Saturday, August 28, 2010

Border Off Limits - to Border Patrol; Obama's Report To The UN; Taliban to Attack Foreign Helpers in Pakistan; ABC Creating News, Not Reporting It; USS Cole Attacker's Trial Shelved

The Washington Examiner writes: Agents of the U.S. Border Patrol have long complained that they are barred by edicts from the Department of Interior against entering federal wilderness areas along the Mexican border. As a result, millions of federally owned acres adjoining Mexico have in recent years become a veritable no man’s land infested with drug and human traffickers, and a host of other criminals.

Now career employees of another federal agency at the center of immigration enforcement are accusing Obama political appointees of preventing them from doing their jobs. Officials representing 7,000 members of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFL-CIO), National Council 118, in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unanimously voted “no confidence” in ICE Director John Morton and ICE Assistant Director Phyllis Coven, who heads the agency’s Office of Detention Policy and Planning.

Council 118 President Chris Crane said in a statement that Morton and Coven “have abandoned the agency’s core mission of enforcing United States Immigration Laws and providing for public safety, and have instead directed their attention to campaigning for programs and policies related to amnesty and the creation of a special detention system for foreign nationals that exceeds the care and services provided to most United States citizens similarly incarcerated.”
More on that UN report, from Expose Obama: Ditching the Constitution: Obama’s shift away from traditional American respect for our Constitution and God-given liberty is startling. The 26-page report uses the word “progress” 18 times. After mentioning  “the original flaw” of the U.S. Constitution, he makes this pivot: “Our commitment to the rights protected in our Constitution is matched by a parallel commitment to foster a society characterized by shared prosperity.” [Oh, here is his oft stated belief in "shared salvation" again.]  In other words, our reverence for the barriers our Founding Fathers wisely wrote into our form of government is the equal to our commitment to “spread the wealth around.”
Obama affirms that he accepts “all kinds of obligations – both positive and negative – that governments have with regard to their citizens.” The reference to “positive obligations” is significant to Obama’s view of the Constitution and its “flaw.” In a 2001 interview with Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ-FM, he complained:
[A]t least as it’s been interpreted…the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. It says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.
Michael Reagan writes: Long-time liberal Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel is a case in point. The veteran Harlem congressman reacted to criticism from the president, who called on him to “end his career with dignity,” by remarking that Obama hasn’t “been around long enough to determine what my dignity is.”
NEW YORK ( -- An advocacy group is calling for the ouster of former Sen. Alan Simpson, the co-chairman of President Obama's bipartisan debt commission, who described Social Security as a "milk cow with 310 million tits!" in an email. He went on: "I've made some plenty smart cracks about people on Social Security who milk it to the last degree. You know 'em too. It's the same with any system in America. We've reached a point now where it's like a milk cow with 310 million tits! Call when you get honest work!
Such groups say that Social Security hasn't contributed to the country's fiscal woes since $2.5 trillion of surplus revenue was paid into the system over the years and borrowed by Uncle Sam.
Yahoo News reports: The Taliban hinted Thursday they may launch attacks against foreigners helping Pakistan respond to the worst floods in the country's history, saying their presence was "unacceptable." The U.N. said it would not be deterred by violent threats.
Big Journalism writes: In my opinion, the ABC employee’s role at the [anti Ground Zero mosque] rally was to provoke a confrontation with participants so ABC News cameras could record it and then use the footage; literally, making news
The Washington Post reports: The Obama administration has shelved the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged coordinator of the Oct. 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, according to a court filing. The decision at least temporarily scuttles what was supposed to be the signature trial of a major al-Qaeda figure under a reformed system of military commissions.
National Journal writes: A presidential commission on tax reform is expected to deliver a report Friday that fails to make any clear recommendations and ducks virtually all of the controversies that have deterred tax reform for 24 years. Meanwhile, a higher-profile presidential commission tackling the budget deficit is mired in partisan disputes that are intensifying as the November elections draw closer. Co-chairmen Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson are finding it increasingly hard to keep partisanship out of their deliberations, endangering their deadline of providing clear recommendations to President Obama by the end of the year. [To which I say, good!  It won't then become something the newly ousted Congressmen can try to force through during their Lame Duck Session before they hand over the reins in January.  Don't worry, there will be other things they will be trying by hook or by crook to pass.] 

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