Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission to hear complaint about Obama's fraudulent SSN; Barack thinks Hawaii is part of Asia; All things "Occupy"; The many social programs; Reforming welfare programs; Obamacare billions to experimental ideas

World Net Daily reports: A hearing, with the apparent support of two state lawmakers, is scheduled before the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission to hear a complaint filed by Orly Taitz that alleges Barack Obama has used fraudulent documents and a fraudulent Social Security number.
"Let's hope the elections board of New Hampshire will have the decency to refuse [to allow] Obama to appear on the ballot due to undeniable evidence of him using a stolen [Connecticut Social Security Number] … and due to the fact that he is using a computer generated forgery instead of a valid birth certificate," Taitz wrote.
[Where are the media misstatements police?  While speaking in his home state of Hawaii, Barack Obama actually said that when he speak HERE in Asia.   I wonder if he has yet figured out that there are 57 Muslim states, not American states as he said during his campaign for President.];_ylc=X3oDMTBucmhobGR0BF9TAzM5ODMwMTAyNwRhYwNkZWxNc2dz&mid=1_233985_AJ3ci2IAAPs5TsQJqgFCr0GQC9Y&fid=Inbox&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&filterBy=&.rand=714213804&hash=db7b641fc80bf5e6a194c9ebea2a2844&.jsrand=9102664
The New York Post reports: “We will shut down Wall Street,” a post on the movement’s Facebook page said. “We will ring the People’s Bell, and initiate a street carnival in which we rebuild and celebrate the neighborhoods that the Wall Street economy has destroyed.”
The march on Wall Street is slated to start at 7 a.m.
Other events scheduled for the day include “Occupy the Subways” in all five boroughs at 3 p.m., a takeover of Foley Square at 5 p.m. and another march across the Brooklyn Bridge.
CBS reports: “We do hope to stop people getting to work. We do hope to stop the stock exchange from functioning, but we don’t hope to do it in a crazy wild-eyed way,” added Austin Guest.
To be sure, there is lingering resentment about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to evict Occupy Wall Street, but it’s unclear if that anger will be on display Thursday.
“Awful, unconscionable, the mayor and police commissioner do that for a long while. Like other people in power, they think if they get rid of the protesters, they will also get rid of the cause,” Dobbs said.
The OWS website says similar days of action are also planned at Occupy sites around the country and around the world.
In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”
Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”
Washington Times reports:  Some of the country’s most powerful unions are providing the infrastructure and amenities to keep the Occupy D.C. encampment fortified going into the winter.
The camp’s portable toilets are being provided by the Service Employees International Union, the 2.1-million-member organization that helped Barack Obama win the presidency and recently backed his re-election bid.
The estimated 100 demonstrators staying each night in McPherson Square, just blocks from the White House, can take a hot shower at the AFL-CIO headquarters on 16th Street Northwest.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is reporting that an ACORN front group, under the name of New York Communities for Change, is paying homeless people $100 a day to protest in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Watch the interview BigGovernment contributors Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan conducted with an Occupier who has been protesting from the beginning.


American Thinker opines: I am not overly concerned about any direct confrontation from anyone in any current "Occupy" movement.  But I am very concerned about the potential for violence coming from the seed of Occupy.
These elements were emboldened by mostly liberal mayors who allowed that seed to be planted in a park in their town.  Rather than immediately enforce laws that would apply to anyone else (like, say, at a Tea Party rally), those mayors played political footsie with the Obama administration and Democrat leadership and allowed this "grassroots movement" to ignite the hoodlums, thugs, gangs, Marxists, and general lowlifes that exists on the far left of our political spectrum.  Occupy is made up of and attracted (still does) a violence-seeking mob that sought to exploit a political unwillingness in liberal bastions to forcibly tackle them head-on from the jump.
If Occupy wants to burn liberal inner cities to the ground, a lot of Republicans will simply shake their heads.  If Occupy spreads beyond that and seeks to do direct damage to traditional Americans in our communities, then Occupy is going to find out fast that the rules of the past, where people like us relied solely on authorities to defend us, won't be in effect.  I will be blunt.  If they want a fight, they had darn well be ready for what punching back looks like.  There is a reason "Occupy Cheyenne" didn't make any real noise.  It's not the cops with tear gas guns that would be the problem -- it was the pickup trucks that drive the roads of very conservative southeast Wyoming every day with stickers that say "Hell ya' that's a real gun in that gun rack."
It is that unrest that has settled over me.  I have never quite felt this way.  That these liberal, indoctrinated morons who defecate in the streets of New York can actually spark a following that would spread to Kalamazoo, Kankakee, or Kearney.  And since that happened, we have more idiots jumping on this, and suddenly you have "Occupy (insert name of your subdivision)."  Not mentioned, yet, is the potential for what could take place the night of and day after the next presidential election.  Especially if Obama loses.  Especially if he loses like Al Gore lost in 2000.
No, these are unique times.  Times when I consider something that I had not really thought of before.  It might be time for me to arm myself.

