Saturday, December 22, 2012

Marine to be released; Breitbart honoroed by Time Magazine; The Uninformed turned the election to Obama; Violence-steeped life; Government did make bank loans riskier; Governement subsidized battery manufacturer and government subsidized electric car company leading to failure; DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Obamacare; Man chokes fifth grader in class - teacher does not call 911

Twenty-seven-year-old former Marine Jon Hammar of Palmetto Bay will be released Friday from a Mexican prison, according to U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Hammar was arrested over the summer in Mexico because he carried an antique shotgun over the border. He and his family and said it was an honest mistake.
“No American should be in a Mexican jail for five months without being able to have his case in front of a judge,” said Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). Nelson made a direct appeal to the Mexican ambassador to the U.S. “We’re grateful; this is a good Christmas present.”
In a recent photo, Hammar was shown in prison chained to a bed causing concern amongst his family.

In the December 19th edition of TIME Magazine, Andrew Breitbart was honored in the publication's "Tribute to Those We Lost" for 2012. Andrew was a warrior, a new media pioneer, and a loving husband and father. He is terribly missed by all those here at Breitbart News.


 As Republicans sift through the wreckage of the presidential election and Democrats brace for the 2014 midterms, there is one clear point of agreement between them: Independent voters no longer decide elections.  [Independents went heavily for Romney.  However, it was the under-informed and uninformed who learn all their news from the likes of Jon Stewart and David Letterman, Bill Maher and the like, who turned the election to Obama.]

We live in an entertainment culture soaked in graphic, often sadistic, violence. Older folks find themselves stunned by what a desensitized youth finds routine, often amusing. It’s not just movies. Young men sit for hours pulling video-game triggers, mowing down human beings en masse without pain or consequence. And we profess shock when a small cadre of unstable, deeply deranged, dangerously isolated young men go out and enact the overlearned narrative.
If we’re serious about curtailing future Columbines and Newtowns, everything — guns, commitment, culture — must be on the table. It’s not hard for President Obama to call out the NRA. But will he call out the ACLU? And will he call out his Hollywood friends?
Democrats and the media insist the Community Reinvestment Act, the anti-redlining law beefed up by President Clinton, had nothing to do with the subprime mortgage crisis and recession.
But a new study by the respected National Bureau of Economic Research finds, "Yes, it did. We find that adherence to that act led to riskier lending by banks."
Added NBER: "There is a clear pattern of increased defaults for loans made by these banks in quarters around the (CRA) exam. Moreover, the effects are larger for loans made within CRA tracts," or predominantly low-income and minority areas.

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The collapse of a government-subsidized battery manufacturer has caused the production of a government-subsidized electric car company to halt, raising questions about the government’s decision to support the two companies.
The Washington, D.C., Curcuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Obama administration must follow through on a vow to revise requirements for employers who offer health insurance to fund contraception for employees.

Wheaton College and Belmont Abbey College are among several religiously-affiliated institutions that filed suit over the contraception mandate, saying that it violates their First Amendment-protected beliefs, reported Fox News.
Outraged families are demanding an apology from a local school in Idaho after a 36 year-old man entered a classroom and assaulted fifth grade pupils, putting one in a choke-hold. 
Grandmother Jerry Peery says she only found out about the incident at Highland School in the rural town of Craigmont, when her grandson returned home from school on Monday.
Ms Peery is just one of the many family members who called the police regarding the incident, and now demanding an explanation and apology for delayed action over the assaults.
'The police were called only after the kids came home and started telling us parents what went wrong,' Ms Perry said. 'I would at least like an apology.'
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