Monday, November 14, 2011

President's message to EU leaders not well received; "Global Governance" undermines sefl-government; Vatican calls for "global public authority"; DOJ refuses call for Kagan documents on health care law; "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it " is false Obama promise; Stryker must cut 5% of workforce due to Obamacare fee on medical devices; Electric car, Chevrolet Volt, ignites; Anti-semitism on the rise; $1 billion for another "We Can't Wait" project; Obama portrayed as energetic thru his 'We Can't Wait" law-making; Lawsuits use 1875 Supreme Court case;

For those of you who ponder why I post articles such as the following, it is because we were all told during the last Presidential election campaign that Bacack Obama would heal the wounds of America and make the world love us once again, that "we are the ones we've been waiting for."
 It is relevant to see if that is true.
From the London Daily Mail: The president who is well on his way toward borrowing more money than any other president — the first president to downgrade the nation’s credit — had a late-night conference call with European leaders to chew them out for not meeting his standards when it comes to managing a nation’s money. 
 “Barack Obama has read the riot act to the leaders of several European countries — saying more dramatic action is needed to avert a eurozone meltdown. The U.S. President made telephone calls to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano late last night. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the president had demanded faster action from Europe.”
More of that Smart Diplomacy President Obama bragged about.
The Eurozone’s debt is lower than the United States and lower as a percentage of the Eurozone’s economic output. Also, Eurozone deficits, overall, are about half those of the United States, again, as a percentage of economic output.
The president’s lecture was not well met in the story’s comments section:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jewish World Review reports: The attacks of 9/11/01 awoke Americans — by no means all — to the threat posed by totalitarian interpretations of Islam. John Fonte, a scholar at the Hudson Institute, has long been concerned about another ideology that is perhaps no less dangerous to free peoples.
It goes by names that sound either vaguely utopian, like "global governance," or too wonky to worry about, like "transnational progressivism."
But in a new book, Sovereignty or Submission, Fonte makes clear how this ideology — widely embraced in Europe and, increasingly, among elites in the U.S. as well — is stealthily undermining liberal democracy, self-government, constitutionalism, individual freedom and even traditional internationalism, the relations among sovereign nation-states. To put it bluntly: While the jihadists call for "Death to the West!" the transnational progressives are quietly promoting civilizational suicide
Chick Publications writes, and the Chicago Tribune also reports: The current global economic crisis has pushed world leaders to begin recommending a world government. The Vatican is now calling for a “global public authority,” including a world central bank controlling global financial affairs. An 18-page document released by the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department was entitled, “Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority.” It condemned the “idolatry of the market” and called for an in-depth examination of “the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence.” “Selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods,” is blamed for the economic crisis which, it predicted, would lead to “a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even the ones considered most solid.”
CNS News reports: The U.S. Department of Justice is refusing to comply with a request from the House Judiciary Committee to provide the committee with documents and witness interviews that the committee believes, as Chairman Lamar Smith (R.-Texas) put it in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, would allow the panel “to properly understand any involvement by Justice Kagan in matters relating to health care legislation or litigation while she was Solicitor General.”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weekly Standard writes: Throughout the Obamacare debate, President Obama repeatedly promised, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Now, Gallup reports that from the first quarter of 2010 (when Obama signed Obamacare into law) to the third quarter of this year, 2 percent of American adults lost their employer sponsored health insurance. In other words, about 4.5 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored insurance over a span of just 18 months.
This is not what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had predicted would happen. Rather, the CBO had predicted that Obamacare would increase the number of people with employer-sponsored insurance by now.  It had predicted that, under Obamacare, 6 million more Americans would have employer-sponsored insurance in 2011 than in 2010 (see table 4, which shows the CBO’s projected increase of 3 million under (pre-Obamacare) current law and an additional 3 million under Obamacare). So the CBO’s rosy projections for Obamacare (and even these paint a frightening picture) are already proving false.
The Free Press reports: Stryker, the Kalamazoo-based maker of artificial hips and knees, will cut 5% of its global workforce by the end of next year to reduce costs in the face of new fees on device makers required by the U.S. health care law.
The job cuts will reduce annual pretax operating costs by more than $100 million beginning in 2013, when the medical-device excise tax is scheduled to take effect, Stryker said Thursday in a statement. Stryker had more than 20,000 employees as of Dec. 31, according to Bloomberg News data.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NY Times reports: Federal safety regulators said Friday that they were examining lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars because a Chevrolet Volt ignited three weeks after it underwent a crash test.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also said it was working with all automakers to develop postcrash procedures to keep occupants of electric vehicles and emergency personnel who respond to crash scenes safe.
General Motors, which began selling the Volt last December, defended it as “a safe car” and said the fire would not have occurred if G.M.’s protocols for deactivating the battery after the crash had been followed.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Reuters) - New York City police were investigating a possible hate crime in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn where cars were set on fire and anti-Semitic symbols spray painted on benches.
Police responded to 911 calls reporting cars ablaze early Friday morning. When they arrived, they found three cars, including a BMW and a Lexus, on fire, according Sgt. Carlos Nieves.
Another vehicle, a red van, had "KKK" spray painted on it, representing the racist group Ku Klux Klan. Police also found eight benches with Nazi swastikas spray painted on them.

