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Meet Cory Booker; GE exports jobs to China; Limiting recall elections; Chinese news agency demands US reduce number of guns; Is Hillary faking?; Troops into Syria?; Our country's worst mass school violence was in 1927 - via explosives

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According to a Wall Street Journal report, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is now considering a 2014 run for the Senate seat currently occupied by 88-year-old Frank Lautenberg after mounting speculation he would challenge incumbent New Jersey Governor Chris Christie next year. On the internet, a close advisor to Mr. Booker has prepped for both a gubernatorial campaign and Senate bid. Records show Mr. Booker’s fundraising advisor and former City Hall staffer Bari Mattes has purchased the web domains for both “BookerForSenate” and BookerForGovernor.
Update (3:48 p.m.): Ms. Mattes has also registered “”  [OK.  Read that last sentence again.  I have heard the dynamic and engaging Corey Booker speak, and I have met him.  I was truly impressed.  I asked for and received a CD of his speech. I see that he might well be the next man to take over the Barack Obama Presidency.  I thought Obama should ask him to run with him as VP, getting rid of Biden, for I thought Obama could not win this election without him.  That would have set Cory up for being the next President. He seems not to be a narcissist, he is very well spoken without a teleprompter, and he has a great story.  He did not seem to be the Progressive that Obama is, but that remains to be seen.  I wrote at the time I reported on him that we will be hearing more of this up and comer, and here he comes.]
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is supporting a bid by General Electric to export jobs and nuclear technology to China by seeking assurances from Beijing that it will not steal or transfer valuable reactor technology, the Free Beacon has learned. [What could go wrong here.  We can believe China, can't we?  Right...  And then we have our American government supporting the outsourcing of American jobs.]
Republicans in Michigan capped off a prolific lame duck session that included turning the home of the United Auto Workers into a right-to-work state by passing recall reforms.
The Michigan legislature on Friday pushed through a bill that will limit the ability of interest groups and residents to recall elected officials. Challengers now have 60 days to file recall petitions, down from 90, and recall votes now require opposition candidates rather than up-or-down votes.
Liberal activists have campaigned to recall Republican Gov. Rick Snyder since May 2011. That chorus has gained a few key labor voices since Dec. 11 when Snyder made Michigan the 24th right-to-work state in the nation and the second in the industrial Midwest.

Exclusive: Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers tell Natural News they will not enforce gun confiscation orders

The retired police captain told me that, "Door-to-door confiscation by men and women in blue [i.e. city cops] would be a suicide mission." If ordered to conduct such gun confiscation actions, many would simply resign on the spot rather than risk their lives in firefights with determined gun owners, he explained. "Our officers are not generally willing to assume the increased risk of such a police action."

He also explained, importantly, that most police officers have not even been trained to conduct sweeping, community-level weapons confiscation programs. "This goes against all our community outreach efforts where we try to earn the trust of the community." If cops suddenly became gun confiscation enforcers, trust would break down and policing would become extremely difficult, he explained.


The official Chinese government news agency, Xinhua, has demanded the US immediately adopt stricter gun control measures to reduce the number of firearms the US populace is permitted to possess.

The Chinese state-controlled media’s statement, titled “Innocent Blood Demands No Delay for US Gun Control,” is primarily focused on the Newtown tragedy in which 26 Americans were killed by a mad gunman. Twenty of the victims were young children.
Another gun sent to Mexico under the White House’s “Fast and Furious” program has been found beside a murdered Mexican, just as the White House prepares to launch a large-scale political campaign built on the Dec. 14 massacre of 26 Americans in Newtown, Conn.
The dead Mexican, Maria Gamez, was killed in a shootout Nov. 23 shootout between cops and drug-runners. The incident made headlines because a Mexican beauty queen was killed in the exchange of fire. Though Maria Susana Flores Gamez reportedly had a gun in her hand, police said she was likely used as a human shield when the men in the car she was traveling in pushed her out in front of them.
In an appearance on Fox News, Bolton said that Clinton’s claim that she had fainted because of the flu, hitting her head and suffering a concussion, was what foreign service officers call a “diplomatic illness,” intended to free a diplomat from an unpleasant duty. Clinton was supposed to appear before congressional foreign affairs committees on Thursday to respond to questions about whether security failures opened the way for the Sept. 11 attack.
“This is a diplomatic illness to beat the band,” said Bolton, who served during the George W. Bush administration. “I mean, I hope it’s nothing serious. But this was revealed in a way that I think was not transparent and I think there is an obligation here.”  [One wonders if she will offer up her xrays.  And if she is not hospitalized, why would a headache prevent her from testifying?  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.],0,5649917.story
U.S. Reps. Walter Jones, R-N.C., and Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., along with retired senior defense intelligence officer Col. Walter P. Lang and the Veterans for Peace today said Congress must be consulted before Barack Obama would send American troops into Syria.
Or else.
At a press conference, Jones discussed his resolution to oppose American involvement in Syria without first consulting Congress.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today, Sen. Rand Paul issued the following statement regarding the newly released National Defense Authorization Act for 2013 (NDAA) conference report. The amendment, introduced by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) and which passed with a 67-29 vote on Nov. 29, was designed to guarantee Americans the right to due process and a jury trial. These are basic and core American legal privileges prescribed in our Bill of Rights, which have been observed since our nation's founding. Removing these indefinite detention protections now means that the NDAA is in violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution.
"The decision by the NDAA conference committee, led by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) to strip the National Defense Authorization Act of the amendment that protects American citizens against indefinite detention now renders the entire NDAA unconstitutional," Sen. Paul said.
The violence that broke out at the Sandy Hook Elementary School continues to shock: images of the little faces and the heroic teachers who tried desperately to save their students have pierced the hearts of people worldwide.
As the grief-stricken families are laying to rest the loved ones stolen from them in the tragedy on December 14 – the small town of Bath, Michigan is standing in solidarity with the people of Newtown as the Connecticut community struggles to move forward after being shaken to the core by the unspeakable violence.
The Midwest town, just 20 miles from Lansing, was the site of the most deadly school violence in U.S. history, when in May 1927 a trustee from the local school board wired the school with 600 pounds of dynamite and then detonated the explosive, killing 45 people, 38 of whom were children. [Well, I guess when one is intent on mass murders, there are other ways to do it than using a gun.]
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