Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Lake Waters, ACORN, Global Poverty Act, and the Apollo Alliance

An Alert To Great Lakes States:

From Cornial Dean of the NYT:

The Obama administration called Thursday for a comprehensive national system for regulating the use of federal waters along the nation’s marine and Great Lakes shores, now administered by a hodgepodge of federal, state or other agencies with often-conflicting goals.

The recommendation, outlined in an interim report by a panel appointed in June by President Obama, said regulators should consider marine regions as a whole when issuing rules rather than, say, regulating fishing one species at a time.

It also said they should keep the health of marine ecosystems in mind when allocating particular activities in particular places, like fishing, shipping or energy.

The report says this planning would be the major focus of its final report, due in December. The panel comprises representatives of environmental, transportation and other agencies.

The interim report also calls for greater integration of environment-related science in federal rule-making and the creation of a National Ocean Council to oversee the effort.

[Looks like the states surrounding the Great Lakes are about to lose control over their waters....]

Byron York discussed the speed and majority with which the Senate and now the House have passed bills to defund the corrupt ACORN, saying that "although Republicans had long fought against ACORN, it is not an exaggeration to say that none of this would have happened now without the BigGovernment undercover videos. Democrats who in the past had reflexively supported ACORN ran for cover after seeing ACORN employees encouraging tax evasion and prostitution. The BigGovernment videos mark an important moment in the development of alternative media sources, and official Washington responded before most of the establishment press did. This is truly an extraordinary series of events".

[Since ACORN has around 200 affiliates, we should keep a sharp eye on the defunding of those as well. I question, since the government has turned a blind eye and deaf ears to citizens' pleas to abort the current health care bill, why they are all running for the deep grass on this one. Where are the investigations of ACORN, and just when will our President condemn their tactics and misuse of government funds?]

Quoting from Steve Malanga's Piece in RealClearMarkets yesterday:

"On Capitol Hill today the House Committee on Financial Services under Chairman Barney Frank is holding hearings on legislation supported by the Obama administration that would bring insurance companies and credit unions under the umbrella of CRA, placing new lending demands on these groups and opening them up to protests and pressure tactics by organizations like Acorn."
The President, speaking at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Wednesday evening, said that the health care ''debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country.'' Here's his newly revealed method of actually insuring the currently illegals aliens.....


Front Page Magazine reminds us to "Remember President Obama’s enthusiastic support for an initiative known as the Global Poverty Act (GPA), which, if signed into law, would compel the U.S. to transfer some $845 billion from its Treasury to “cut extreme global poverty in half by 2015 through aid, trade, debt relief,” and other means – all in the interests of “social justice.” [ Keep an eye out for more on this one.....]
After all those years as a communist revolutionary seeking to undermine capitalist America, [an adviser to Obama by the name of ] Jeff Jones has finally found his way back home. Now he can pursue that same objective under the more socially acceptable auspices of the Apollo Alliance, the organization whose board of directors features that other Marxist, Van Jones – the man whom President Obama selected six months ago as his highest-level environmental adviser. [ I will be writing more about said Jeff Jones in a future blog....]

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