Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vot for the other guy; More shocking info to come on Obama; Saudi-funded textbooks in American schools; Occupy calls for the blood of the rich; Occupy dumps feces and urine down stairs; Radical rapper headlines Obama fundraiser; Bristol still waiting for her call from Obama; Facebood password law; State Defense Forces forming; Second Amendment Sovereignty Act; Landowners prevail with Supreme Court;

Glenn Beck reports: One woman in the crowd said, “So you’re all for like, yay, freedom and all this stuff and like pursuit of happiness. You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.”
Romney’s response? “If you’re looking, if you’re looking for free stuff, if you’re looking for free stuff you don’t have to pay for, vote for the other guy. That’s what he’s all about, okay? That’s not what I’m about.”
World Net Daily reports: “America’s toughest sheriff” says there is “tons” more potentially shocking information on Barack Obama in connection with his probe into the president’s eligibility, and he calls the media’s suppression of his findings of a likely forged presidential birth certificate and Selective Service Card “probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States.”
“I’m not going after the president to keep him off a ballot or anything else, but that could happen,” Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. “I’m going at it strictly as a law-enforcement guy investigating a possible forgery and fraud. I’m sticking with that, but I’ll tell you one thing. We got tons of other information that could be very shocking, too, but I’m sticking now with just the [forgery] investigation and possible criminal violations.”
Youtube video: Saudi-funded textbooks being used in America's K-12 classrooms.
Teaching, among other things, that Jesus was a "Palestinian," the state of Israel never existed, and that the Muslims discovered America before Columbus. At this rate, perhaps even Saudi grade-school textbooks, complete with jihadi and dhimmi declarations, will come to instruct American school-children.
"Public Schools Teach the ABCs of Islam," by Erick Stakelbeck for CBN News, October 9, 2008:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Blaze reports: Following a confrontation between Occupy protesters and local police last Thursday, vandals have hit the city with frightening pro-Occupy graffiti.
Buildings, walls, and statues have all been defaced.  The city’s public safety director woke up to the words, “Blood on your hands,” sprayed on his front steps.
Similarly, a hundred-year old statue now has the words “class war” scrawled across it, and a door that says “Park Police” now reads, “Only the blood of the rich will stop Occupy.”
CBS NYC reports: Police said that on evening of March 14, a number of Occupy demonstrators dragged large quantities of human urine and feces in containers to an open-air plaza before pouring the waste down a flight of stairs.
The incident occurred at the corner of Nassau and Cedar streets in Lower Manhattan.
Authorities said that that same night, about 20 minutes later, one of the suspects entered a Chase ATM vestibule on Water Street and poured human waste inside.  [Are Pelosi and Obama still proud of them?]
Too Much at the Pump provides a nifty website: Have you been curious as to how much more you now pay for a tank of gasoline?  Go to this website, find your car model and bingo - the comparison will be made!  Thank you, Mr. President, for you have denied permits, denied the Keystone Pipeline and denied drilling in Alaska.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redstate reports: Over the weekend we saw American songwriter and rapper Cee Lo Green headline a fundraiser for Barack Obama in Atlanta. Never mind the fact that the Left continues to lecture us about civility in the midst of Green singing the unedited version of his song, “Fu*** You,” while flipping off the crowd. The presence of this popular artist headlining an Obama rally shows once again how the Hollywood elite will try to sell President Obama to us in 2012 just like they did in 2008.
Fox News reports: Bristol Palin, the daughter of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, on Sunday asked President Obama to call her about some long-standing insults, just like he did after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh recently called law student Sandra Fluke a slut.
But three days later, the 21-year-old Palin appears still to be waiting by the phone.
"Dear President Obama, you don't know my telephone number, but I hope your staff is busy trying to find it," Palin wrote on Bristol's Blog. "You explained to reporters that you called (Fluke) because you were thinking of your two daughters, Malia and Sasha. After all, you didn't want them to think it was OK for men to treat them that way. ... Now that you're in office, it seems you're only willing to defend certain women."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Questions Fox News reports: As to being commanded to give your Facebook password to a prospective employer, the case of Justin Bassett presents questions which have been raised about the legality of the practice, which is also the focus of proposed legislation in Illinois and Maryland that would forbid public agencies from asking for access to social networks.
The Blade reports: Obama is angered by the several State Governors who have reestablished “State Defense Forces.” These forces are described as: “State Defense Forces (also known as State Guards, State Military Reserves, State Militias) in the United States are military units that operate under the sole authority of a state government; they are not regulated by the National Guard Bureau nor are they part of the Army National Guard of the United States. State Defense Forces are authorized by state and federal law and are under the command of the governor of each state. State Defense Forces are distinct from their state’s National Guard in that they cannot become federal entities.”
Mr. Obama is fearful of these State Defense Forces, in that he does not have control of said forces, and with the U.S. Military stretched to near breaking from multiple deployments and theatre actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, these State military forces would be under the direct command and authority of the Governors in which states have said forces. In essence, the Governors would have “de facto control” of the United States.
The two Governors leading this move are: Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota; and Rick Perry, Governor of Texas. Both of these State Governors stated they have: “…deep fear the President is destroying their Nation.” Governor Pawlenty’s fear of Obama is that since Obama took office he has appeased America’s enemies and has shunned some of America’s strongest allies, especially Israel. Governor Perry has declared that Obama is punishing his State of Texas by dumping tens-of-thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants into the cities and small towns of Texas. Governor Perry further recently stated: “If Barack Obama’s Washington doesn’t stop being so oppressive, Texans might feel compelled to renounce their American citizenry and secede from the union.”
U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) introduced legislation this week to protect the rights of American gun owners from being undermined by a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The Second Amendment Sovereignty Act, S.2205, would prohibit the Obama Administration from using the “voice, vote, and influence” of the United States during Arms Trade Treaty negotiations to restrict in any way the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens, including regulation of civilian firearms and ammunition.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reuters reports: The justices unanimously rejected the government's position that individuals or companies must first fail to comply with an EPA order and face potentially costly enforcement action before a court can review the case.
The opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia was a victory for an Idaho couple who challenged a 2007 EPA order that required them to restore a wetland they had filled with dirt and rock as they began to build a new vacation home near Priest Lake. They were also told to stop construction on the home.

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