month, sources told The Post.
“He’s dead to us,” one ranking administration official said of the prevailing feelings at the White House and Obama headquarters in Chicago.
Booker had been angling for the housing secretary gig in a second Obama term, according to sources in the administration and close to the mayor.
The job was certainly a possibility, given Booker’s work in New Jersey’s biggest city, according to administration and Democratic Party sources.

Lanny Davis Goes Off On Obama Aides: “You Have Vicious People Who Are Working For The President”

Former Clinton aide takes Obama officials to task for saying Cory Booker is “dead to us.” “It may be meltdown unless they come to their senses. Why would they want to create enemies, or depict people as enemies: who are their friends?”

But organization and money aren't the headline [in the Wisconsin Recall election]. The shift in mood and assumption is. The vote was a blow to the power and prestige not only of the unions but of the blue-state budgetary model, which for two generations has been: Public-employee unions with their manpower, money and clout, get what they want. If you move against them, you will be crushed.
Mr. Walker was not crushed. He was buoyed, winning by a solid seven points in a high-turnout race.
Governors and local leaders will now have help in controlling budgets. Down the road there will be fewer contracts in which you work for, say, 23 years for a city, then retire with full salary and free health care for the rest of your life—paid for by taxpayers who cannot afford such plans for themselves, and who sometimes have no pension at all. The big meaning of Wisconsin is that a public injustice is in the process of being righted because a public mood is changing.
 Earlier this spring, President Obama's attorney Alexandra Hill went to court in New Jersey over a challenge to her client's eligibility to appear on the 2012 presidential primary ballot. New Jersey citizens, represented by attorney Mario Apuzzo, made two claims: that Barack Obama has not proved he meets the conditions for presidential eligibility (namely, that he is a "natural born citizen"), and that the proof Obama released attesting to his bona fides (an Internet image of his long-form birth certificate) is fraudulent.
Hill's argument? A presidential candidate has no obligation under New Jersey state law to prove his eligibility, period.
Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin agreed with Hill and ruled in Obama's favor. He further asserted that, absent such an obligation, the Internet image of Obama's birth certificate -- the same image that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse investigators believe to be a forgery -- is "legally irrelevant."
The upshot for New Jersey? As the president's attorney put it, "you could have Mickey Mouse" on the presidential ballot so long as he received the requisite 1,000 petition signatures.

[Voter fraud?  What voter fraud??] Breitbart News has now discovered evidence that residents were enticed to vote in exchange for a free meal.
A Racine resident emailed the following .pdf document showing that residents were invited to the Changing Lives Ministry for a breakfast last Friday morning prior to Election Day--and then provided buses to and from City Hall to cast early ballots.
Breitbart News has also received video (included below) from a resident of Racine showing ballot boxes open and ballots being shuffled around and dropped on the floor. Our source informed me that while he was waiting in line to vote at the 6th District 13th & 14th Ward polling place, located at the 1409 State St. Transit Center, he noticed ballots going into the machines and coming right back out, rather than remaining inside the machines. He also noticed one of the ballot boxes being opened after reportedly being jammed.
Our source added that the ballot box was jammed at ballot number 671, opened up, and then cleared out. He says he saw at least three ballots being torn out of the machine and ripped in half to clear the jam. A new machine was brought in to replace it--and, according to our source, that machine machine was also at ballot number 671, rather than starting from scratch at number 1. Our source only saw a few ballots in the original box, and said that it did not look like there were over six hundred ballots ever inside. These accounts raise legitimate and urgent questions: were all the ballots in that ward counted? Were all the ballots that were counted actually cast? With an election teetering on a margin of 1%, the answers are tremendously important, as a .5% margin would trigger an automatic recount.
 It would be hard to imagine a greater gift than the sound bite that Barack Obama handed to Republicans on Friday: “The private sector is doing fine.”
At a moment when the president is struggling to connect with the economic anxieties of the American public, that statement is likely to show up again and again in attack ads, conservative commentary and Republican stump speeches between now and November.  Those six words now stand as Exhibit A in the GOP’s case that, as Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney put it minutes later, the president is “detached and out of touch” on the issue that ranks at the top of voter concerns.

With the election just five months away, some are threatening not to donate money or time or even vote in November for the man who overwhelmingly ignited their passions and captured their imaginations four years ago.-


The al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia has mocked the new $33 million bounty on its top leaders heads by offering its own bounty for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – 10 camels for Obama and 20 chickens for Clinton.
"Anyone who helps the Mujahideen find the whereabouts of Obama and Hillary Clinton will be rewarded with 10 Camels to the information leading to Obama and 10 hens and 10 cocks for Hillary," said senior Shabaab commander Fuad Mohamed Khalaf in a statement reported on numerous websites.
Earlier this week, the U.S. offered a total of $33 million through the State Department's Rewards for Justice program for information leading to the capture of seven different Shabaab leaders, including Khalaf.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Afghanistan's president said Saturday that the United States has put the two countries' security pact at risk with a unilateral airstrike that killed 18 civilians, while a Taliban suicide bomber killed four French soldiers responding to a tipoff about a bomb hidden under a bridge.
Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday appointed two chief federal prosecutors to spearhead an investigation into suspected leaks of classified information amid allegations that the White House made the disclosures to boost President Barack Obama's election chances.
Holder said the investigation would be headed by U.S. Attorneys Ronald Machen Jr. of Washington, D.C., and Rod Rosenstein of Maryland, who would be "fully authorized to prosecute criminal violations discovered as a result of their investigation."
A controversial Coney Island principal has pulled the plug on patriotism.
Her refusal to let students sing “God Bless the USA” at their graduation has sparked fireworks at a school filled with proud immigrants.
Greta Hawkins, principal of PS 90, the Edna Cohen School, won’t allow kindergartners to belt out the beloved Lee Greenwood ballad, also known as “Proud to be an American,” at their moving-up ceremony.
Five classes spent months learning the patriotic song, which skyrocketed in popularity after the 9/11 attacks and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
It was to be the rousing finale of their musical show at the June 20 commencement. The kids, dressed up for their big day, would wave tiny American flags — which, as the lyrics proclaim, “still stand for freedom.”
But Hawkins marched in on a recent rehearsal and ordered a CD playing the anthem to be shut off, staffers said.
She told the teachers to drop the song from the program. 
“We don’t want to offend other cultures,” they quoted her as explaining.
The curt edict stunned both staff and parents.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The House Ethics Committee announced on Wednesday that Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-Calif.) rights were not violated in its investigation of her and its case will proceed.
In a letter to Waters, the committee wrote to inform the lawmaker that it had considered the 12 allegations of misconduct her lawyer had presented against the panel and found that none of them was in violation of the House or committee rules.
Here‘s just a sampling of  Van Jones’ words: [Jones is a close confidant of Obama who had to resign from being the Green Czar after we learned his radical ways....]
“If the Tea Party is allowed to score a trifecta, their ideas already are corrupting the Supreme Court, you see that with Scalia’s antics, they already have half of the Congress. If they get the rest…and the White House…if the Tea Party governs America — if this time next year, you are living in a government run by the Tea Party — let me suggest to you that they might use power a little bit differently than we did. When they get power, they use it to decimate us…”
Google admits it has already sent planes over cities while Apple has acquired a firm using spy-in-the-sky technology that has been tested on at least 20 locations, including London.

Apple’s military-grade cameras are understood to be so powerful they could potentially see into homes through skylights and windows. The technology is similar to that used by intelligence agencies in identifying terrorist targets in Afghanistan.

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