American Spectator opines: Ever since I moved to the inner city one thing has puzzled me more than any other, and that is how my low-income neighbors get by. Assuming they aren't doing anything illegal, how do they afford their homes, their meals, their gadgets, their cars?
THEN A SOCIAL WORKER friend clued me in. Many of the poor also collect federal disability benefits in the form of Supplemental Security Insurance, or "crazy money" as it is known on the streets, since one must "act crazy" to receive it. Oftentimes several people in the same household -- adults and children -- collect checks. This surprised me, since I had never for a moment guessed that my neighbors were disabled.
SSI was enacted in 1974 to supplement the Social Security benefits of disabled low-income seniors, and, as an afterthought, to help pay for the care of severely disabled children from poor families. As with any federal program, SSI has ballooned to Hindenbergian proportions, and now covers virtually any low-income person with any long-term ailment. Not surprisingly, easy-to-fake learning, behavioral, and mental disorders are the most common complaints, especially among children, making up 55 percent of all cases.
Senator DeMint said: “With record levels of federal spending and record levels of Americans in poverty and using food stamps, it’s hard not to conclude that federal welfare programs are failing,” said Senator DeMint. “We don’t help Americans by making them dependent on Washington for a handout, we need more Americans empowered to stand on their own with a job in a vibrant economy. We need to reform our welfare programs to encourage self-sufficiency.  We can also save taxpayers trillions of dollars that they can use to invest in our economy to create jobs and donate to local charities that have better success at lifting Americans out of poverty.”
Senator Vitter said: “One of the most significant substantive accomplishments coming out of the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress was welfare reform. But as significant as this reform was, we are overdue to renew welfare reform efforts and make additional gains because the welfare state has grown enormously since then – even factoring out recessions.”
Judicial Watch reports: A controversial Medicare and Medicaid Innovation center created by Obamacare will give “community-based organizations” and other qualified groups $1 billion to devise “compelling new ideas” to deliver better services to those “with the highest health care needs.”
The allocation is the perfect complement to the tens of millions of dollars already doled out by another brilliant Obamacare agency—Office of Minority Health—to reduce health disparities between that “underserved” population and whites in the U.S. Under that initiative the administration has dedicated north of $100 million in the last year to “empower” poor, minority communities with the resources to make residents healthier.
Community organizations, healthcare providers and local governments will each get between $1 million and $30 million to get the job done, according to the Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS), which distributes the cash.
The allocation comes days after a group Senate Finance Committee members called for an investigation of Obama’s year-old Medicare and Medicaid innovation center, which debuted last year with a $10 billion budget under the president’s healthcare law. The agency’s mission is to test new ideas that could improve healthcare quality while also cutting costs. In the end, it will improve the healthcare system for the entire nation, the administration asserts.
But some lawmakers are skeptical and have called for a congressional investigation to determine the innovation center’s fiscal impact on the nation’s healthcare entitlement programs and what, if anything, it has accomplished so far.


In a recent GOP debate, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich admitted to working as a consultant for Freddie Mac, an institution now mired in debt and in need of continued taxpayer bailout funds in order to survive.  A recently released report by Bloomberg shows that while Speaker Gingrich was acting as an off again on again consultant up until 2008, no lobbying was done by Gingrich on behalf of Freddie Mac.

Last week Gingrich declared he was providing input to Freddie Mac, and warning them of what he termed “insane lending practices” and that he “offered them advice on precisely what they didn’t do.”  In the early years of his associating with Freddie Mac, Gingrich provided them a number of written scenarios by which they could improve their relations with Congress – particularly Republicans who wanted to dismantle the government supported mortgage institution.

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