Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catholics push back on Obamacare; Unions asking for employees email addresses: More bankrupt green energy companies; 3rd graders indoctrimated to Occupy Wall St., in song

Has President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services awakened a sleeping giant?
In pews across America, Catholics listened yesterday to letters from their bishops denouncing an HHS requirement that forces virtually every employer in America to pay for health insurance that covers contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients.
As Nancy Pelosi complained during the health care debate, many of her coreligionists have "this conscience thing" concerning the sanctity of human life. Now the executive branch of the federal government is telling them to drop dead.

Redstate writes: Undaunted by the constitutionally-questionable appointment of three members to Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board, union attorney and current NLRB chairman Mark Pearce declared in an Associated Press interview that he and his union comrades are continuing their assault on the 93% of private-sector employees who are union-free.

In fact, if Obama’s union appointees have their way, all employees who are targeted for unionization will have their employers forced to turn over their home telephone number and e-mail addresses to unions.
Ever since the 1960s, when unions have targeted companies for unionization through a NLRB-supervised election, employers have been required to turn over the list of employee names and their home addresses. The NLRB, in turn, promptly gives the list of employee names and home addresses to the involved union(s).
Now, however, the union appointees within the Obama NLRB want to expand the current Excelsior List requirement from the mere furnishing of names and addresses to also include furnishing employees’ home telephone numbers and their e-mail addresses to enable unions to perpetually propagandize employees

Faith ‘We Will Not Comply’: Catholic Leaders Distribute Letter Slamming Obama Admin Contraceptive Mandate.

The American Catholic Church has been at odds with the Obama administration over its contraception health care mandates. This past weekend the Church may have escalated the tension between the government and the congregants. See the letter that the Vatican said was supposed to be read at every church, during every Mass HERE


CBS News reports: Solar panel maker Solyndra received a $528 million Energy Department loan in 2009 - and  went bankrupt last year. The government's risky investment strategy didn't stop there, as a CBS News investigation has uncovered a pattern of cases of the government pouring your tax dollars into clean energy.

Take Beacon Power -- a green energy storage company. We were surprised to learn exactly what the Energy Department knew before committing $43 million of your tax dollars.
Documents obtained by CBS News show Standard and Poor's had confidentially given the project a dismal outlook of "CCC-plus."
Read the documents
Asked whether he'd put his personal money into Beacon, economist Peter Morici replied, "Not on purpose."
"It's, it is a junk bond," Morici said. "But it's not even a good junk bond. It's well below investment grade." "This level of bond has about a 70 percent chance of failing in the long term," he said.
Human Events reports: There are at least another 11 Solyndras in Obama's backyard just ready to crash. The Obama Administration said they knew that several of the companies would fail.  
They built in $2.4 billion into the program for potential failures.
CBS News counted 12 clean energy companies that are having trouble after collectively being approved for more than $6.5 billion in federal assistance. Five have filed for bankruptcy: The junk bond-rated Beacon, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AES' subsidiary Eastern Energy and Solyndra. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Townhall reports: This month a report surfaced of 3rd graders in Charlottesville, Virginia singing a song that the kiddos wrote (or so we were told) about being part of the 99% “Occupiers.” Here is a sample of the lyrics that the 9-year-olds supposedly drafted and then crooned for their comrades in class.
I used to be sad, now I’m satisfied
’Cause I really have enough
Though I lost my yacht and plane
Didn’t need that extra stuff
Could have been much worse
You don’t need to be first
’Cause I’ve got my friends
Here by my side
Don’t need it all
I’m so happy to be part of the 99

The good news is that when the parents of said kids found out their children were singing this socialistic slop—which praises the virtues of mediocrity—they wanted to know what Trotskyite was brainwashing their kids through song.
Upon inquiry, the school told the parents that their young ‘uns came up with this class warfare smack all by their lonesome. Matter of fact, the Albemarle County School Board Chairman, Stephen Koleszar, vigorously denied they were influenced at all by any outside source.
Well, Koleszar’s lies got shot to hell by the facts this week when Paul Reisler, the director of the group Kid Pan Alley, an outside musical company that “empowers kids through music,” confessed to messing with your child’s mind with Occupy overtones in their opera.
Note to offended parents and concerned citizens: You ought to call Stephen Koleszarand let him know you don’t appreciate that kind of refuse in the classroom. Be kind. But be firm. Don’t stoop to the level of the occupiers with their insane and inane vile verbosity.
If I currently had children in public school, I would demand to read their textbooks, and I’d grill my bambinos every day to find out what kind of stuff they got sold before the final bell. I think you’d be shocked.

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