Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The tax plan; FEMA; The ONE says "I won"; The back taxes of Obama aides; Domestic terrorism ties of appointees; States not signing on the Obamacare exchanges

The “plan,” presented to Republican leaders yesterday, consists of $1.6 trillion in tax hikes over 10 years and unspecified spending cuts that “could total” $400 billion over the same period. So estimating liberally, the package consists of at least $4 of tax increases to $1 of spending cuts—and that’s if the promised spending reductions do materialize (which is far from certain). This is the Obama definition of “a balanced plan.”
White House Heralds Unanimously Rejected Fiscal Plan as Base for Fiscal Cliff Deal
The Democratic Senate voted 0-99 against Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget proposal. The Republican House voted 0-414 on Obama’s budget proposal. The Senate has blocked passage of a budget for three years.
In ‘cliff’ talks, Obama on brink of disaster
It will be hard for Obama and the Democrats to blame the GOP for taking us over the fiscal cliff when they are the ones cheering for going over the edge. And it will be difficult for them to blame Republicans for wanting to protect tax cuts for the rich, when House Speaker John Boehner agreed to $800billion in higher taxes for the rich in the form of limits on deductions and loopholes.
FEMA buys disaster trailers from firm despite chronic flaws
the problems were so widespread that FEMA spent at least $1.3 million in October 2011 to fix warped exteriors on 581 TL trailers at FEMA's Selma, Ala., facility, according to the agency's public contracting records.

The two defining moments of Obama's presidency

(snip) Minority Whip Eric Cantor distributed a five-point Republican stimulus plan that included tax cuts for the poorest Americans, tax cuts for small businesses, no taxes on unemployment tax credit. Instead, Obama told Cantor, "I can go it alone. ... Look at the polls. The polls are pretty good for me right now. Elections have consequences. And Eric, I won." Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, was even more frank: "We have the votes. F--k 'em."


Before Raising Rates, Obama Aides Should Pay Their Taxes

Before the President and Democrats preach to small business owners about "paying their fair share," they should ask the cheaters in Washington to do the same.

Political Elites Keep Power By Blocking Change
It should not be considered radical to argue that it looks like today's party of the left is following a Cloward-Piven-like strategy of purposely ruining a country so that it can be rescued with a bigger, stronger, much-further-left government. Remember, it was the president's first chief of staff who said "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste" and it was his current secretary of state who said "never waste a good crisis."

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The Ties that Bind President Barack Obama’s latest round of appointments includes the head of a nonprofit that gave tens of thousands of dollars to a group run by a convicted domestic terrorist.
 Many states are wisely signaling that they aren’t interested in doing the Obama administration’s bidding on Obamacare. As a result, many if not most of Obamacare’s insurance exchanges — the heart of the beast — will have to be set up and run by the Obama administration at the federal level.  
The Obama administration’s congressional allies botched the drafting of this aspect of the health care overhaul, as the plain language of Obamacare doesn’t empower federal exchanges to distribute taxpayer-funded subsidies to individuals; it empowers only state-based exchanges to distribute the subsidies. (The administration pretends otherwise.) Moreover, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is lagging behind in developing the federal exchanges. 
It gets worse. HHS has contracted with a subsidiary of a private health care company to help build and police the very exchanges in which that company will be competing for business. The person who ran the government entity that awarded that contract has since accepted a position with a different subsidiary of that same company. An insurance industry insider (speaking on the condition of anonymity) says that HHS, in an attempt to hide this unseemly contract from public view until after the election, encouraged the company to hide the transaction from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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