Monday, April 23, 2012

State laws fight voter fraud; Trade Romney tax returns for Obama college transcripts; Obama not radical enough for some in Hollywood; Missouri nullifies Obamacare; Obama "apoplectic" over GSA; Global warming caused by the sun; Michelle behind Ann Romney smear; US government training foreigners for American jobs; US college professors teaching Occupy in Tehran; Muslims don't eat dogs; More Executive Orders for 2nd term of Obama

Yahoo News reports: New state laws designed to fight voter fraud could reduce the number of Americans signing up to vote in this year's presidential election by hundreds of thousands, a potential problem for President Barack Obama's re-election bid.
Voting laws passed by Republican-led legislatures in a dozen states during the past year have sharply restricted voter-registration drives that typically target young, low-income, African-American and Hispanic voters - groups that have backed the Democratic president by wide margins.
A further 16 states are considering bills that would end voter registration on election days, impose a range of limits on groups that register voters and make it more difficult for people to sign up, according to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School.
Daily Interlake opines: Some politicos say it is because Mitt Romney paid a lower tax rate than Barack Obama. You know what? Who cares? They both followed the law, and paid what they were supposed to pay. Did Mitt Romney write the tax code? No. Would we think he would be a better president if he were so stupid that he paid twice as much in taxes as he was legally required to do? Um, I hope not. Even Warren Buffet is smart enough not to pay taxes he doesn’t owe!
So this whole thing is a phony issue. I have no idea when the press became so powerful that journalists could demand to see private documents held by candidates.
Turns out that Barack Obama — yes, PRESIDENT Barack Obama — sent out three messages from his personal Twitter account in early April challenging Mitt Romney to come clean with his financial records. The last Tweet in particular said #WhatsRomneyHiding.”
It is hard to find irony any deeper or richer than that! This president really thinks he can make transparency an issue? For four years now, reporters have been asking the president to release his college transcripts, and they have been met with nothing but the stony silence of “I don’t have to.”
Now, think about it. What’s more likely to reflect on one’s performance as president — How much money you made? Or how good a student you were? Don’t mean to offend anyone, but lots of folks make piles of money without being very smart. On the other hand, if President Obama was getting straight A’s at Columbia University and Harvard Law School, then that would suggest he is a problem solver who knows how to use the old noodle.
So Mr. Romney ought to double down on the president’s challenge: “I’ll see your tax returns, and I’ll raise you three college transcripts!”
Independent Journal writes: Celebrity Matt Damon, former staunch supporter of President Obama in his 2008 presidential campaign, has now changed his mind.
In the new issue of Elle Magazine, Damon said in the interview, “You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better.” If Hollywood turns against Obama in 2012 citing a lack of results, 2012 could be a very long and painful year for the President.  [The reason, however, is that Obama has not been radical enough....]
The Mackinac Center reports: The Missouri state House voted Thursday to “nullify” Obamacare, making it illegal for federal or state officials to even attempt to enforce the law. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The NY Post reports: President Barack Obama is "apoplectic" over reports of lavish spending at the General Services Administration, senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday.
The GSA is under congressional investigation for spending more than $820,000 on a Las Vegas-area conference -- a revelation that has led to other allegations about the agency's practice of improperly billing taxpayers for meals, trips and other expenses.
"On the GSA issue, he was I think it's fair to say -- apoplectic," Axelrod said on NBC's "Meet the Press."
"Because we made a big effort to cut waste, inefficiency, fraud against government, saved tens of billions of dollars doing it on just this very kind of thing. And so this was very enraging to him, and of course he acted quickly, the administration acted quickly and changed the management there."
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deutsche Welle Academy reports: The authors Fritz Vahrenholt und Sebastian L√ľning, employees of Germany's second-biggest energy company RWE, maintain that less than half the world's warming to date is human-made. They say solar activity, sunspots and magnetic fields, which change in cycles, are responsible.
As the sun is about to go into a cold cycle, they say, this will counteract global warming and we need not fear the worst. Calls for urgent action are no more than "panic-mongering". "I feel duped on climate change", Vahrenholt told the media. The German boulevard paper "Bild" ran the headline "The CO2 lie".,,15900048,00.html
The National Enquirer reports: MICHELLE OBAMA brain-stormed the scheme to sic a pit bull strategist on the GOP contender’s wife ANN ROMNEY and it backfired!
Daily Caller reports: While the president has been urging “insourcing,” the government has been sending money to the Philippines to train foreign workers for jobs in English-speaking call centers.
According to New York Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop and North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones, this is unacceptable and “shocking.”
The pair are calling on the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to immediately suspend what is known as the Job Enabling English Proficiency (JEEP) program.
According to Jones’ office, in 2010, after the two men compelled USAID to end a similar training program in Sri Lanka, the agency assured the congressmen that they would “conduct a review to ensure the project will not take any jobs away from Americans.”
Weekly Standard reports: An alarming news report from Iran's Press TV, a propaganda arm of the Iranian government, showing American professors gathering in Tehran to discuss the Occupy Wall Street Movement:  The professors interviewed on Press TV include Alex Vitale of Brooklyn College, Heather Gautney of Fordham University, and John Hammond of City University of New York.

Powerline reports: ONE MORE THING: Muslims don’t eat dogs. Barack Obama lived with a Muslim stepfather in a Muslim area of Indonesia. Dogs were not eaten there; presumably not in Obama’s Muslim household. So Obama’s claim in his autobiography that he ate dog in Indonesia may well be false–an error introduced by Bill Ayers or whoever actually wrote Obama’s autobiography. But it is way too late now for Obama to disavow the autobiography that he allegedly wrote.
NY Times reports: When he announced a cut in refinancing fees for federally insured mortgages last month, for example, he said: “If Congress refuses to act, I’ve said that I’ll continue to do everything in my power to act without them.”
Aides say many more such moves are coming. Not just a short-term shift in governing style and a re-election strategy, Mr. Obama’s increasingly assertive use of executive action could foreshadow pitched battles over the separation of powers in his second term, should he win and Republicans consolidate their power in Congress.

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