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We have a right to know; Breitbart's Obama tapes to be released soon; CA allows 12 yr. olds to get free condoms; Buffalo teachers get free plastic surgery; Codes to International Space Station in stolen laptop; Celebrating death; Obama's advantages; DNC Chair to speak at fundraiser hosted by Muslim on our Federal Terrorist Watch List; Our Afghanistan Ambassador hasn't ruled out military proceedings against Quran burners; Senate upholds contraception in Obamacare; Lack of respect for nature's laws; Money buys freedom now; For shame, MI Credentials Committee; Taxpayers pay for Obama agenda promotion

World Net Daily: An investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched six months ago by “America’s toughest sheriff” – Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County – has concluded there is probable cause that the document released by the White House last year as President Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.
The investigative team has asked Arpaio, who is at a news conference in Phoenix live-streamed by WND TV that began at 3 p.m. Eastern time, to elevate the investigation to a criminal probe that will make available the resources of his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.
The posse says it has identified at least one person of interest in the alleged forgery of Obama’s birth certificate. 
“Officers of the Hawaii Department of Health and various elected Hawaiian public officials may have intentionally obscured 1961 birth records and procedures to avoid having to release to public inspection and to the examination of court-authorized forensic examiners any original Obama 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may or may not have,” Zullo said.
The investigators say the evidence contained in the computer-generated PDF file released by the White House as well as important deficiencies in the Hawaii process of certifying the long-form birth certificate establish probable cause that a forgery has been committed.
“A continuing investigation is needed to identify the identity of the person or persons involved in creating the alleged birth certificate forgery and to determine who, if anyone, in the White House or the state of Hawaii may have authorized the forgery,” Arpaio said.
Among the evidence released at the press conference are five videos – which can be seen at the end of this article – to demonstrate why the Obama long-form birth certificate is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery.
The videos consist of step-by-step computer demonstrations using a control document. They display the testing used by the investigators to examine various claims made by supporters of the April 27 document. [For those of you who would enjoy watching how the birth certificate and selective service documentation are declared to be forgeries, a few videos here are most instructive.  Sheriff Arpaio is now committed to discovery of just who did the forgeries....]

Mediaite reports: On his program Thursday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity spoke with Steve Bannon (producer of The Undefeated, among various other films) about a series of tapes Andrew Breitbart claimed to have about Barack Obama. Breitbart mentioned the tapes during his recent CPAC speech, sharing that “[w]e are going to vet [Barack Obama] from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”

Bannon confirmed that there exists a series of tapes taken during Obama’s time at Harvard, which will be publicly released “in a week or two.” Breitbart has been “very systematic about going through this thing,” Bannon added. [Andrew Breitbart will live on, forever.  Listen to his speech here.  He was a true Patriot and American truth will miss him.  May his death inspire others to greatness in the cause.]

CNS News reports: No wonder California is perpetually in financial chaos. It’s too busy setting up programs to distribute free condoms to 12-year-olds and teenagers to help them responsibly manage their sexual budgets – and avoid their parents finding out.
The Condom Access Project (CAP), according to the Bakersfield Californian, allows children as young as 12 to go to and order free condoms by mail in several California counties. The program, supported by the California Department of Public Health's STD Control Branch and the nonprofit California Family Health Council, was launched this year - on Valentine’s Day.
Big Government (ONE OF ANDREW BREITBART'S PRODUCTIONS) writes: As CNN reports:
The sweet deal that all the 3,400 teachers in Buffalo are eligible to get under one of their insurance plan options, they are billed nothing for any plastic surgery procedure, such as botox, liposuction, tummy tucks, and there is no deductible …. Last year, Buffalo’s schools spent $5.9 million on plastic surgery which is also known as a cosmetic rider. And Buffalo teachers have had this rider for nearly four decades …. Now you might think Buffalo’s school district must be flush with cash to be offering perks like free plastic surgery, right? Wrong. Louis Petrucci, the president of the Buffalo Board of Education says he is projecting a $42 million deficit in next year’s school budget.
UK Daily Mail reports: A laptop stolen from NASA contains the control codes used to command the International Space Station. 
The unencrypted laptop stolen last year is among dozens of mobile devices containing sensitive information that have been reported missing from the space agency, an internal investigation has found.

