Friday, May 13, 2011

This Blog Site Down All Day - posts deleted :( Here are a few I could recapure....

CBS writes: The Texas House passed a bill that would make it a criminal offense for public servants to inappropriately touch travelers during airport security pat-downs.
Approved late Thursday night, the measure makes it illegal for anyone conducting searches to touch “the anus, sexual organ, buttocks, or breast of another person” including through clothing.
The Hill reports: The Transportation Security Administration's request to expand its controversial body scanner program was rebuffed this week by a Republican-led House committee. The $40.6 billion Department of Homeland Security 2012 budget released this week by the Republican-led House Appropriations Committee denies the request from President Obama to provide TSA with $76 million to buy 275 more scanners.
Fox News reveals: The residents of the Chiricahua-Peloncillo drug and human smuggling corridor that runs from the Mexican border north through eastern Arizona and western New Mexico are circulating a petition to send to the White House in response to President Obama's recent immigration speech.
"It is with great wonderment and sadness that we listened to your May 10 speech on immigration issues.  All of the joking about moats and alligators cut residents of Portal, AZ, to the core as we sheltered with friends or at a Red Cross evacuation site, to survive a terrible fire that still threatens our lives and property, as well as our ecotourism-based economy," the letter reads. 
The Obama Administration sent aid to Mexico to battle a 386 square mile fire but refused to consider the 2.5 million acre fire in Texas a disaster area.
KTRH reported, via Free Republic:
Just last month the U.S. sent two Air force cargo planes to help Mexico battle back wildfires in the northern part of it’s country, fires that burned 386 square miles. It’s a move that West Texas Congressman Francisco Canseco (R-Fort Stockton) thinks is a hypocritical one by the Obama administration as Texas has requested the same sort of federal aid but has been denied it.
CBS reports: How do parents track everything their children are eating in school?  Take a picture of it on a calorie camera.  As Gigi Barnett explains, several schools in Texas already have the federally funded cameras.  Could they make an appearance in Maryland? A camera that takes a snapshot of exactly what students choose as they go through the cafeteria line may be the newest weapon in the fight against childhood obesity.  When lunch is over, the camera takes another picture of what the kids left behind.  The camera then sends the photos to parents[This program costs taxpayers $2 million in San Antonio.]
Multiculturalism, which used to be merely noxious, has become a raging infection which poses as much of a threat to America as the national debt or terrorism — before Osama assumed room temperature.
Recently, a gang of ethnocentric thugs took over a meeting of the governing board of the Tucson, Arizona, Unified School District, chaining themselves to desks, screaming slogans, and chasing board members from the room.
They were enraged by an attempt to make a course that teaches history “from a Mexican-American perspective” optional instead of a substitute for a required course in U.S. history.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  [This link above shows a mother at a Tucson school board meeting reading from an Ethnics Studies school book for grades as low as 3rd. grade.  The book condemns capitalism, calls for revolution, and uses the most profane of words.  It is almost funny that the school board asked the mother to stop saying those words (which she read straight from the book), because it might offend some of those present. If you think you do not need to monitor what is being taught to your public school children, you have another think coming..... Get involved!  Read their books and ask questions!]

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