Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Orange County Register: The issue of whether Barack Obama’s birthplace and legitimacy as president deserves to go to trial was argued this morning in Santa Ana, with no immediate ruling by U.S. District Court Judge David O.Carter.

The course of the three-hour hearing included allegations - but not evidence - that Obama was actually born in Kenya, that he has used 39 Social Security numbers, and that Congress is too corrupt properly address the legitimacy of the presidency.

However, the pertinent issues is the dismissal motion filed by U.S. attorneys defending Obama are whether the court - and not Congress - is the proper venue for challenging the president’s legitimacy and, to a lesser extent, whether the plaintiffs were in fact harmed and have cause to bring the suit. Key to the defense motion for dismissal was the argument that the U.S. Constitution provides only Congress and the Electoral College with the authority to remove a sitting president from office.

“It would be disastrous if a single circuit court judge had the power to remove a president from office,” said Assistant United States Attorney Roger West.


A commentator at Canada Free Press says he has obtained copies of two documents apparently prepared by Democrats to certify Barack Obama as their nominee for president in 2008 that suggest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew there was an unresolved issue with his eligibility under the U.S. Constitution.
The first includes a verification that Obama and Joe Biden, then-candidate for vice president, "are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution
The second form obtained by Williams appears identical, down to a typographical error in "through." But in this one, the verification of eligibility under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution is gone.

"The DNC drafted, signed and notarized TWO slightly different versions of their Official Certification of Nomination documents, not one," he wrote. "One of those documents had complete legal language, and one of them was missing the text concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama.

"The version which is absent any certification of constitutional standing for the office of president is the version that was filed with every state in the country, and the one used by the DNC to elect Barack Obama president," he wrote.

WND contacted the Democratic National Committee multiple times over three days to request an explanation of the two images, including whether one might be a forgery. A spokeswoman in the press office confirmed, "We are aware of it," but declined to elaborate.

Likewise, WND contacted the office of Pelosi, but got no response over several days. And the White House declined to respond to multiple e-mails asking for a comment.

WND has reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.

WND reported Lucas Smith, the man who tried to sell an alleged Barack Obama Kenyan birth certificate on eBay, filed court papers

insisting – under threat of perjury – that the Obama birth certificate in his possession is the genuine article.

In his filing, Smith declares that he traveled to Kenya in February and paid off a military officer in order to obtain a copy of the birth certificate from Coast General Hospital in Mombasa. The declaration also states that the hospital administrator signed and sealed the copy, which indicates Obama's birth in Africa on Aug. 4, 1

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