Monday, May 16, 2011

Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act; South Carolina to Make Own Incandescent Bulbs; Rapper Common to White House; Democrat Against Obama's Plan to Force Federal Contractors to Disclose Politcal Donations; $2 Million Spent on Photographing What School Students Eat; Romney Defends RomneyCare; Reid Condemns Republican Push-back on Government Interference in Boeing's New Plant Location; Obama's 60 Days in Libya Ending this Friday; Seal Team 6 in Dangered; Let's Create More Government Jobs!

Fox News reports: On Wednesday, Congress considered a bill to void that. The House debated H.R. 1231, a bill titled, "Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act," and it is expected to pass Thursday.
Here's what it would do [among other things]:
-- Require the administration to allow drilling in at least 50 percent of the Outer Continental Shelf areas known to contain the most oil and gas. Specifically, that means southern California, the Arctic, mid-Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico.
Require the federal government to establish production targets for oil and gas. Currently, that would mean 3 million barrels a day of oil, or roughly three times more than the U.S. currently produces from offshore sources.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writes: Fed up with the federal government’s ban of the traditional incandescent light bulb, state representatives in South Carolina are pushing for the state to produce and use incandescents solely for its state.
The Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act, which unanimously passed South Carolina’s Senate panel, would allow South Carolina manufacturers to continue to sell incandescent bulbs so long as they have “Made in South Carolina” on them and are sold only within the state. Other states have floated the idea, and last year Arizona passed a bill that would have done the same thing, but Governor Jan Brewer (R) vetoed the legislation.
NBC News revealed: The invitation of rapper Common to the White House this week drew the ire of the union representing New Jersey state police. [Common has written lyrics about killing cops and burning a {President} Bush.  According to Michelle M'Belle, he has done many good things.  He is from Chicago. ]
The Wall St. Journal reveals: President Obama's plan to force federal contractors to disclose political contributions was dealt a surprise blow yesterday when Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat in the U.S. House, said that he opposed the idea.
"I am not in agreement with the administration on that issue," Mr. Hoyer told reporters. "It's not a requirement now. I don't think it ought to be a requirement."
The debate is over Mr. Obama's decision to draft an executive order that would require companies applying for federal contracts to disclose contributions to independent political groups, as well as the donations of their executives and subsidiaries to political parties and independent organizations. Congress considered such changes last year but failed to pass them. That prompted liberal groups to urge the White House to act unilaterally through an executive order that bypassed Congress.
Yahoo News writes: That's the idea behind a $2 million project being unveiled Wednesday in the lunchroom of a San Antonio elementary school, where high-tech cameras installed in the cafeteria will begin photographing what foods children pile onto their trays — and later capture what they don't finish eating.
Business Insider writes: What is surprising is that the Wall St. Journal -- which you'd think might overlook that in Romney's case, given their general common ideologies -- would pulverize him on the subject [of RomneyCare].
That's exactly what they've done tonight, on the eve of his big healthcare speech, basically branding him has un-credible and self-serving.
They say RomneyCare has been a mess, but that really, up until recently he was bragging about its success. What's more, his new argument that it only failed because of poor execution reeks of passing the buck.
The Washington Times writes: The Senate’s top Democrat strongly condemned what he called “inappropriate” attempts by Republican lawmakers to intervene in a simmering labor dispute now before the National Labor Relations Board.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday said the GOP moves were an attempt to “poison the decision-making process” in the increasingly bitter dispute over plans by aerospace giant Boeing Co. to open a major new, non-union manufacturing plant for its premier 787 Dreamliner fleet in South Carolina.
The court date for the complaint is set for June 14. The NLRB filed its complaint against Boeing on April 20.
In a letter to President Obama last week, 19 GOP senators demanded that he withdraw his nominations of NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon and board member Craig Becker - the two men who are largely seen as responsible for the Boeing action.
Critics of the agency’s actions warn that it could have a chilling effect on corporate investment generally and even could lead U.S. companies to seek opportunities overseas.
Redstate opines: As of 17 May 2011, armed forces from the United States will have been involved in military combat operations in Libya for 60 days. By that date, President Obama is required by statute to withdraw US Forces from Libya and cease all unpleasantness. Or, he could ask Congress to give him a resolution authorizing the use of force. This would seemingly make for a rather tough day at the links for President Obama.

Dedicated legislators like Senator John Kerry and Congressman James Moran should be in rather high dudgeon. We have a President sending drones to attack a foreign country in hopes of targeting a specific individual. We have a vague, unenforceable UN “no-fly zone” resolution that Russia’s president compared to a medieval call for a crusade.
Joe Biden's loose lips are truly endangering our Seal Team 6, as declared by none other than CNN! 
Powerline writes about the Stimulus report: Benchmark results suggest that the ARRA created/saved approximately 450 thousand state and local government jobs and destroyed/forestalled roughly one million private sector jobs. State and local government jobs were saved because ARRA funds were largely used to offset state revenue shortfalls and Medicaid increases rather than boost private sector employment. The majority of destroyed/forestalled jobs were in growth industries including health, education, professional and business services.
So the American people borrowed and spent close to a trillion dollars to destroy a net of more than one-half million jobs. Does President Obama understand this? I very much doubt it. When he expressed puzzlement at the idea that the stimulus money may not have been well-spent, and said that "spending equals stimulus," he betrayed a shocking level of economic ignorance. [More government workers = more union members = more democrat donations and votes: the intended outcome?]

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