Giving testimony on the space agency's security issues, NASA Inspector General Paul K. Martin told Congress that 48 agency devices were lost or stolen over a two year period.
Read more:
Free Beacon writes about the typical behavior of many on the Left: Economics and philosophy expert Matthew Yglesias reacted with glee Thursday morning at the news that conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart had died.
“Conventions around dead people are ridiculous,” the Slate correspondent wrote on Twitter this morning. “The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart [sic] dead.”
“If you think @AndrewBrietbart’s [sic] opponents shouldn’t be glad he’s dead, you’re not taking his life’s work seriously,” Yglesias added.
Yglesias is a former employee of ThinkProgress, a blog operated by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.
Breitbart passed away early Thursday of natural causes, according to, a website he founded. He was 43.
Yglesias is not the only liberal commentator to publicly celebrate Breitbart’s passing.
The Washington Examiner has compiled an array of colorful tweets mocking the deceased icon.
Canada Free Press brings us down to earth [but I shall remain hopeful]: You don’t need the mainstream media, FOXNews, the conservative blogosphere or even Canada Free Press (CFP) to tell you that Obama has the deck of cards stacked against any realistic hope of relieving him from office.  With ingrained election fraud, unshakeable Obama control of the mainstream media and the Internet, 12 million free telephone recipients that can be texted all the way between now and Election Day, 40 million on food stamps, internecine fighting among Republican presidential candidates and the power of martial law and election suspension at his command, how can Obama realistically be unseated?
Free Beacon writes: Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing criticism for her upcoming appearance at a fundraiser hosted by an American Muslim leader who was placed on the Federal Terrorist Watch List.
Wasserman Schultz is set to keynote an annual fundraising dinner for EMERGE USA, a Muslim community group led by Khurrum Wahid, a controversial attorney with a track record of defending accused terrorists and associating with Muslim Brotherhood-backed groups.
Democrats and Republicans alike are wondering why Wasserman Schultz, described by the Jewish Daily Forward as a “proud Jewess,” would associate with Wahid.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CNS News reports: The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan has not ruled out military proceedings against U.S. troops involved in the disposal of Qurans by burning them.
"If there are to be proceedings, they are going to be U.S. proceedings under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) -- and I don't think there is any question or doubt on the part of the Afghan government that that is exactly how it's going to go," Ryan Crocker told Fox News Wednesday night.
Washington Examiner writes: The Senate on Thursday defeated a GOP effort to roll back President Barack Obama's policy on contraception insurance coverage in the first vote on an issue that raised questions of religious and women's rights and riled Americans in this volatile election year.
The 51-48 vote killed an amendment that would have allowed employers and insurers to opt out of portions of the president's health care law they found morally objectionable. That would have included the law's requirement that insurers cover the costs of birth control. Democrats said the measure would have allowed employers and insurers to opt out of virtually any medical treatment with the mere mention of a moral or religious objection.

Weekly Standard writes: "After decades of sidelining the once-thriving American timber industry and taking the food out of the mouths of loggers' children to allegedly protect the spotted owl, the green bureaucracy is still not happy and has declared war on the environment," the director of the Occupy Occupy D.C. movement, David Almasi, said in the release. "One owl is being sacrificed for another. Where is the respect for the laws of nature? The one thing we do know from this travesty is that the Endangered Species Act is out-of-control and desperately needs to be reformed."
Fox News reports: Seven American rights workers are on a plane out of Egypt after the U.S. paid nearly $5 million in bail costs to secure their freedom. 
Egyptian officials said the U.S. paid $300,000 each for 16 Americans, nine of whom were already out of the country. 
The State Department said the money was paid by the nongovernmental organizations where the democracy and rights workers work. However, the NGOs receive U.S. funding for their operations.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mercury News reports: Michigan has 30 delegates to the party's national convention. State GOP rules said two of the delegates should be awarded proportionally based on the statewide vote, according to a party memo shared with the campaigns. The other 28 would be awarded based on the results in each of the state's 14 congressional districts.
Under these rules, Romney and GOP rival Rick Santorum's would split the delegates, with each getting 15. However, the Michigan Republican Party Credentials Committee voted 4-2 Wednesday night to give 16 delegates to Romney and 14 delegates to Santorum.
Committee members said the Feb. 7 memo was incorrect. Instead, they said, a new party rule adopted Feb. 4 was intended to award both statewide delegates to the statewide winner.
The Santorum campaign said it would appeal the ruling and, in an email, referred to the turn of events as an "election scandal."
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Examiner writes: Do you ever get that funny feeling that something is just not right--in the Obama Administration?
Well, then you have been joined by Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), former Bush Administration Office of Management and Budget director, and Sen. Clare McCaskill (D-MO), who on Wednesday blasted out letters to 11 federal agencies asking for detailed information about public relations and advertising contracts over the past three years, according to a FOXNews article today.
Both Senators were compelled by several reports they received, indicating that the Obama Administration has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to promote the president's political agenda, which is not acceptable, versus informing the public about government programs.

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