Washington Post reports: The Obama administration will announce Monday as much as $1 billion in funding to hire, train and deploy health-care workers, part of the White House’s broader “We Can’t Wait” agenda to bolster the economy after President Obama’s jobs bill stalled in Congress.
Grants can go to doctors, community groups, local government and other organizations that work with patients in federal health-care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The funds are for experimenting with different ways to expand the health-care workforce while reducing the cost of delivering care. There will be an emphasis on speed, with new programs expected to be running within six months of funding.
Daily Caller reports: “The We Can’t Wait initiatives won’t wait for President Obama to return from abroad. We have some announcements coming this week,” he tweeted.
This week, the president is taking a scenic tour of diplomatic meetings in Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia. Officials have downplayed expectations of any significant deals or breakthroughs, but the tour is expected to produce many images for use in Obama’s campaign ads.
The “We Can’t Wait” PR campaign magnifies regulatory and rule changes within the administration to portray the president as an energetic leader who is working hard on behalf of Americans, and to portray Republicans as partisan hacks who are eager to block government action.

Robert and Patricia Haynes discuss the Michigan law that forces them to join a union because they care for their kids with cerebral palsy.
The National Patriot reports: According to the United States Supreme Court, Obama is ineligible to be the President. That’s right, you read that correctly. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that Obama is ineligible to serve as President.

This is the argument currently being made by the Liberty Legal Foundation.
The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed not 1 but 2 lawsuits, one in Arizona and the other in Tennessee neither of which have one single thing to do with Obama’s birth certificate OR challenging whether or not Obama was born in the United States.
There is no need for either in regard to these lawsuits.
Back in 1875, the United States Supreme Court, in Minor v, Happersett, ruled that:
“Natural Born Citizen” was defined as children born of two U.S. citizens – regardless of the location of the birth. It found: “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”
Obama’s problem, by his own admission and records of the State Department is this:
Obama’s father was not a United States citizen.
Therefore, via Minor v, Happersett and the United States Supreme Court in 1875, Obama is ineligible because, since his father was not a U.S. citizen, Obama is not a natural born citizen.
For a person to run, as his or her party’s nominee for President, the party must issue certification that the person named is eligible under the United States Constitution to become President.

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  1. The Minor v Happersett ruling DID NOT say that a Natural Born Citizen requires two citizen parents. If it had, Edwin Meese, Ronald Reagan's attorney general, would not have written:

    “Under the longstanding English common-law principle of jus soli, persons born within the territory of the sovereign (other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats) are citizens from birth. Thus, those persons born within the United States are "natural born citizens" and eligible to be President...."---- Edwin Meese, et al, THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION (2005) [Edwin Meese was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, and the Heritage Foundation is a well-known Conservative organization.]